Hi Ameer, thanks for starting this community.

    I ran one of the largest bitcoin mining companies from 2012-2014. Worked on developing our own custom ASIC hardware and deploying in datacentres across the northwestern USA.

    I am currently implementing my blockcahin knowledge in a few projects, including sustainable energy incentivisation, replacing the value of poaching in Africa, and authenticable recording of environmental circumstances upon the discharge of police firearms.

    What are you guys up to?

    Hello Ameer & fellow BlockGeek community members,

    I run a Bitcoin-based fund, Block Operator, that facilitates efforts to improve education systems. Focused primarily on public schools, but not limited to them, our team promotes access to technology, classroom essentials and modern learning materials. By utilizing services such as DonorsChoose.org & supporting grassroots efforts, Block Operator has played a part in upgrading over 200 classrooms across all fifty states in the US (as of Oct 7th, 2016) and have recently expanded our efforts to include Australian institutions. Our goal is to both reduce the stigma & skepticism surrounding Bitcoin (and related technologies) while making an impact that can be seen and felt by school administrators, teachers, students & parents. For a closer look at the kinds of projects that have been funded so far, you can check them out at DonorsChoose.org/BlockOperator or BlockOperator.com (under development at the moment, new front-end should be up in a week or so).

    Anyways, I look forward to seeing this community grow and hearing about what other BlockGeek members are up to. We’re always on the lookout for interesting opportunities, as well as partners & teams to collaborate with. Feel free to reach out anytime, @BlockOperator on Twitter, or email: @blockoperator.com" class="autohyperlink">andrew@blockoperator.com

    Good luck to everyone involved in this field, and well wishes from the folks at Block Operator

    Привет. Я — самоучка с большим энтузиазмом. Из Казахстана.
    Интересно читать вопросы и мнения блокгикеров. Честь быть внутри сообщества прогрессивных людей, способных выходить за существующие рамки и толкающих человечество вперёд ❤️.

    Буду пытаться:
    ▪️ Глобально. Внести свой вклад в решения текущих проблем конфиденциальности, идентификации в умных контрактах и другое.
    ▪️ Внутри своей страны. Генерировать идеи по внедрению технологии блокчейн (или её лучших сторон) в традиционную модель государственного устройства. Здравый смысл подсказывает, что в странах бывшего СССР воспринимают всё новое достаточно негативно и создавать то, что будет децентрализовано (т.е. в обход государства) — проблематично и неправильно. Нужно найти такой подход, чтобы всем было хорошо.

    Всем удачи в освоении, улучшении и применении этих прекрасных технологий.
    Спасибо за создание полезного сообщества .

    Ну да, в совке все было централизовано (поэтому и была такая хреновая жизнь) – это привычно.
    Хотя например в Китае все тоже очень централизованно было долгое время – а сейчас там громадный интерес к биткойну и блокчейну
    i am portfolio entrepreneur and completely new to blockchain technology, but i think that there are at least 3 of my startups which could use blockchain technology to do contracting and paying. for me it is not easy to find the right service or platform to be integrated. Would love to have something like paypal. So, any help or overview would be fine!
    Hi Ameer and thanks for accepting me in… Actually, I am FinTech entrepreneur (more on payment platform) and passionate of it… More of a financial background with several ideas. I am here to understand what is blockchain, how it works so I can translate it in Subsaharan Africa and engage with regulators and more to push it forward. Also understanding it might help me develop a more robust platform or why not get partners through this community
    Hi guys! I am relatively new to blockchain technology. Currently I work as an IT consultant for Unigma.com a cloud management company which could use blockchain technology and I am eager to learn more. This is why I came here. Thank you for your support Ameer!
    Hello Blockgeekers,
    I am really excited to be here and looking forward to participating in discussions. I hope I can make some useful contribution amongst you smart lots.
    I am an entrepreneur, early stage startup adviser, blockchain consultant, IT consultant and aspiring blogger.
    My recent startup is BlockCerts which is about digitisation of certificates and a notary service. I have previously founded Neighbrz which is a hyperlocal social network and Findacareer which is a career guidance portal.
    Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or if you would like to grab a coffee together.
    Hello!! I have no knowledge of blockchain ,Could you advice where do i start from?
    I am very curious about learning things related to finance and entrepreneurship
    Thank You!
    Hi there FX Market Veteran in sales and technology. Over the last 10 years have worked in consultancy/advisory roles with various technology startups looking to access the Institutional and retail FX market. My skills lie in being able to see the wood not the trees and focusing businesses on their core reason for being. I have had both successes and failures but continue to enjoy learning from each and always excited to understand where technology can take us next.

    joining the site is to both further my knowledge in blockchain as it seems to have now hit the mainstream (yup banks are taking notice).. but I also have a startup I believe could use the technology to improve transparency and safety of client funds when trading.. so would like to be introduce to people that might be able to help me grow this idea.


