Courses and Programs

Become a Certified Ethereum Course Developer to learn all about blockchain and how to build your own decentralised applications.

This course is an introduction to Blockchain Technology in general and in Ethereum particularly. It will teach you about the concepts underlying Blockchain and show you both how Ethereum works and how you can get involved. It is a small selection of content from the much more in-depth Ethereum Developer Online Course.


This online course teaches software engineers the basics of blockchain technology as well as languages and tools required to build decentralised applications on the Ethereum platform. This course is aimed at experienced programmers, introducing everything needed to understand the technology and smart contracts

Bitcoin developers course

The Bitcoin Economics Course offers a comprehensive perspective on the underlying technologies of digital money and where this revolutionary invention will lead us to in the years ahead.In this 3 module instruction we cover the technical basics of bitcoin, the economic fundamentals of bitcoin as a money supply, and the political implications of the separation between the state and money creation .

Cryptocurrency Trading Course

The Cryptocurrency Trading Course is a 20+ hour instruction on the trading psychology, fundamental, and technical analysis of building wealth in the cryptocurrency markets. he tools and techniques you will learn in the Cryptocurrency Trading Course will show you, step-by-step, the trade analysis we implemented to achieve these results and how you can duplicate them for your own financial portfolio.