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Leaders in blockchain security and solutions. Quantstamp is the best choice for modernizing your company with blockchain technology. We helped secure and deploy blockchain solutions that manage over $1 billion dollars worth of digital assets.

Website: Quantstamp
Short Description: Bitfury is the leading emerging technologies company.
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Bitfury is the leading emerging technologies company. Exonum Enterprise is Bitfury’s premier blockchain-as-a-service solution, designed to help governments and companies integrate blockchain into their operations. Crystal is a web-based software tool that helps financial institutions and law enforcement manage blockchain investigations. Bitfury Peach™️ is a bitcoin payments portfolio, focused on bringing streamlined and secure cryptocurrency payments to vendors and merchants. Surround is Bitfury’s music entertainment division that is working to improve the music industry through blockchain technology.

Website: Bitfury
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MixBytes is a team of experienced developers providing top-notch blockchain solutions, smart contract security audits and tech advisory. Implementing blockchain technology into different spheres and industries.

Website: MixBytes
Short Description: Smart Tools for Governments
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Consensus makes government more efficient. The Consensus platform analysis verified signals gathered from citizens in tight feedback cycles to help governments interpret sentiment as it evolves. This data increases understanding between government and citizens, and between citizens and each other. As governments at all levels around the world make the transition to online services and eIDs to simplify government and citizen interaction, forward thinking governments are using this transition to introduce modern tools for engagement between electorate and elected.

Website: Consensus
Short Description: Number one blockchain expert in Baltic region
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We help our partners to enhance and facilitate existing business processes by leveraging the blockchain technology as well as build completely unique blockchain-based solutions from scratch. We offer a wide range of Smart Contracts starting from simple ICO-contracts to a full-fledged Distributed Autonomous Organisations. Blockvis is a group of IT professionals, business experts and blockchain visioners who make the blockchain technology serve the humanity by educating public and delivering real world blockchain applications.

Website: Blockvis
Short Description: Do more with your bitcoin
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Our focus on bitcoin-only services allows us to provide a superior client experience by providing a suite of services for your bitcoin, at the most competitive rates. Got a question about our services or Bitcoin? Our specialists are here to help! Ledn is incorporated under the Federal Laws of Canada and is compliant with Canadian regulations. As such, Ledn is held to the highest standards of consumer protection, data privacy, and customer service. Ledn is not an ICO. Ledn is a safe haven for your bitcoin. When you use our credit products your bitcoins are stored in cold storage under insured custody with BitGo, the world’s first Qualified Custodian purpose-built for storing digital assets.

Website: Ledn
Northern Block Inc.
Short Description: Northern Block is a blockchain consulting and venture creation firm committed to solving identity problems existing solutions fail to tackle.
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We believe self-sovereign identity (SSI) answers many problems organizations and people face today.

We have deep expertise in creating production-grade software using blockchain and building disruptive business models that achieve trust through open, transparent and fair systems. Our strong capabilities in blockchain development and business modeling has given us a head start in the budding SSI space.

Northern Block runs the #SSIToronto meetup group, where we educate the community about the many benefits of self-sovereign identity and how to implement the technology. To learn more about us, visit