This is all new to me, so my question may be obvious. I am not so much interested in owning cryptocurrency as I am in investing in companies developing and selling broad-use block chain technology to various segments of the economy, such as finance, government, health care and security. Is this possible yet?


Companies I have researched seem to be private. I have heard that the only way to securely invest is in stock of the most likely giant providers, such as Microsoft, Google and IBM. If there are block chain specialty companies open for public investment, where can I find a list?

    I think, most start-up blockchain companies that are in this space and get public financing get the financing with some kind of a token or coin system. Certainly it is something that is far from a secure investment 🙂
    Yes – most of the companies offering the blockchain based services or dapps are in start-up stage. It is possible that the general public will be able to invest in these companies in 2-5 years. But with the rise of the Initial Coin Offerings it is very possible that some of the more successful companies may go this route rather than traditional IPOs.
    I have found to be helpful in identifying blockchain startups. Most of the start-ups have whitepapers attached, and the site provides details of the ICO.