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LIVE October 14 @1PM EST: STEPHAN TUAL: Founder & COO

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Stephan Tual AMA
Founder & COO Helped raise $18.9m as former CCO Ethereum, now valued at $1B. Blockchain expert in smart contracts, smart property and their decentralized applications.

Stephan is the Founder and COO of, a project at the intersection of the IoT and blockchain that aims to address security, identity, coordination and privacy over billions of devices.


ABOUT first product, the Universal Sharing Network (USN), disrupts the billion dollar disruptors by enabling anyone to rent, sell or share their property without middleman. And because it’s build on top of the Ethereum blockchain, the USN is always on, suffers no downtime, features cryptographic security by default, requires no login or signup, and can be audited by anyone.

Stephan is the former CCO of Ethereum, has three startups under his belt and brings 20 years of enterprise IT experience to the project.

Connect with him on LinkedIn:

He will be live on  October 14, 2016 1:00 PM (Canada/Eastern) for one hour during which he will answer as many questions as possible.