    Thanks for starting this community for those who want to learn more about blockchain technology. I am a novice to this world – I work in public policy here in the United States. I hope to gain a greater knowledge on how the blockchain works as well as find mentors. I truly feel that this will play a prominent role in our future.

    Hey guys, I’m an early bitcoin adopter from Canada. Started mining my first bitcoin in 2011 when bitcoin was priced at $9


    I’ve been investing in and trading cryptocurrencies since 2013.

    I’m one of those people that believes bitcoin will be trading around $1500-$2000 in the next 1-2 years, and up to $10,000 per coin within 4-5 years.

    I’m Jay,a new fresher and non-tech person.
    But I love blockchain,Cryptocurrency and btc,ethereum…etc.I hope that I can make my startup business through this tech and knowledge in the right time.

    Digital anarchist by trade, enjoy solving challenging problems, and consider myself a self-proclaimed diehard Open Source evangelist by nature. I have over 15 years of professional experience in various facets of information technology with a particular interest in reverse engineering, exploitation and unconventional thinking

    The bitcoin community is full of intelligent, insightful, developers. Incumbent financial officers need not be afraid to integrate or even collaborate with existing blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Creating a “private blockchain” is an exercise in futility that provides few actionable benefits and does little to improve the industry, as a whole.

    “Blockchain buzz” is something every finance professional should be aware of by now. Whether you are interested in this emerging financial technology or not, it is coming and savvy managers ought to pay attention to what the blockchain can do for their bank.
    There are many services boasting hyperbolic claims of fast and straightforward commercial leverage of blockchain; but, most are chaotic and confusing. Within this industry, projects range from working applications to misunderstood concepts and even some that are total fiction. The matter is complex, there are no final answers, but let us assure you that the simplest approach, as in most cases, is best.

    Specifically, we strongly advise against wasting resources on in-house blockchain research or, even worse, creating a “private blockchain” of your own. There are much less expensive and more productive scenarios that may bring you new customers and reduce costs in a matter of weeks. You should consider reaching out to the open crypto community and joining an existing toolset. At least, you’ll learn a lot more much sooner for much less.

    Knowledger.consulting helps narrow your blockchain focus. Don’t get distracted — get answers from the pros.

    Hi Ameer and Blockgeekers

    I worked as a C developer for almost 15 years when I jumped to IT management. After 10 years I came back to technological “world”, and now I’m working in the IT innovation team in a reinsurance company.

    I found out Bitcoin, and all correlated subjects about 1 year ago, and I’ve been studying this ever since.

    Hello Blockgeeks!
    I run a blockchain development company out of Thailand and Singapore and we focus on placing fiat currencies on [ethereum] blockchain for remittance, online payments, fx trading and other financial activities.
    We want to apply blockchain technology to solve real problems of financial exclusion and cross-border payments.
    We are looking for likeminded people to work with and contribute to a common good.
    Ask me if you have any questions and it’s great to be here.
    Bonjour a tous , Je suis étudiant Africain en sécurité informatique et friand de dernières technologies. La blockchain est le futur , si bien évidemment elle est utilisé avec des normes éthiques. Ce blog est vraiment excellent , j’espère apprendre enormement !

    Merci a vous

    Hello BGs,
    I have read all your intros and it’s amazing how much knowhow and expertise and experience we have already in this community. I am Swiss based in Zurich and founded 3 years ago poshberry.com. Our current venture is to build the Blockchain Loyalty Wallet Ecosystem, a market of 88 trillion loyalty reward points worth more than $500b USD. We are in Seed round and accept still investments. Technology wise we are looking into Lykke.com. Any other suggestions are much appreciated.
    I am looking forward to interacting with and learning from you – I have a financial background as I spent 20 years with a Swiss financial company aka bank before I decided to become an enterpreneur.
    Have a great and inspiring day!
    Edited on December 14, 2016
    I’m in Krasnoyarsk (Russia) 15 years engaged in automation of retail trade and restaurant business: information systems, cash register equipment, bar coding equipment.
    I understand that the crypto-technology and technology blockchain soon greatly change our lives. Today it is a small business goes to work on-line check-out equipment, electronic document management and delivery with suppliers of electronic tax returns. Tomorrow there will be no tax inspections of any bank in the form to which we are accustomed. But this is only the beginning of the so-called blockchain-revolution, the revolution of crypto-technologies.
    I’m in Apache Junction, Arizona, America. Been writing articles for 40 years on economics. It appears the US is moving to cryptocurrencies for taxes and elimination of a huge debt. Like India and Venezuela.

