What is an Initial Virtual Finance Asset Offering (IVFAO)? The Maltese Laws

Updated on: April 24th, 2020
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Initial Virtual Finance Asset Offerings and Listing Process under Maltese laws
Jonathan Galea
Jonathan has been heavily involved in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since 2013, and his expertise consists of tech-legal advice on regulatory matters related to the same sector. Apart from being both a lawyer and a certified C developer, he is the author of one of the world’s first legal theses on the subject, titled “The Effect of Bitcoin in Money Laundering Law”, completed in May 2015. He has co-founded and is the President of the first and largest association in Malta dedicated to blockchain and DLT titled Bitmalta, and has participated as a speaker in over thirty prominent blockchain conferences across Europe, Asia, and the United States. He currently heads Blockchain Advisory, a company offering regulatory and technical consultation services in relation to blockchain technology, and helping companies such as exchanges and ICOs set up in Malta through their VFA Agent license. Jonathan is currently advising the Governments of Malta and Serbia respectively in relation to this field, and is regarded as a thought-leader in the sector.

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