Alison Emily
2 months ago

Hey guys I don’t know that much about blockchain but I am very good at seeing trends and spotting patterns. I definitely believe this is the future. Right now I am investing in a few stocks but I don’t know enough to know if what they are doing is valid. Can someone comment on which companies have best opportunities for these technologies?

2 months ago


    Greetings Ms Emily,

    You sound like me!! I too had an epiphany regarding blockchain technology being transforming and disruptive.

    First off, here’s our handy-dandy guide for investing:

    Now, as for how I proceed personally, first I seek out reviews. I wanna know what the experts are saying about the venture. Next, I check two ICO sites I happened across: and There may be other sites who list and rate ICOs, but these are the one’s I use. If you combine these two strategies, you’ll be able to see a scam a mile away.

    You do have to be careful, as I’ve come across some really great-sounding ventures just by reading their sites, only to find out they’re Ponzi schemes or the developers are known scam-artists.

    If anyone else has other tools they use, I’d certainly be open to learning what works or doesn’t work.

    Happy investing Ms Emily!!