If something similar that you mean, I would propose:
    – download a Bitcoin wallet for your phone.
    – buy Bitcoin : the fastest way is at an ATM (https://coinatmradar.com/) or at localbitcoin.com (certainly the amount is usually limited, but it should be enough for the beginning).
    – if required, set up some more complicated, with multicoin wallet, like Exodus (with shapeshift integrated cryptoexchange).
    – change bitcoin to ETH, DASH, Litecoin ….
    You can open an account on Coinbase.com where you can currently purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

    If you are looking to purchase other coins (alt coins) you should find an exchange on which they are traded, open an account and make your purchases (buy orders) on that platform. Some major exchanges:

    I hope this is helpful!

    I have opened an account on coinbase but the credit card I used was not accepted for some reason? It is a new never used credit card I have had for about 5 months . Later coinbase emailed me and said it was ok so I could open an account but I had to wait at least 12 hours? Seems screwy to me but there must be an exclamation ? Thanks for taking the time out of your day to make the suggestion !,,,,,,Phil
    No worries, Phil. Coinbase is SUPER cautious with registration. They would rather take extra steps to activate new accounts to ensure they are used properly and lawfully 🙂
    Well that makes me feel better,but the price has gone up since I would have bought yesterday? Actually I would have bought 3 weeks ago when bitcoin was at $1867.00……. Do you think it will ever come down ANY?…..,,,,,Phil
    This may be a silly question but I have not readily seen its answer in everything I have read thus far. It’s really hard to apply the US or Canadian “how to” steps when you are all the way down here in NZ…

    With a hard storage device such as Nano S or Trezor, are they exclusively for BTC and ETHR or can I store ALT coins with them too?

    I’m STILL trying to get my head around the entire “process” as I am dyslexic and I can very easily overlook important steps, facts, info.

    In my “newbie” mind it looks like this;
    1. Join an exchange (or 5 ((depending on which crypt-currency I want to buy/sell))
    2. As I live in NZ I must buy US currency then deposit that into my exchange account. (NZ exchanges and sellers are asking for between 5.5% – 45% over spot.)
    3. Create a “soft wallet” (or 5 ((depending on which currency I want to buy/sell))
    4. Buy Bitcoin or Ether
    5. Use Bitcoin or Ether to buy ALT coins I am interested in.
    6. Move “long term” coins to a hard wallet such as the Nano S or Trezor.

    Man this would be SO much easier if exchanges would accept my NZ credit card.

    On Hard wallets: “… are they exclusively for BTC and ETHR or can I store ALT coins with them too?”

    Supported coins for Ledger Nano S: http://support.ledgerwallet.com/knowledge_base/topics/which-altcoins-are-supported-by-the-nano-s-and-the-blue

    Supported coins for Trezor: https://doc.satoshilabs.com/trezor-faq/overview.html#which-coins-are-currently-supported

    Ruben; What part of the country do you live in? The reason I am asking is if you live close to Lexington Ky. I would like to hire you to help me buy coins, and do it correctly! I am not very computer literate so this whole thing is MIND BOGGLING!!! ,to me but I really want to learn how to buy and sell crypto’s I would be glad to pay for any help I can get. Thanks for answering this and the previous questions I have asked so far.,,,,Phil Meyers
    Hi Phil,

    Sorry for the delay. I live in New York. I don’t think there is a way to send direct messages with contact information on the Blockgeeks platform. If you have an email address you feel comfortable sharing, you can reply to this message. Otherwise you can submit the info via https://21.co/rubenmperez/