Hi @ameerrosic

    The site is awesome, good discussions and articles as well.

    I’d like to suggest you the possibility to send private messages (or a chat section) to others users.


    Definitely. I searched the whole site for a pm feature to send a msg to Ameer to tell him how much I’ve been appreciating all the content/updates from Blockgeeks and to keep up the good work – even though I’m not always very active on the forum…then I noticed that there was no way to send a pm…then I ended up here…
    Block geeks is very cool Ameer.

    I need to read more. I’m a data/information junkie.

    Don’t think the world has a clue how big the blockchain really is. Maybe the Winkelvoss Twins.

    If I had to bet, the 1st trillionare will come from using the blockchain.

    Another suggestion:

    A button to Follow/Unfollow the discussion

    When the user reply, automatically change to “Follow the discussion”, so after this the user receive an email when any user post a new reply.

    Let me start with acknowledging the high quality content.

    Here are my 2 cents…..
    Me being a hands on developer would like to see some cheet-sheets and steps for setting up POC or something which is more tangible with details. I find a lot of matter too conceptual.

    Keep up the good work Ameer. Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!

    I would differentiate between ‘Content’ and ‘Format’ (Mark-up).
    For the latter I would like some improvement on printability. Regularly I want to file a discussion for later reference. Right now printing into deadwood or PDF is downright impossible.
    I’d like for it to be easier to find/see new comments. This may not be as big of an issue in smaller threads, but in something like the recent AMA it was difficult to know which questions were getting answered without having to skim through the entire thread multiple times throughout the day.
    I hope that I am not coming out of left field here folks – if I am please tell me and I will get out of the way. I have a vision to re-invent (NOT re-engineer, transform, etc,..) primary healthcare to the poorest of the poor in sub-Saharan Africa. The challenge – identify the patient/clinician with 100% accuracy (Iris recognotion is the platform for this). Then the challenge – maintain a absolutely secure Electronic patient Record into forever and enable transaction such as specialist referral and medication dispensing – my Applied Enterprise Architect mind tells me that blockchain, smart contracts, and IPFS are the golden “keys” to meeting these challenges across a deployment scenario that span from the wealthiest square kilometer in Africa to the abject despair of Somalia! Would you folk be interested/able/willing to give advise on this matter?
    First, this is a great site. The articles, the courses, job listings, are insightful and helpful. So, thank you for that. One thing I would like to see more of is the effect of this technology on the entire business – not just IT. How is this changing risk management? What are some of the considerations compliance and risk need to take into consideration? What are some of the regulations, globally and in the US, that are coming out? What is happening with the SEC and Congressional focus groups and committees? As a consultant, I focus heavily on risk and the regulatory environment in which my clients operate. So, I would like to see more on this. Perhaps even some training courses on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and how this will impact companies in heavily regulated industries such as financial services.
    Hi Ameer,
    Here, the discussions are mostly on concepts, which i appreciate for sure.
    But, it is desired to take the conversations into more technical level. I mean that discussing on the Coding level of Blockchain developments, would be more appreciating.
    E.g. Building the Blockchain of Ethereum. How can we make this blockchain applicable to newer applications like Health, Voting, Logistics in a more technical level.