    Cryptocurrencies & blockchains are remarkable. I’m in favor of decentralized currency.

    Edited on December 19, 2016
    Hi Ameer, I am from South Africa and very new to blockchain as it is only about 7 weeks ago that I got involved in mining bitcoins and found that mining bitcoins has to do with Blockchain. I want to understand how blockchain works and how it impacts upon the world of finance as we know it. I also want to know how I can get a foothold in the industry growing around this new technology. I am keen to learn and I am happy that you offer online training. I believe knowledge is power. Thank you very much for such a wonderful initiative and I am looking forward to interacting with fellow Blockgeeks.
    Hello all!

    I’m Matt part of the founding team, who have built a ledger based communication solution. We are still in beta, but are through our latest iteration, which means we have a production solution to sell to business users, and a freemium model for individuals. We are seeking early adopters and further funding to capture the opportunity in 2017. Get in touch if you are interested.


    Hi Everybody,
    Thanks Ameer for creating this community and providing very useful information about blockchain technology. I’ve recently come across several whitepapers / publications from ‘Big 4’ accounting firms on the topic of blockchain. Many business leaders believe that blockchain will be a significant disruptor to their operations, while many others have never heard of the technology. This spurred me to begin researching the topic, and based on my initial findings, I believe blockchain will revolutionize the way business is transacted and information is shared. This is a topic I will be following very closely.

    I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 10+ years of experience, currently working for a multi-billion dollar global retailer that anyone reading this is familiar with. I have a strong background in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting and regulations. I would be very interested in networking with others in this community to collaborate, share expertise and insights into the future of this technology.



    Edited on December 23, 2016
    As a futurist, it’s the revolutionary potential of blockchain that interests me primarily.

    I’m not a techie, but I am a power-user.

    As a ‘generalist’, my background includes a variety of somewhat disparate fields is in things like sales, property management, public office (as a ‘green’ politician), youth coaching, and now as an entrepreneur and mentor.

    My focus is on working with changemakers, enabling them to avoid unnecessary distraction/struggle, to live in a flow of success/well-being, and harness their full potential to make that contribution to the empowerment of humanity that they have come here to make.

    Let’s eliminate the drama, and accelerate humanity’s shift toward a more equitable/harmonious planet.


    Hi Everyone,

    I’m a Fintech recruiter who specializes in placing candidates at Fintech, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies globally.

    We have full time positions as well as contract roles for Blockchain developers. Feel free to check out our opportunities at www.fintechrecruiters.com

    I look forward to sharing ideas about the Blockchain space with fellow Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiasts.

    I’m a policy analyst for a regulatory agency – not a techie. I joined the site in order to “up” my knowledge of the blockchain and its potential. Since it is spreading to the finance and insurance industries and because I don’t believe that it is smart to regulate something you know nothing about I’m hoping to gain an understanding of the potentials and pitfalls of the blockchain.
    Hello Ameer & BlockGeek community members,
    I am Julien work for one of the largest stockmarkets group, that is of course interested in the blockchain technology. As we are working with other Stock Markets that have already adopted the technology (example: Luxemburg).
    I am however first and foremost interested in the blockchain application in other fields such as developments but also in fields such as Real Estate management.

    Glad to be part of the community and thanks to you Ameer!

    Hi everybody,
    I am Emmanuel, a french humanitarian professional (I currently live and work in Chad). I used to work, a few years ago, in a small webagency in Paris, and nurrish a long-lasting interest for ICT. Linux, open source movement and for a few month, Bitcoin, Ethereum and everything in relation with blockchains seems to me very promising technologies. I think that putting the ICT at the service of human developement will be one of the main (and largely unexplored) questions that we will face in the upcoming years.

    I hope this site and the community will help me better understand the technical backgrounds, the potentialities of the blockchain technologies, and stay informed of the opportunities that they open.


