Ameer Rosic

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#SerialEntrepreneur, Investor, #Digitalmarketing Adviser and Cofounder of @Blockgks a #blockchain innovation hub

#SerialEntrepreneur, Investor, #Digitalmarketing Adviser and Cofounder of @Blockgks a #blockchain innovation hub
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I am a full time Lecturer & Entrepreneur. I specialize in the following subjects: Econometrics, Corporate Finance & Innovation &amp

Daniel Mihai

I love thecnology, cryptocurrency and blockchain. I have a software development company in Bucharest with 30 developers. I like to travel around the world, until

Vince Wong

I'm a full-stack web developer who is interested to dive into blockchain technology

Marcus Adetola

Music social networking ecosystem powered by blockchain technology

Yosui Kay

Hello Everyone,

Thanks Ameer for this Website and opportunity to introduce myself, I do not have a background on Cryptocurrency, but am

Milena V Bojinova

15 years of experience in the financial sector , with experience in financial regulations and leading brokerage business

Srinivas Y

Having 12 years of experience in IT,Now started working to wards BlockChain.

Bilal Dadi

student chemical industries

Kim Emon

I come from a small town just outside Minneapolis, grew up on a hobby farm, I am a product of my father, who was raised

Abdlrahman Khalil

I&#039;m a physics teacher want to be bitcoin trader &lt;img src=&quot; <a href=" https://s

Wael Salman


Shaun Warburton

After going to the University of Minnesota to become an Actuary, I worked for 1 year in the field and decided it just wasn&#039

Audun Berg

A crypto-noob looking to educate himself. Hoping that blockchain-technology will be implemented in such a way that value can be transferred in an ethical manner

Sasha Baksht

Sasha Baksht is a web technology junky who breathes and eats all things web. He is known as one of “founding fathers” of the very

Keith Martin

Is there such a thing as a &quot;technologically-challenged geek&quot;? If so, that&#039;s me.

Ayush Gupta

1st year IT student

Rosemary Mofolo

Recently joined the world of Entrepreneurship and involved in bitcoin investment and mining

Helen  Kimberly

Investor in cryptocurrency

Elena Sinelnikova

Information technology professional, with over 15 years
of experience in the design, development, and implementation of the Windows n-tier
applications using the TOGAF

Robert M

Building blockchain facilities .

Viktoras Peteraitis

Crypto minded IT enthusiast

Ducatista 600

Cogito ergo sum. Every ten years, collective wisdom degrades by half. -N.N. Taleb [Philosophy, Public Policy, Semiotics, FinTech, Blockchain] ⚜


A mining software developer

Tim Manoa

I&#039;m a retired NFL football player and just learn about cryptocurrency and I&#039;m looking to learn more about it.

Elio-David Di Iorio

Drama Free Living | Evolutionary Wealth and Well-Being

Adirson Allen

blockchain designer

Xavier Iturralde

Creator/Designer/Open Innovator/Artist/Crowdstormer

Kiran Vaidya

Blockchain enthusiast¦ IT Consultant in Toronto¦ Just Completed RTW spanning 6 continents,35 countries on Indian passport with wifey

Danilo Miclat

Highly effective in promoting a positive, productive environment
Reputation for excellence and high
quality service to clients.
Good eye for detail

Juan Sebastian

Engineer, Social Networker, Entrepreneur, Learn all the time about Help People in Our Sport Organizations from México

Lannie Le

I am into nerdy and sexy stuff. That includes art, science, and design. Also partner, creative director, maker &amp;amp; creator at @PixelDreams

Fran Strajnar

Founder &amp;amp; CEO: a #Bitcoin #Blockchain Data &amp;amp; Research company.

Emmanuel Bossennec

I am a French humanitarian professional, and am highly interested in ICT in general, and more specifically by the way they can serve human development

John Lilic

Co-founder of Code to Inspire and ConsenSys member. Blockchain, energy markets, enterprise solutions, non profit education.

ADSactly Decentralized

ADSactly is an Autonomous Decentralized Society that is Pioneering the Growth and Adoption of Cryptocurrencies and Third, Second and First World Countries.

Chadwick Palmatier


Maxim Vishnevskiy

The term &quot;Transaction&quot; - a minimalist logically meaningful operation that makes sense and can be accomplished only in full.

Tom Stewart


Andreas Bestler

Close friends call me Andi – and I encourage people most by living up to my personal credo “creating a world others want to be

Rupert Hackett

Rupert Hackett is the general manager of and Rupert specializes in the digital currency and digital payment space and

Ricardo Brandao

I&#039;m a computer engineer and a technology enthusiast.

Bryan Williams

18+ years experience across a variety of markets in both local and global capacities. I have worked in all facets of business. My expertise base

Lori Brown

I work and play in real estate, freelance journalism, and I have a fascination with blockchain technology. All possible thanks to the blockchain&#039;s

Dmitry Buterin

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor.

John Farrell

FX Market Veteran in sales and technology. Over the last 10 years have worked in consultancy/advisory roles with various technology startups looking to access the

Creda Cash

New cryptocurrency that is fast, massively scalable, and completely private.

Brian Taylor

A full stack open source (AGPLv3) Neuro-Evolution Artificial Neural Network (ANN) on a pure Decentralized Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) End-to-End Double Ratchet Encrypted Direct Mesh Network maintaining

Mohamed Sangani

Extensively traded virtual assets prior to the revelation of Bitcoin or things like in app purchases.