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How can I interact with a smart contract that is already on the blockchain?

1 month ago

I always see demos of people getting information back from certain smart contracts and I am wondering how they do so. Do they simply build a simple DAPP that will interact with it or what are they using? Thanks for your help!


There are many ways to interact with already deployed contract. Do you have access to the contract solidity code (or another language)? If so, one of the easiest way to interact with the contract in your browser is to use Remix ( Copy and paste the contract code on Remix (should compile on its own) and then go in the "run" section on the top right. There should be a place that says "Load contract from Address", where you paste the address of the *deployed* contract you want to interact with. If you don't do this, you will *create* a new contract that is identical to the other, but will have the same state. Once you press the *At Address* button, you should see a bunch of functions and variables on the right that were taken from the contract. You can use these functions to interact with the existent contract you were interested in.
4 weeks ago
You can write simple Javascript to get Info blockchain. You can either use web3Js or ethersjs. I prefer ethersjs. You can have a look at a sample example here
4 weeks ago
In Solidity-
Contract instance = new Contract(contractAddress)

4 weeks ago
1-Create interface to tell your contract the architecture of the other contract you're going to call .
2- get the contract address and pass it to the contract contractor
3- call the function you want
4 weeks ago
You can interact with any ERC smart contract using Web3 Library. Link can be found here:

Web3 can be used along with TestRPC/Uport/Metamask to build dapps. You can find all the api's in the doc that will guide you how to interact with Smart Contracts.
P.S. - Use IPFS for file storage

4 weeks ago

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