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How to quickly demo a Solidity function in the blockchain?

1 month ago

In several forums I keep seeing Solidity functions and people making reference to how they work. I was wondering how one would actually try using them to see them work for myself?


There is a fantastic resource available called Remix ( It compiles all of the solidity code for you and allows you to test each function and even publish to the testnet or mainnet. When you first navigate to it there will be a demo contract already up. Explore around with it and then feel free to click the plus button on the top left of the screen to create your own blank workspace. To try the functions you will first need to write “pragma solidity ^0.4.16;” at the top and then insert your function in between the curly braces of “contract AnyContractNameHere { }”. Then in the top right of the window you can click “Run” and it will change the right side of the screen. The “Create” button publishes your contract. After it has been mined you can then play with the function on the bottom right of the screen. They will be in red and blue. This will allow you to test it out. Enjoy, and feel free to ask me any other questions.
1 month ago

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