What is Ethereum? [The Most Updated Step-by-Step-Guide!]

Updated on: October 4th, 2021
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What is Ethereum? [The Most Updated Step-by-Step-Guide!]
Ameer’s the co-founder of blockgeeks. He’s an investor and blockchain evangelist, meaning he’s all about investing to bring transparency across the world. You can call him a serial entrepreneur with a couple of startups up his sleeve and tonnes of them in his mind. With over 160K subscribers on youtube, Ameer hosts his own show called #ameerapproved, where he talks about entrepreneurship and shares the latest crypto market updates. He has been a contributor at HuffPost, Due.com, Cryptominded, and VentureBeat. His clients are mostly tech startups that are operating on blockchain technology. Right now Ameer’s thinking about NFTs and their use cases. He might as well talk about it in his next youtube video. You can connect with Ameer on Linkedin and Twitter.

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Cooper Johnson01
Cooper Johnson01

Ethereum is a decentralized software platform used for its own cryptocurrency, ether. It enables SmartContracts and Distributed Applications (ĐApps) to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control, or interference from a third party… it is fully controlled by you..Ether is a fundamental token for operation of Ethereum, which thereby provides a public distributed ledger for transactions. For Example..It is used to pay for gas, a unit of computation used in transactions and other state transitions… you can get to know more about it or how to invest on our WhatsApp page +1 (8182736147)

Karthik Shanmugam

Such a nicely compiled blog for newbies! We Zab Technologies being a blockchain developers guiding people on developing their own Ethereum Tokens! – https://www.zabtechnologies.net/



Faisal Mahmood

The best article ever……..

Satish Kumar

Amazing, Piece of work. It really worth to read and there is a lot of information. great work !!!

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