Hi @ameerrosic

    The site is awesome, good discussions and articles as well.

    I’d like to suggest you the possibility to send private messages (or a chat section) to others users.


    Definitely. I searched the whole site for a pm feature to send a msg to Ameer to tell him how much I’ve been appreciating all the content/updates from Blockgeeks and to keep up the good work – even though I’m not always very active on the forum…then I noticed that there was no way to send a pm…then I ended up here…
    Block geeks is very cool Ameer.

    I need to read more. I’m a data/information junkie.

    Don’t think the world has a clue how big the blockchain really is. Maybe the Winkelvoss Twins.

    If I had to bet, the 1st trillionare will come from using the blockchain.

    Another suggestion:

    A button to Follow/Unfollow the discussion

    When the user reply, automatically change to “Follow the discussion”, so after this the user receive an email when any user post a new reply.

    Let me start with acknowledging the high quality content.

    Here are my 2 cents…..
    Me being a hands on developer would like to see some cheet-sheets and steps for setting up POC or something which is more tangible with details. I find a lot of matter too conceptual.

    Keep up the good work Ameer. Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!

    I would differentiate between ‘Content’ and ‘Format’ (Mark-up).
    For the latter I would like some improvement on printability. Regularly I want to file a discussion for later reference. Right now printing into deadwood or PDF is downright impossible.
    I’d like for it to be easier to find/see new comments. This may not be as big of an issue in smaller threads, but in something like the recent AMA it was difficult to know which questions were getting answered without having to skim through the entire thread multiple times throughout the day.
    I hope that I am not coming out of left field here folks – if I am please tell me and I will get out of the way. I have a vision to re-invent (NOT re-engineer, transform, etc,..) primary healthcare to the poorest of the poor in sub-Saharan Africa. The challenge – identify the patient/clinician with 100% accuracy (Iris recognotion is the platform for this). Then the challenge – maintain a absolutely secure Electronic patient Record into forever and enable transaction such as specialist referral and medication dispensing – my Applied Enterprise Architect mind tells me that blockchain, smart contracts, and IPFS are the golden “keys” to meeting these challenges across a deployment scenario that span from the wealthiest square kilometer in Africa to the abject despair of Somalia! Would you folk be interested/able/willing to give advise on this matter?
    Its my understanding that there is an altcoin already being developed for this. FACTOM Another altcoin, “Einstenium” is supposedly being developed to fund private scientific research projects. In my opinion, before investing in any coin, its a good idea to review the development team and what their previous track records are. I believe that CARDANA (ADA) is also a medical coin. There are around 1200 altcoins out their, and its difficult to remember what every function and purpose they were implemented for, Im getting old. Hope this helps. My purpose here is to learn how to code, however, there are only 24 hrs in a day. Hope this helps, Marco
    First, this is a great site. The articles, the courses, job listings, are insightful and helpful. So, thank you for that. One thing I would like to see more of is the effect of this technology on the entire business – not just IT. How is this changing risk management? What are some of the considerations compliance and risk need to take into consideration? What are some of the regulations, globally and in the US, that are coming out? What is happening with the SEC and Congressional focus groups and committees? As a consultant, I focus heavily on risk and the regulatory environment in which my clients operate. So, I would like to see more on this. Perhaps even some training courses on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and how this will impact companies in heavily regulated industries such as financial services.
    Hi Ameer,
    Here, the discussions are mostly on concepts, which i appreciate for sure.
    But, it is desired to take the conversations into more technical level. I mean that discussing on the Coding level of Blockchain developments, would be more appreciating.
    E.g. Building the Blockchain of Ethereum. How can we make this blockchain applicable to newer applications like Health, Voting, Logistics in a more technical level.
    maybe some articles from “seniors” who were “freshmen” like me who now have progressed thanks to this site and the community. i personally got great replies and on my way to becoming a blockgeek.
    Recently I attended the Webinar with Ryan that Block Geeks had setup with him…had also attended the session with Vitalik earlier this year. I really appreciate the BG is working hard to get our community ramped up on many aspects of Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies…business and technology. Thanks a bunch Block Geeks.
    I have been in this community recently came to know about Blockchain and its technology.
    I do not have any advanced knowledge on How Blockchain works? and its tech.
    This community have given me a chance to learn new stuff’s over all and its been an new experience in my career.
    Thanks for the members in this community..
    This is a brilliant site and very in-depth info. I would agree with one or 2 of the others in regards to more info regarding other use-case technologies/coins such as maybe Golem, Augur etc for eg.