    Hi Blockgeek Community,

    I’m Marci and I’m a blockchain enthusiast, artist and former attorney who would like to see
    the smart contract grow to be a viable solution. I believe the smart contract is a real game changer in the way we’ll do business and perhaps socialize…yes right up there with FB. It will not be cool, it will be utility. Currently, I am learning everything I can about it so I’ve replaced law with code. With the smart contract I believe they’ll be one in the same. Looking forward to connecting and making a contribution to this vibrant community.


    I’m a partner in a firm that delivers CEO peer groups, coaching, and consulting to IT companies serving small and mid-sized business. We have 500 member companies worldwide, plus vendor members serving this space (www.htgpeergroups.com).

    I’m interested in use cases, products, and services to help our members and vendors learn about blockchain and bring solutions to their customers — also SMB companies. Looking forward to the opportunity to learn and share.

    Dear members of Blockgeeks,
    I’m glad to join in this community about blockchain technologies. I’m Salvatore from Italy and I studied management engineering. I had an experience such Junior Project Manager (agile scrum) at sturt up operating in digital health. I had a work experience abroad (casual researcher in Cranfield University) and I was a volunteer for Erasmus Student Network.
    I’m here cause I’m fond about blockchain and I’m sure I will appreciate so much blockgeeks.com.
    Dear members of Blockgeeks and believers in change potential for the good 🙂

    I studied economics and international trade, developing internet applications and services at the university (for big entities) from 1992 on. Somehow I grew into the energy sector. First step was to try to outfight big techies with a better heatpump technology (patented) that had an overall CCOP of 9,6 (or even higher) and would also run the cooling on the regular mid-European heating exchange infrastructure.

    So I came to believe that the biggest waste product of mankind is heat itself. Idea was to develop a technology that would retransform this otherwise wasted heat into electric energy – patented – but not on semiconductor basis. Next step: develop a kind of controller unit capable of transforming the otherwise negative effect of heat on Photovoltaic harvesting into positive correlated factor – patent pending –> hard fight as big industry heads who saw it live and in action claimed this unit (which they do not understand at all) to be a REVOLUTION. It is not! It is a simple unit of clever use of Quantum Electro Dynamics related to the likes of Einstein, Tesla, Bohr and Weisskopf.

    By use of this technology 1) Distributed Energy Production and 2) Distributed Energy Storage gets easily available for everybody. Virtually Island Operated Mode for every “household” is possible below grid parity – but it makes no sense as exchange of energy will be the next big thing.
    Blockchain to me is the absolute twin to my technology, concept and system – which is one of the reasons I am here.

    Getting torn into BlockChain technology I do believe to bring several assets into discussions – from economic-theoretical side as well business process, development visions and real products to support the ever-growing-energy-neccessities to keep systems running.

    Looking forward to fruitfull interactions with you all!

    Edited on January 17, 2017
    sorry – no link so far – we are very secretive as we had bad experience.
    and we are trying to secure funding as I am writing.
    I didn t see where I could upload a presentation or slides – or something comparable?
    I guess – you could try this link – e.g.:


    most importantly and not discussed in my comment on LI is the transfer of the energy into batteries that will cost as low as 80 USD per kwH installed (compared to TESLA 750 USD per kwH installed) – and batteries won’t need cooling nor heating –> no selfconsumption.

    Took us almost 10 years to perfect the system. Under pretty harsh conditions – but what do I tell fellow developper people who open new markets, new industries and try to disrupt all kinds of fields of human interaction.

    Edited on January 17, 2017
    I’m an entry level enthusiast, just starting to get tapped in to the relevant channels. I’m largely interested in the social side of blockchain, since I don’t have a heavy tech background aside from being your slightly more informed user.

    I love talking and brainstorming design when it comes to markets, products, and experiences.

    I’m a copywriter and marketing manager in the Berlin Startup Scene. I’ve had some success taking companies past the $1million annual revenue mark and in the past 6-8 months I have become more and more interested in Bitcoin and Blockhain technologies.

    I’ve recently started writing Bitcoin news articles for BTCManager:


    and am interested in connecting with other entrepreneurs that are looking to sharpen their marketing messages, or reach a larger audience with their Bitcoin stories.

    Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin:


    Hi Ameer,

    Good morning. I am vijay from india. Happy to know this forum and knowing you and co-founders of this blog/website. and the credit goes to william mouguar as he shared the link in twitter. I started reading blockchain a few week back and I understood it has great potential to change the world we live in and and i am very passionate about writing a code in ethereum now and looking for some good start in blockchain technology

    Thank you,
    Vijayakumar M

    I’m working on bringing the blockchain into food systems with the goal of planetary food sovereignty via eaterra.org/. Communities should have safe, sovereign, and social food sources and applications of the blockchain have great potential.

    I’d love to connect with potential technical co-founders or advisors, as well as copywriters interested in this space. We have a strong team of advisors in the Food and Agriculture space but we’re always happy to hear from anyone interested in contributing and growing our international reach.

    Hello BlockchainGeeks,

    My name is Markus ([email protected]) and I build the Internet of People.
    Bitcoin is not the only Cryptocurrency out there. Especially in Blockchain Technology there are already far more advanced cryptos out there. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is and for a longer time will be the only really relevant commodity out there.

    I am from the Fermat Projet and our goal is not more or less than changing the world. The first step was issuing the IoP Token, which is tradeable now; and the next is the blockchain enabled democracy, which is in already in alpha stage. We are still giving out mining licences for Investors and people that bring value to the project and / or build a community in their local area.

    If anybody of you is curious then feel free to contact me. Here are some Links to dive into this exciting and ambitious project:

    [email protected]

    Honestly I’m new to block chain.I would love to share my amazing store I have to drug addicts and overcomers.I want my story to go all over the net peer to peer to give people a chance to choose there destiny in life.Honestly if any body has a testimony I have one of a lifetime I would love to reach out to everybody that needs help and let them know with God all things are possible.Im looking forward into studying block chain and countinue to move my story daily and reach out to the people in need.motivation is the key and with the help of block chains we can get my story moving
    Edited on January 21, 2017
    Hello all!

    I’m a Technical Product Owner and software developer. I’m interested in how blockchain can influence and impact public sector services. As a blockchain evangelist for a local government IT agency, I’d like to learn more on how to identify potential applications of blockchain (e-voting, property, licensing, IoT) and, in turn, encourage management to begin proof of concept application development and create both a short-term and long-term strategy of using blockchain.

    If there are others interested in public sector/government uses of blockchain, I’d like to know how you are implementing blockchain tech in your organizations.

    many of us are more interested in getting rid of the government itself than implementing BC for them 😉

    Well, I suppose the same thing can be said regarding banks and fintech. At least in the U.S., government is going to have to facilitate the bridge to blockchain when it comes to things like marriage licenses, birth and death certificates and beyond to get back to the ideals of “by the people and for the people”.

    Working in a commercial bank here in the Philippines, we are currently evaluating a proposal from a fintech using blockchain technology to handle B2B foreign remittances. The technology fascinates me and I want to increase my knowledge beyond what is available on you tube. New terms like Ethereum and ETH, crypto currency trading are slowly creeping into my consciousness and I particularly want to know the potential risks (coming from a Risk Management background) of these emerging technologies.
    Hello Ameer, I am happy to be part of this community. I am interested in blockchain for products and industry. I am new to it and I am trying to make my first steps. I would like to learn from scratch and I was thinking of composing a test smart contract for that. Any suggestion? I would like to start working in this arena by adding a long experience in sales & marketing. Anybody is needing any help? Marco
    Hello Ameer, I am happy to part of this interesting group. I am new wish to learn more about this industry and share ideas with all members in this community.
    Hi from Switzerland,
    I learn every day the blockchain technology, meet new people to share ideas and try to help others as I can to empower people instead of all others groups, companies, countries which want to impose their point of view to enslave the big majority of people…. I am active in some communities as @duniter
    I also invest in blockchain companies too.

    I am happy to be here

    Sorry for my bad english I am french speaker, bonjour à tous les francophones

    Edited on January 29, 2017
    Good Day,
    Am Munava, since 2003 i have worked as a
    programmer ,Developer, lead Developer
    In the years past below are the technologies and frameworks i have worked with :

    > spring framework
    > restFul services
    > linux
    > angularjs
    > nodejs
    > java/json
    > angular/json
    > karma/unit testing
    > version control (maven,git,ant)
    > servers (glasfish for J2ee, dployed)
    > swing
    >design partterns ( observer,…)

    These are a summary of the technologies i have used and worked with.

    I will like to learn how blockchain works and in turn know how i can implement it in real world. Im a developer and for sure block chain will increase my skills knowledge base.

