Self Reliance – being able to produce some of the things I rely on the market and hence money to consume. More important being able to create a framework. Market as an arbitrator for all causes is a thing of the past. Technology to provide on ways and means to lead a meaningful life not entrepreneurship, not job market. To be able to change the basis of respect of individuals from share of wallet to values.
    We work with Fintech and Blockchain StartUps globally but based from London and Warsaw as a business. We help find Mentors related to Investment needs and we are starting to Headhunt Startups for our Clients 🙂 We also love helping our StartUps find DevOps and Blockchain developers and this drives us forward. Great to be here 🙂
    How would an idea person find a code guy to see where the rubber meets the road I wonder….
    I appreciate your introduction to the site/members and am truly appreciative of any response.
    Yup ! Super nice initiatives, thanks to Amir and all the crew ! Courses format are very well structured and simple to use. These kinds of training are obviously a good move and are responding to a market need. It’s a great thing you made this happened. Cheers.
    I forgot to present Myself ! I’am from Québec City, I was CEO of wich have nothing to do with blockchain tech but I sold my shares 2 years ago to Invest in several blockchain Strartsup since then. I did a MBA study named : « Les Cryptos-monnaies et la Technologie Blockchain : Recommandations stratégiques au Satoshi Counter » publish on 21th of July 2016. For the last year I build up a 21h course about the blockchain ecosystem. This course is in French and is given in Québec City at Cégep-de-St-Foy. I also do a bit of consulting for small business and individuals. Cheers
    Hi Ameer and the all the others,

    I am a former bitcoin miner and now only an observer. I recognize the blockchain as a very interesting innovation and want to see what develops from all of this new technology.

    Hello Blockgeeks,

    I am from Virginia USA and a Student at Full Sail University studying Mobile Development, and I study and complete courses online for more knowledge on the Blockchain Network at &

    Topic of interest is startup for funding of Bitcoin Projects in which bung me to Blockgeeks…

    I am currently working on a Cryptocurrency Mobile Application, and it is in need for Funding for the Coding process to be completed by a Mobile App Development Company, and will be the one coding it as well. CosmoKrypto is a Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin Simple Faucet Mobile App, and yet it is digitally sleek and very sharp looking.

    If anyone may be interested in helping fund my Project or know of a startup for Bitcoin Please let me know. Cosmokrypto can be viewed here at Indiegogo: the Campaign does not reflect the benefits of having Cosmokrypto funded for it will bring together Bitcoin plus Litecoin and Dogecoin the obvious two that were virtually left alone in the App Stores but are still known favorites to the Blockchain Community…

    Hi Ameer,

    I’m the Head of Biz Dev at Brave New Coin, the leading market data vendor for crypto currencies and blockchain assets (and whose co-founder and CEO, Fran Strajnar is well-known to the community).

    I’m interested in understanding the practical applications and growing use cases for blockchain solutions, and also participating in the blockchain standards conversation (ISO TC 307).

    I previously worked for some major global brands in the data and information industry (S&P, Thomson Reuters) and have a particular interest in market and reference data for these new digital asset classes.

    Hello All,

    I am new to the community and looking forward to discussions about the practical implementations of blockchain technology in the hospitality/gaming sector.

    I recently took a post on an innovation team for a large hotel/casino operator.


    Hey @ameerrosic,
    I’m a big fan!! Love your Youtube channel.

    My name is Jason. I’m CEO and cofounder of Sugoi, an event ticketing platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

    Website –
    Twitter – @hellosugoi

    I’m very excited by all the revolutionary solutions Blockchain technologies offer. My cofounder Angello and I facilitate a bi-weekly Ethereum Meetup in Los Angeles. We’re actively building a Blockchain community here in Southern California.

    If you’re in LA and would like to speak at our Meetup, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter.



    Edited on April 03, 2017
    Hello Ameer. Thank you for letting me join your blogging platform. You are doing a fantastic job by telling people this emerging technology and its capability.I really like the stuff here. I find it really interesting and looks like lot to learn.Though I am completely new to this concept of blockchain and its arena. But willing to explore.

    I am working as a R & D engineer in Dubai. I am also working on my start up which is based on space technology. I need funding/VCs for my start up. Currently I am looking for platforms for crowdfunding to get our prototype funded first before officially starting our work. Though it would be great to get VCs and angel investors who can find it interesting enough to fund. Right now we are at the analysis stage along with market research and cost analysis. I hope to get something here.

    Thank you.