    Maybe the top five major tech disruptions….

    I’m just starting to delve into blockchain tech, and this site is proving to be incredibly valuable. Many thanks to our hosts! Unfortunately, it’s incredibly slow, at least from both my work and home machines here in Texas. Are other folks finding this to be the case?
    Good site, great info guides but still has a bit to go. First, clearly delineate what I need at each level of your site. For example, I thought I had registered for your site but turns out I just signed up for blog updates or questions. Gets real frustrating when I get an email of your asking what you can do to make Block Geeks better, I try to go into the site to log in to the site to answer you and it says I’m not registered. That would be the first thing I would fix, streamlining that process of what exactly I need to participate here.

    Second, do what you do best, but expand the topics. Your simple, step by step explanations are great, I just wish they were on more topics. For instance, how to claim your Bitcoin Cash for individual wallets, that is something I think a lot of people could use as there are so many different wallets out there and quite a few ways to get it wrong. Another thing, how to integrate the old Antshares wallet to the new NEO after the rebrand. I think if you hit on explaining some of the technical details to the non-software engineers out there, you could increase your viewership dramatically.

    The site is really slow! The functionality is flawed; when you try and complete your profile half the data is not saved, it takes multiple tries!

    The information is good, but it seems like most of it is not current…

    I am a new user of Blockgeeks and it is too early for me to giving valuable feedback. I read several articles and these were very goog. If I find any thing to improve I at once sign it
    Based on the excellent article I just read about the different kinds of wallets, keys etc. which I was not aware of, I registered. I’m new to all of this and here to learn.
    As a relatively new member and user of the site, I do have some suggestions and appreciate the opportunity to contribute.

    I am not a programmer at all. I know *zilch* about writing code. When I first came here I was very confused. What you’re doing is you’re throwing everyone into the deep end of the pool. I decided to just dive right in (am I stupid or what?) but I’m guessing others like myself might throw in the towel.

    How to resolve this issue? One suggestion would be, instead of all the site content being available on the main link, have a tutorial format or perhaps add these links to what’s already available on the left . . . “New to Blockchain With No Programming Knowledge Click Here” . . . “IT But No Blockchain Knowledge Click Here” . . . “Investors Click Here” . . . “Business Individuals Click Here” . . . and the like. These are merely suggestions.

    Then under these links post appropriate content. I really needed someone to proverbially hold my hand and show me where I should go first, then second and so forth. I am signed up for the courses and have completed the non-technical course (Excellent BTW!!!) and I just clicked on the second one that’s available . . . not aware that perhaps since I’m a complete novice there’s another course I should complete first, or even two or three courses. There’s no direction given. See?

    If your intent is to teach math to a child you don’t begin with advanced calculus. But the way the site’s functioning at present that’s whats happening. Everyone has access to everything and you can’t help but see it. This can be intimidating. Some will just throw their arms in the air and walk away. The Mission Statement of Blockgeeks is to educate. Those of us with no previous knowledge of programming deserve to be educated like everyone else. Again, I was determined enough to take the leap and so far I’m glad I did. You would serve the public better by offering “tracks” for people beginning from where they are or what their specific needs or goals are.

    Anyone else besides me have this issue?

    Edited on September 21, 2017
    Hey Keith,
    Very grateful that you shared this with us and I really do appreciate you taking your time to write this out, if it wasnt for you guys and being part of the Blockgeeks community we wouldn’t be here. I have tagged @sashabg our tech lead and he will make sure to write these down and incorporate this on our new changes. BTW, which we are in the middle of a MAJOR upgrade
    Hey Keith,

    Very grateful that you shared this with us and I really do appreciate you taking your time to write this out, if it wasnt for you guys and being part of the Blockgeeks community we wouldn’t be here. I have tagged @sashabakcht our tech lead and he will make sure to write these down and incorporate this on our new changes. BTW, which we are in the middle of a MAJOR upgrade 🙂

    Another suggestion. You know some retail or service sites you visit you have a small window open inside the page you’re on where they ask “We’re here to help. Wanna chat?”

    You could have a smartly clad Geek pop in offering assistance with something like “Hi! I see you’re new here. Where would you like to go?” You could offer a search function or have links to the major tracks for newbies, investors, businesses and the like.

