Looking for suggestions, can you help?


We are looking to grow Blockgeeks and to make it the best possible platform for you. We have couple of questions

What do you need help with the most?

What features would you like to see?

How can we improve the experience

And, open suggestions?

Thank you as always

    I would really like to see a crypto currency training course . There are a few in the market but I am interested in a 100% original course which explains different crypto trading strategies and patterns. But more imp it should also explain the different trading instruments given by online exchanges like BitMex gives instruments like – Perpetual Swap (100x), March 31 expiry (100 x) for Bitcoin; ETC (Every 7 days expiry) etc.. It should explain in detail every parameter (eg: Multiplier etc) .
    Almost all online courses are just retrofitting stock-trading concepts in crypto but I want something specially for crypto trading.
    I’d like to see a better way of searching/navigating articles and discussions, etc., with a larger variety of tags. I think there’s a lot more content on here than is readily accessible without having to page through everything looking for something within a certain subtopic.
    Personally I am itching to get a volunteer team of truly capable people (programmers, architects, data scientists, social media marketeers etc) together and launch the best of all possible currencies.

    What do you think Ameer? Does BlockGeeks have the talent, passion & platform capable of getting such a project up and running?

    Funny you say that, we are launching a section (soon) on Blockgeeks called “Projects” Where we will be awarding prices from $1000 – $5000 for innovative ideas and solutions that teams come up with.
    I’ve literally just registered Crowd.Coin on decentralised DNS. Will take a couple of hours to kick in and I haven’t yet thought about how/where I’m going to ‘manifest’ it in the ether, website or otherwise

    Anyway..my idea was to somehow ‘merge’ Crowdfunding with BlockChain. The registered name is there for use if you guys would like to use it!

    Blockgeeks rocks Ameer, well done guys! I would strongly suggest you consider the following:

    1. A ” Business Use Case ” Study Guide of several business use cases you can find or think of. The problem with blockchain, is it favours geeks and crypto speculators mostly. We need to think like how Google made search and seo ubiquitous for everyone!

    2. If you want to steal the leader advantage in this tutorial space for crypto currencies and blockchains, then find creative ways to rapidly partner up with several small websites ” for rewards in kind ” that can either integrate Blockgeeks to help with average wider user adoption. The reason Google is a $40Bn a year company, is because they figured how to share Adsense and thus gained global ubiquity.

    For instance I can see why our platform http://www.Blackworld.com users can benefit from learning about what you provide here. But there also needs to be an incentive like Google Adsense as an example. Blockchain is extremely exciting like web 1.0!

    Wishing Blockgeeks all the best. Robert.