Brad Mills: What is the Future of Bitcoin?

Ameer Rosic
2 years ago

Brad Mills: What is the Future of Bitcoin?


Brad Mills: What is the Future of Bitcoin?



Brad is a serial entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, Seed Investor, Crowdfunded Filmmaker from Canada who is an expert in Bitcoin. Brad has co-founded multiple cryptocurrency startups and is currently managing a proprietary quantitative algorithmic trading strategy.


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    The high volatity of Bitcoin seems rather unpredictable for companies in ad-hoc notification needs. So technically they could not use it to store company wealth in Bitcoin. For which use/industries/market players do you see the biggest advantages in Bitcoin?

    @Bernd-Axel Hugelmann

    At this moment, Bitcoin is primarily used as a hedge and store of value (Digital gold) Thats the whole issue with the debate. One side wants to increase blocksize and increase TPS so that BTC can become a global currency,