    Hello, I am glad to be a part of this group. I started with Bitcoin in December 2016 and then purchased my first Ethereum coins in March. I am here to learn all that I can about cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

    Mike McGregor

    Hello, I have IT experience and I currently complet my islamic finance study,
    and I am looking for innovative fintech thesis . guess what I choose Cryptocurrency as my hardcore research study topic,
    I do not know but I like it ….
    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for having me
    Is anyone working on a renewable currency? My model is Once the unit is created and spent, the measure of units created must be recreated.
    But the revenue created stays in the system. This eliminates the need to split coins unit it no longer feasible.
    I’m bootstrapping EVO2GO as a CO-OP membership community. I’m using biometric ID to secure the entire systems that come into play. That said, I started designing a revenue share/payment system for electric vehicles in 3/2000 addressing new revenues for those that stood to loose the most $ due to ev sales.
    (Not knowing EV’s would make a comeback)
    And EVO2GROW has its roots set in the world of CANNABIS its has its unique way to brand all of the small local growers to give them brand recognition that will rival the big pharma trying to get into the market! The small growers that the could not brand themselves even with the deepest of pockets and VC funding. These are the folks that created this industry in spite of prohibition!
    Both systems operate the same worldwide. Using Blockchain the entire open source systems in a closed loop community. This is a great way for citizens to monitized energy for revenue,time,attendance,community share programs and so on.
    Now is the time to set the system into motion.
    I need miners, coders & everyone worldwide to do what many leaders have failed to do.
    We can raise the quality of life and standards of employment in a gig work economy. (Living more with less comes to mind)
    By lowering the cost of living and not working full time we are celebrating all people find their happy happy
    I need all existing nodes,chains,miners and creatives.
    There is room for everyone in my pool.
    If interested be patient. I’m hacked a million ways from Sunday.
    I’m still 100% self funded but this system is just the glue that binds renewable energies to power smart cities, transportation,sharing gig work economies free of judgments

    Sending Many Blessings,
    +1(360)574-9235 PST landline without voicemail
    EVO2GO & EVO2GrOw founder

    Hi Everyone – greetings from South Africa.
    I’m a Business Intelligence consultant working for and am going to be giving them a presentation next week to lure them into the crypto world. I’m by no means an expert or very knowledgeable so am currently scouting around for possible training in the event that our org decides to step into this realm. They service many clients both here locally and abroad, so even if they decide not to enter the development space I still think they should be able understand the potential and even promote some of the solutions busy entering the business realms.


    Thank you for accepting my request to join this group! I will be taking your courses to learn more about Blockchain.
    Hi Ameer and all !

    Thanks to let me be part of this interesting comunity.
    I’be been studying about disruptive technologies for about two years. I started with Drones, then 3D Printing and Scanning, and now Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. I’ve been so entusiastic on learning, that I wrote an article for an Accountant Association about 2017 trends on december 2016 and I’ll be speaker next week (april 25 and 26 2017) in a Mexican IT Trends Conference for Latin CIO’s.
    I’m starting to realize about Blockchain importance and how it will disrupte future worldwide operations.
    My goal is continue learning and participate in Interesting Workwide disruptive efforts.
    I know Latin American Market very well, but I’m interested in working in huge disruptive projects Worldwide.
    I can add my +20 year consulting experience on IT Business Development on Project management.
    So Ameer, and all, please feel free to involve me in all efforts you are working on to change the world !!

    Hi Everyone , greetings from Hong Kong!
    Thank you Ameer for initiating this platform! And thank you for accepting my request to join this virtual community. The topics you have curated are really fabulous. I think no book can capture the blockchain as long as it not a living book. Your website is such a living book! Well done!
    A few words about me: I’m a Digital Business Transformation Coach and Consultant and following the Blockchain development for two years now. As a former Software-Engineer and Mathematician specialised in Cryptography I have a huge longing for learning more in the area of Blockchain and DLT. My focus is to helping my clients learning about Blockchain and what it means for their business now and in the future.
    Let’s go and shape the future now 🙂
    Hello Blockgeekers,

    Glad to be able to join this community.

    I’m blockchain developer, working mostly with Ethereum/Solidity and using Web3 to interact with it.
    Working on several Ethereum projects and would like to connect with other developers to be able to collaborate on them. I’m also part of two investment projects which are in the process of preparing their ICO and they will require long term developers. I will be helping with assembling of tech team for this projects. If there are others here who are looking to get involved in such work I would like to hear from you.

