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    First, this is a great site. The articles, the courses, job listings, are insightful and helpful. So, thank you for that. One thing I would like to see more of is the effect of this technology on the entire business – not just IT. How is this changing risk management? What are some of the considerations compliance and risk need to take into consideration? What are some of the regulations, globally and in the US, that are coming out? What is happening with the SEC and Congressional focus groups and committees? As a consultant, I focus heavily on risk and the regulatory environment in which my clients operate. So, I would like to see more on this. Perhaps even some training courses on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and how this will impact companies in heavily regulated industries such as financial services.
    Hi Ameer,
    Here, the discussions are mostly on concepts, which i appreciate for sure.
    But, it is desired to take the conversations into more technical level. I mean that discussing on the Coding level of Blockchain developments, would be more appreciating.
    E.g. Building the Blockchain of Ethereum. How can we make this blockchain applicable to newer applications like Health, Voting, Logistics in a more technical level.
    maybe some articles from “seniors” who were “freshmen” like me who now have progressed thanks to this site and the community. i personally got great replies and on my way to becoming a blockgeek.
    Recently I attended the Webinar with Ryan that Block Geeks had setup with him…had also attended the session with Vitalik earlier this year. I really appreciate the BG is working hard to get our community ramped up on many aspects of Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies…business and technology. Thanks a bunch Block Geeks.
    I have been in this community recently came to know about Blockchain and its technology.
    I do not have any advanced knowledge on How Blockchain works? and its tech.
    This community have given me a chance to learn new stuff’s over all and its been an new experience in my career.
    Thanks for the members in this community..
    I’ve registered only recently so don’t have a lot of experience with the site yet but two small practical issues I have are:

    1. The site loads very slow.
    2. I receive emails from the site in duplicate.

    Otherwise it looks like a great site with lots of useful information! 🙂