Vasu G
2 months ago

I’m a software engineer with 7 years experience (Development) in SAP platform and start to learn BlockChain from beginning. I’m very much interested in doing coding initially. Please answer my below queries. 1. How long it will take to learn (Approx in months)? 2. I’d like to know where to start first for learning? 3. How about the environment to Practice, will you provide landscape for practice?

2 months ago


    1. It depends what you want to do and how deep you want to understand what you are doing. Making a “hello world” program with Ethereum or Hyperledger is hours, having some good programming language knowledge with like Solidity (Ethereum Smart Contract language) is about weeks or a month. However understanding really the different blockchains, how and why they work and all the implications takes years.

    2. The two big frameworks for developers are Ethereum and Hyperledger. Ethereum is rather a public blockchain, Hyperledger is for consortium use-cases.

    3. You can set up an on-premise developer environment easily as well. However there are online simulators for practicing, like Remix for Ethereum (, or Hyperledger Composer simulated playground (