Hi Clayton,
    To quickly answer your question: YES ! It is a revolution.
    First, Bitcoin arrived and started changing how we see the money; it is a VERY big thing in my opinion, because it opens the door to fully decentralized money, fair, free from governments and central banks etc. A currency really owned by its users.
    Then the blockchain, the technology underlying Bitcoin, moved out of the shadows into the limelight, and even if there is a hype around this today – you are right – I am 100% sure blockchain tech will produce some of the biggest changes the world has ever known… But this technology needs to come to maturity before implementing these radical changes. Work in progress… 😉
    Actually it is both, at the moment it is a little in a Hype mode, meaning that there are too many exceptions as the number of real implementations is not so high. However, the performance of the technology is developing slowly with more and more real use-cases and applications, day by day, so slowly the performance will reach the expectations. And I think on a long run it will disrupt a lot of industries.