Can you turn a sound or laughter into a cryptographic hash? If so , what protocol would be the best to store this amount of information?


I’d like to turn a sound / laughter into a cryptographic hash. What would the best way to convert all of this information , and which protocol would be necessary to hold this amount of data?

    I think this is for the first run not a cryptogprahic question. If you have a document, then the usual process is for instance to compute a hash, like SHA 265, based on the document content or with the pointer to the document as well (and store it for instance on the blockchain).

    However, at sound, you can probably have the same sound or song in different qualities or with different compassion resulting different data stream.

    So I think the first challenge is to compute somehow a “fingerprint” of the data, that is independent of quality or compression method (like frequency analyis of the sound or something) and then hash this fingerprint.