I’m not aware of any “simple” system that allows transactions to be completed securely and store the resulting information reliably, with built-in superb security.

    Even credit card transaction technology is incredibly complex.

    Yes, without doubt, nothing related to electronic data and / or blockchain is simple. The core reason for that is probably related to: security.

    While blockchain technologies are complex, do remember, that the core number crunching is done by advanced technologies, software, and hardware.

    So to an ever growing extent, in the same way that a car driver doesn’t need to know how a car works, to drive a car, the average users don’t need to know the how blockchain works, just have faith / trust, that it works as expected.

    So that’s the challenge right now – and to improve speed x100, while maintaining secure transactions and valid contracts.

    Unfortunately, setting up “trustless systems”, that to a great extent, address security concerns, is not easy. The area is still new and evolving rapidly.