I am considering building an open Blockchain-based energy sharing platform based on an agent-based approach. Any ideas on what open source framework I should use to build it upon? Initially it would just be used to verify control transactions but would need it to evolve to Smart Contracts for energy.


I have seen the Ethereum Blockchain Brooklyn project (LO3) and was wondering if I could use something like the IBM Hyperledger Fabric instead of Ethereum? I built the energy industries first intelligent agent based platform to manage SmartGrid applications (GridAgents™) back in 2005.

    Hi David – IMHO I think which platform to use will depend on what the functionality of your energy solution would be. For example, LO3 as I understand it allows people to trade and sell excess power; there are some startups doing this in Australia as well, and Japan is investigating the same. Given that functional requirement, a cryptocurrency-based platform like Ethereum might prove easier for implementation, since you could use the ether for trading and representing value. If on the other hand you are talking about other solutions such as audit trails of energy pricing (to prevent Enron-like scenarios) or maybe measuring and recording values from grids and lines (IoT), then I would be more inclined to go with a Hyperledger platform (Fabric or Iroha) for security, performance, and integration requirements.
    If you are going to work with micro payments, your best choice is IOTA http://www.iotatoken.com!