How to get help establishing an ICO?


I am the Accountant for a start-up company and the concept of an ICO sounds like a possible funding source for us to raise $500,000 in capital needed to setup our marketing and distribution networks. Who could we turn to to help us with the establishment of the ICO, if in fact it is even feasible.

    Hi Raymond,

    We are working with a company who do exactly that, Technical ICO guidance and setup, ICO ideation, feasibility and planning, Whitepaper support & ICO marketing.

    Let me know if you want me to put you in contact with our contact.

    Hello Raymond, we have a group of a platform that aims to exactly that, help in fundraising through ICO, giving support, It will be possible to register Authenticity, Digital Signature, Contract Registration, Creation of collective financing campaigns, Crowdsale and Coins. Streamlining and making flexible the possibilities of raising capital for a project and etc … if you are interested follow the link of the official launch group telegram: Lunes Plataforma: