i am a physician and doing chart review for an insurance company regarding validity of admissions to the hospital.I have to read a chart that can be lengthy.can i have an app via the block chain to read the chart and give a decision that I can oversee and validate. criteria are 1.- In patient 2.- observation 3.- outpatient


    Blockchain applies when assets need to exchanged in a decentralized autonomous manner without need to transfer assets across each other. In this case, the physician office needs live access to the chart once its updated at the provider hospital reducing proliferation of information and paper trail overhead. Question from a technology standpoint – what is the volume of patients and charts that need to be monitored in this manner. And what is the scale of data to be managed on a daily basis? And of course logic to do exchange and updates is in consideration too with security considerations. So the answer is yes, you could. But you need to work with the right solution architect and right blockchain vendor to vet this out and define a proof of concept with success factors. We can help here.