Reedem blocks feature unavailble

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Reedem blocks feature unavailble

Hi folks, the redeem blocks feature has been offline/unavailable for quite a few days recently. Any ideas when it will be back online? Thanks!


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I guess now we know why. I’m really upset that they just decided to discontinue this feature with no advance notice. I submitted a support request asking why they decided to take such immediate action. In fact, I submitted a ticket about a week ago when I noticed this perk wasn’t working and the support team never gave any sense that redeeming blocks for bitcoin would be discontinued. Not impressed!


I can just fully support your comment! It’s acceptable if they discontinue the learn and earn feature with a proper previous announcement and the option for clients to redeem remaining funds somehow. But what they did instead is not a serious business act. Even tough it’s not a big amount, but I feel they ‘cheat’ me for my remaining blocks … I’m disappointed!

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