driver’s of ether’s price after switching from proof of work to proof of stake model.I do not have a technical background, and despite spending significant time research this question am still at a loss. When I learned about ethereum’s potential beyond just a cryptocurrency I bought in (lucky for me before these major price spikes).My question/s is 1. After the switch to proof of stake occurs, what will be the drivers of ether’s price, and do we have a sense of what will happen to those of us holding ether at that time?I apologize in advance if my question is basic or something we all want to know but there is no answer currently.


    With PoS Ethereum become more scalable as this algorithm is more efficient than PoW. Plus 51% attack will be much less attractive for an attacker. These 2 are among the strong drivers for Ether price. Put aside of course possible hiccups in PoS implementation.