    Keith Steeves
    I am a CFO of private upstream oil and gas company in Canada and also have responsibility for Information Technology. I have been driving change initiatives and using Technology to drive initiatives for 30 years in many industries. Block Technology I believe can transform the industry I work for and it will do this in the next 5-10 years. Oil and Gas is a higher user of technology but they are very slow adopters. I am interested in learning more about Block Technology and I also want to figure out how I can be an early adopter of this technology to deal with what I would consider systemic manual issues in our industry. I believe that this technology can transform what we do, how we do it and can add significant value. I also believe that this is an inflexion point in our industry as we are in a crisis as it relates to costs. This will drive us to be more innovative and to try these technologies.
    I know virtually nothing about Blockchain, but I guess that’s why I’m here. I currently work at the UN Refugee Agency, where I’m spearheading an R&D Lab to come up with products and services that include refugees and forcibly displaced people in the financial economy. I’m here to learn about what Blockchain can do, particularly for digital identity and financial transfers. Here to meet like minds or anyone else working in this space. Just some good old ideas would be great too 🙂
    Self Reliance – being able to produce some of the things I rely on the market and hence money to consume. More important being able to create a framework. Market as an arbitrator for all causes is a thing of the past. Technology to provide on ways and means to lead a meaningful life not entrepreneurship, not job market. To be able to change the basis of respect of individuals from share of wallet to values.
    We work with Fintech and Blockchain StartUps globally but based from London and Warsaw as a business. We help find Mentors related to Investment needs and we are starting to Headhunt Startups for our Clients 🙂 We also love helping our StartUps find DevOps and Blockchain developers and this drives us forward. Great to be here 🙂
    Yup ! Super nice initiatives, thanks to Amir and all the crew ! Courses format are very well structured and simple to use. These kinds of training are obviously a good move and are responding to a market need. It’s a great thing you made this happened. Cheers.
    I forgot to present Myself ! I’am from Québec City, I was CEO of ifound.ca wich have nothing to do with blockchain tech but I sold my shares 2 years ago to Invest in several blockchain Strartsup since then. I did a MBA study named : « Les Cryptos-monnaies et la Technologie Blockchain : Recommandations stratégiques au Satoshi Counter » publish on 21th of July 2016. For the last year I build up a 21h course about the blockchain ecosystem. This course is in French and is given in Québec City at Cégep-de-St-Foy. I also do a bit of consulting for small business and individuals. Cheers
    Hi Ameer and the all the others,

    I am a former bitcoin miner and now only an observer. I recognize the blockchain as a very interesting innovation and want to see what develops from all of this new technology.

    Hello Blockgeeks,

    I am from Virginia USA and a Student at Full Sail University studying Mobile Development, and I study and complete courses online for more knowledge on the Blockchain Network at www.udemy.com & 21.co/learn

    Topic of interest is startup for funding of Bitcoin Projects in which bung me to Blockgeeks…

    I am currently working on a Cryptocurrency Mobile Application, and it is in need for Funding for the Coding process to be completed by Zapporoo.com a Mobile App Development Company, and will be the one coding it as well. CosmoKrypto is a Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin Simple Faucet Mobile App, and yet it is digitally sleek and very sharp looking.

    If anyone may be interested in helping fund my Project or know of a startup for Bitcoin Please let me know. Cosmokrypto can be viewed here at Indiegogo: www.indiegogo.com/projects/cosmokrypto-the-digital-coin-dispenser-bitcoin-technology/x/16134529#/ the Campaign does not reflect the benefits of having Cosmokrypto funded for it will bring together Bitcoin plus Litecoin and Dogecoin the obvious two that were virtually left alone in the App Stores but are still known favorites to the Blockchain Community…

    Hi Ameer,

    I’m the Head of Biz Dev at Brave New Coin, the leading market data vendor for crypto currencies and blockchain assets (and whose co-founder and CEO, Fran Strajnar is well-known to the community).

    I’m interested in understanding the practical applications and growing use cases for blockchain solutions, and also participating in the blockchain standards conversation (ISO TC 307).

    I previously worked for some major global brands in the data and information industry (S&P, Thomson Reuters) and have a particular interest in market and reference data for these new digital asset classes.

    Hello All,

    I am new to the community and looking forward to discussions about the practical implementations of blockchain technology in the hospitality/gaming sector.

    I recently took a post on an innovation team for a large hotel/casino operator.