Blockchain Futurist Conference

Aug 15-16 | Toronto

Blockchain event explores impactful ideas, encouraging daily adoption and use of cryptocurrencies!


Headline Speakers include:

  • Larry King, renowned American TV host and GEAR Blockchain board member
  • Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, Inc.
  • Anthony Di Iorio, Ethereum co-founder and CEO & founder of Decentral and Jaxx
  • Stan Bharti, Chairman of Forbes & Manhattan and GEAR Blockchain board member
  • Michael Perklin, Chief Information Security Officer of Shapeshift
  • Steven Nerayoff, CEO & founder of Alchemist
  • Hartej Sawhney, Co-founder & President of Hosho
  • David Wachsman, CEO & founder of Wachsman

and our very own  Blockchain Instructor Niloo Ravaei.



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