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Generated new cryptocoin but how to get balance in my account?

1 month ago

I have created new Cryptocurrency from Litecoin’s fork. And I am connected to two nodes with success. But How to pull/see the original balance in my wallet?

Balance: 0 Unconfirmed: 0 Immature: 120 MIND.

How to transfer amount 120 MIND in original balance?

I did “setgenerate true” from debug window but it increases only Immature amount.

Please let me know about it. It is very important for it.


Coins that are immature mean that you have not mined enough blocks for them to be spendable yet. If you did not change the COINBASE_MATURITY global variable, then you will need to mine 100 blocks before the immature coins become mature and spendable. Of course the process of mining produces new coins, so your immature balance will increase until you have mined 100 blocks.
1 month ago

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