    Edited on September 21, 2017
    Hi there,
    We continue working on site improvement. Some issues with “comments” functionality have been fixed.
    We hope this will make Blockgeeks a better place for your discussions, guys!
    And thank you all for your patience and dedication.


    Creating solutions to the world’s largest problems are just a serious response away! Are you capable of thinking differently in order to help shape the future of everything?

    If so, make it possible for everyone to be connected through block chain technology and disrupt everything. With your assistance, we can make this happen!

    This message is for everyone! Contact me if you can connect me to a professional block chain developer. Thank you!

    George L.
    geeart1@g mail dot com

    Previously, my first thought was that Blockgeeks.com website speed seemed slow to load. However, you’ve since “sort of” fixed that problem (or bypassed it) by skipping the home page and going straight to: “Top Content”.

    Not surprisingly, your website appeals to us geeks. However, as you know, getting attention and keeping attention over time online today calls for a remarkable recipe.

    If you’re seeking to expand interest and membership beyond geekdom, in no particular order, perhaps the following ideas may help:

    – The human touch: perhaps for some non-geeks, the website may seem to lack humanity. I understand why: we geeks are more interested in the science, the what, why, how, when, where, and who.

    Nevertheless Blockgeeks.com website – even though the topics are … well “geeky” – can still have its own more attractive “human personality”.

    – Simpler explanations: there’s a strong need for information to be written / presented in “plain English”. I understand that the topics are complex. Really, I do. Blockgeeks.com people are already working wonders! However, explaining concepts in plain English can really help understanding, satisfaction levels, engagement, repeat visits.

    If more readers, visitors, viewers are gaining benefit from what they are learning, they can then feel more engaged; that Blockgeeks.com is more relevant to them, and not just “for other people”. At one time or another, most everyone feels small. Gaining a better understanding of something helps people feel bigger, progressive, more accomplished.

    Relevancy, “light-bulb” moments, fun even (why not?), all help build … connection – and connection has a better chance of building memory – which translates to website revisits, growth, evolution, moving on, expanding ideas, new opportunities, “win-wins” for more people.

    – The people component: there is a fantastic amount of in-depth, educational, material, tutorials, etc., at Blockgeeks.com. One problem though is that compared to the amount of “data”, if we ignore text content for a moment, there seems to be a low footprint of that supremely human connection – faces.

    Yes, of course, the text from user engagement is … everywhere. The member and participant IDs help, but physically (of course) user profile pictures are small (also helps the site load more quickly, etc), plus, some users may not feel the need to insert their own profile photos or data.

    – Boosting variety, contrast, balance: some of the materials, the topics, etc., are of course, mentally demanding. That goes with the territory of this brave new world in the making. However, thankfully, most people who interact with the topics are “readers”, learners, curious, tenacious, etc.

    Nevertheless, having more colours that work well together, perhaps including colour-coded contrast that could be used to signal pathways to different sections of the website, helps provide a richer, more friendly diversity. Having a better balance of text and graphics usually seems to help boost user satisfaction metrics.

    For example:

    – Equal to the excellent coverage of the core technical topics, perhaps explore more about how blockchain, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are changing the lives of real people. Human stories, real lives, etc., … can add contrast, poise, interest, to what could be considered to some folks as an otherwise “rigid” range of topics.

    – Where possible, user shorter paragraphs.

    – Include more relevant, meaningful subheadings.

    – Break up information using more bullet point lists.

    – Add more relevant graphics.

    Perhaps right now, people like me, who have a special interest in the topic of Blockchain, etc., may interact on an ongoing basis.

    Today, getting sufficient numbers of website visitors is one mighty challenge. Urging, encouraging, and persuading those same folks to come back to your website repeatedly whilst discussing arcane subject matters is something else entirely. But you know all this … which is why I applaud what you’re doing 🙂

    – What happens at the end: also, at the finish of each article or guide, why not consider including a further “call to action”? That way, you can address any “what now?” considerations that readers might have, perhaps including invitations to interact in some way.

    – Website speed issue: for your free articles, guides, tutorials, content, perhaps consider moving from a dynamic web content management system to one that uses a static website generator model. Without doubt, that will definitely speed everything up and remove many of your web security concerns.

    For example, I’ve been playing with the free Publii static website creator from: https://getpublii.com. What these people are doing, with their latest version is stunning. They call the development stage “beta” but, it’s already remarkably stable.

