An Lin
2 weeks ago

Facebook Group still Pending after 2 days? Looking for like-minded developer to work on blockchain project in LA

2 weeks ago

First of all the solidity course are so helpful (there are some instruction that are outdated, but quick google usually solved it). I have being doing research by myself but I always feels like there are little stuff I dont fully understand. The courses definitely clear my doubts and help me understand smart contract to a different depth.

I receive the email to join the Facebook group, would love to meet people who are into solidity as well. However it has being pending for two days, maybe admin can help me approve it faster? Maybe is because I am on the 7 days free trial? I would definitely go for the $197 bundle since the content is so good 🙂

I work as a software engineer in an equity exchange company, would love to know anyone who is in LA and wanted to do some fun blockchain/smart contract project together!