I’m not aware of any “simple” system that allows transactions to be completed securely and store the resulting information reliably, with built-in superb security.

    Even credit card transaction technology is incredibly complex.

    Yes, without doubt, nothing related to electronic data and / or blockchain is simple. The core reason for that is probably related to: security.

    While blockchain technologies are complex, do remember, that the core number crunching is done by advanced technologies, software, and hardware.

    So to an ever growing extent, in the same way that a car driver doesn’t need to know how a car works, to drive a car, the average users don’t need to know the how blockchain works, just have faith / trust, that it works as expected.

    So that’s the challenge right now – and to improve speed x100, while maintaining secure transactions and valid contracts.

    Unfortunately, setting up “trustless systems”, that to a great extent, address security concerns, is not easy. The area is still new and evolving rapidly.

    The first computer I owned (back in 1989!) didn’t have a hard drive. Hell, it didn’t even have a mouse!! Neither of these had been invented yet. My second computer had a state-of-the-art hard drive at the time, which was 20 MB, but still no mouse. Wasn’t till my third computer when I first used a mouse.

    And don’t EVEN get me started on those first internet days!!

    Everything was complicated. Ever tried to manage a PC using only your keyboard?

    Today’s IT world is slick and fast and easy . . . compared to 30 years ago.

    The complexity you mention is part of the process. I knew about Bitcoin back around 2010 or so. Really bumped into it in 2013. But it was so abstract to me at the time, and so complicated. I really hadn’t thought anything more about it till maybe three months ago and I made the decision to understand it more. When I finally “got it”, when Bitcoin and Blockchain made sense . . . it was like Wow!

    That’s when I made the decision to purchase and start investing in cryptocurrencies. I was gob-smacked at the difference. There was no Coinbase four years ago. Bitcoin wallet? What’s a wallet? Didn’t have that back in the day either. So when discussing the complexity, it’s relative. I’m surveying the landscape today and am very pleased how much easier things have gotten. And that’s relative as well, because there’s so much more to learn, so much I don’t know.

    When I say I “got it” I mean that I saw how it worked and could easily see how it will transform our world. When you have that epiphany . . . you must know more. You gotta learn everything you can about this disruptive technology. And I know that’s why you’re here as well. Just hang in there. Either the complexity you now see will become less complex with time . . . or some new tool will come along to take some of that away. Or you could create these tools for the world. How ’bout that?