    – Helping to keep the focus clear: or rather, consider removing the irrelevant functionality, that rarely gets used or gets in the way of the real focus: your content.

    We can have simplicity while being immersed within the complex. Moreover, perhaps arguably, the call for greater simplicity may be even more important to help engage better with technically demanding concepts.

    This is the second post of yours I’ve read today and I must say I appreciate your writing style and thought processes. Thank you for being here.
    Thank you Keith.

    Blockchain topics, the new web etc., all of these areas are a constant challenge for most everyone. Yet they come with enormous promise and betterment for everyone.

    Humanity is at the start of a new post-industrial revolution. Billions are going to need special help.

    We can now perhaps better appreciate how those workers tilling the fields with their scythes must have felt, when the first steam engines arrived on the farms they worked.

    Now, their descendants are all staring at those steam engines again – except this time, they’re called blockchain, cryptocurrencies, A.I., robots, etc.

    We may now be only weeks or a few months away from several pivotal “moments of change” – in which several key ingredients (upgrades to us) are put in place at broadly the same time, to merge, coalesce, and “stir the pot”.

    So seat belts in place – and a cup of tea is always a great idea to help us relax a little more, to help get through this period of turbulence.

    In the meantime, we can explore and experiment more to discover what helps people navigate these new pathways can’t we?

    In my previous response I just posted where I provided a link to an excellent article (https://hackernoon.com/8-thoughts-on-blockchain-cryptocurrency-decentralization-after-another-three-months-down-the-448b916138b8) and then went on to recommend the TED Talk he recommends, yesterday I posted a link to that TED Talk on my FB page admonishing my friends and family they’d better watch the short video and become familiar with it because within the next 1 to 3 years “something” using Blockchain technology was gonna jump up and slap them in the face.

    I rarely go to FB. I go there to post what I consider important links and to see pictures of my grandchildren and that’s about it. So while I was there I started scrolling down my feed. Guess what I found?

    Somewhere toward the top was an ad for Xoom (https://www.xoom.com). When I pulled up the site, it just had this deliciously appealing aroma of Blockchain that wafted across my face. It was undeniable. So I went snooping.

    PayPal bought the company in 2015 for around $980 million. And I happened upon several articles stating as fact Xoom/PayPal was researching Blockchain. Nowhere could I find definitively they were incorporating Blockchain. So I followed the old adage if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it MUST be a duck.

    I went back on FB with a LOL saying I just proved my point. This reached up and slapped me in the face unbewares. I’m fairly sure Blockchain is in there somewhere.

    I like this site which has been enriching me with the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. As a tech lover and software engineer, I would like to see more articles about the blockchain technique and its implementation. Some kinds of tutorial will be even better. My next step is to perhaps try some of your online course. I am not sure if it’s investor orienated or tech based. Will see.

    Anyway, it’s a great site. Thanks.

    Hi @ameer-rosic,

    I want to make an online course – on psychology and I was wondering if you use some standard framework for the course support. I know Moodle, but it does not look very attractive.

    1. Do you have some custom solution?
    2. Did you test the frameworks on the market and can recommend me a few?

    Thank you very much,
    Wish you all the best!

    Hi Ameer,
    Your training video’s look very well done. If you’re interested in raising attendance, you may want to consider getting them approved for Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE) for U.S. CPA’s.


    Write a comprehensive article on the Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper released 9 years ago in a sense peer reviewing it by crypto experts and rejecting/affirming it’s theses.
    Edited on November 03, 2017
    Great content ! I joined just a few days ago but have spent quite some time on it already..You guys are doing a great job !
    I know that 95% of the content is for developers and that is great but I would also like to request, if possible more content on non-programming aspects too of Blockchain economy… exploring consultancy areas and other business opportunities (could be sales and marketing, operations etc.) in and around Blockchain ecosystem…just a suggestion..
    Hi, I tried to contact your support to cancel my trial subscription. There have been no reply after a few attempts. can you please acknowledge and process the cancellation?
    Very Good Community and specially Guides are quite clearly and detailed written. One suggestion could be for newcomer to have guides numbered in systematic manner from beginner to advanced level or step wise numbered would give a feeling like a Book.
    Love the page, thou i find guide searching to be quite a drag
    We need some grouping/foldering. Maybe by the content- like updates/ programing/ economy/ use guides. Or by who articles are made for- new users, programmers, hodlers, speculators/investors, miners, trade marketers