    Hello Ameer,
    Great to joining the group. I’m an individual pension consultant and would like to explore and learn,
    what and how the blockchain technology platform can help in my business life.
    Greetings Ameer,

    Graduated with my Software Engineering degree from two well known Florida universities (BS & MS) and immediately dove into the DOD/FAA arena over my first decade and half out of college. I transitioned to software consulting and resurfaced in the financial world with initial immersion in the Bank Check Imaging market working for a well known systems house out of Atlanta. After creation of my first software company in March 2000 and then sale of same company at end of 2001, I engaged in the digital security vertical by immediately acquiring MCSE and CCSP certifications. I moved on into IT consulting for a local data hub/center for a fortune 500 interest and after 2007/8 acquired my VMware certification and then opened my own data center. I have since exited the data center business, bought out by a bigger fish. I am now basically a Digital technologist and entrepreneur and I am very motivated concerning potential growth of blockchain technology. In some places it is referred to as the Internet V2.0 and I am very excited about the ramifications this new technology brings. I am trying to learn all I can about the technology both from the bit level (software dev) as well as its business application in vertical markets such as financial, medical, insurance, etc. Thank you for providing a virtual space where folks like myself can research, understand, discuss/exchange ideas and then grow into this new technology. Warmest regards …

    Hi All,

    I am Matthijs from the Netherlands. Very new to the whole blockchain thing and I am hoping to get a kickstart in knowledgde from this site and you guys! As I feel this is going to be big in the future I would like to be an early adapter, as far as that is still possible.

    Best regards,

    Hi All,

    My name is Mazen from Seattle .
    I’m very interested in Blockchain and all its applications.
    I wish to gain more knowledge and be able to spread some around.
    This technology is here to stay and it is time to jump into the wagon and don’t look back.


    I have no interest to learn any thing while I’m young, I donot know how curiosity started in me to learn in this stage ange. I’m a graduate and I’m in online since 7 years, I have lot of curiosity to learn and know new things. Due my Basic knowledge in English I’m somewhat in back, I may not increase my stuff in English but learning black chain technology may benefit some how. I’m from Hyderabad of Andhrapradesh, India. I’m married having two grown and earning sons with their families.
    Hello and good evening, My Name is Gayala and I am interested in understand the functions and possibilities of blockchain. 5 weeks ago I was in munich to the Blockshow, the greatest european blockchain conference. I was so fascinated of all these interesting Informations that I decided to learn more about it. So, I will start to read every interesting information you will send my. I have no knowledge in writing programs.
    I am a beginner. And I hope to develop to an expert. Greetings Gayala
    My Name is James Gormley and I’m the Chief Science Officer of SCI. My interest is specifically in the decentralization of projects on a global scale. Because Ethereum is a Turing machine any and all languages have an equal opportunity to play a unique part. From AI machine control in the financial district, engineering, transportation, and energy sector. That’s just a few. I expect a lot from Daps and will also contribute. I was worked part time for J. Presper Eckert, the inventor of the UNIVAC.
    As technologists, we must press forward.

    J Gormley

    My name is Rajiv , im a director at a Diamond manufacturing company looking to understand how i can implement blockchain and cryptocurrency to market to this new “internet” i have some passing knowledge in coding and programming. i wish to learn programming, Dapp, to delve deeper into this new universe. i find it fascinating to be able to be truely democratic and decentralised i believe this is the future, a total free market and possibliy a free political system.
    Hello everyone.

    I am a definite newbie to the blockchain world. But I know it’s gonna change everything. I am looking to learn as much as I can about the potential and practical applications for this technology.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hi … My name’s Maggy and I am a just a ‘fetus’ when it comes to the world of Crypto-currency … a complete novice. But I was recently introduced by a geeky friend of mine, and I have a nano-understanding of the blockchain technology , investing in IT companies, mining etc … saying that though .. I have now started mining and now have a few contracts floating about out there … just majorly interested in gaining as much knowledge and intel on this fast upcoming phenomena …

    My name is Sierdjan from the Netherlands. I’m just spending 2 weeks trying to figure out what it’s all about. This makes me completely excited about the cryptocurrency. And also the fact that it is a good development for the world.

    Thank you Ameer for the amazing videos !!

    Hello everyone – I am new to the blockchain scene, but have been following it for years. I founded a company that is building a tube transportation system that is like Hyperloop on steroids. I have many ideas on how blockchain can be incorporated into the paradigm we are developing. Would value hearing from anyone in the Denver, CO area (or afar for that matter) on their experiences, challenges, and successes with blockchain. I am specifically interested in the Ethereum platform.

    – D Worthington

    I’m a follower of the Austrian school of economics. I took a course with Israel Kirtizner at New York University in the late 1960s. I also knew Murray Rothbard, and once asked Milton Friedman a question at a lecture he gave. My main interest, however, is in science and religion.
    My name is Peter. I am a social entrepreneur, from Britain, who moved to South Africa several years. I have gained 2 focuses in my time here: infrastructure systems and rural development. The main project right now is in control rooms/operating centres with a particular focus on emergency and disaster services.

    As everyone agrees, blockchain will be a huge part of public safety and security moving forward. I feel that this is especially the case in Africa where we have a significant set of issues that most 1st world products/enterprise architects do not consider.

    As well as being here to learn, I welcome the help and interest of anyone who likes what we’re doing and wants to help to make the country/continent a safer place.

    Hello Geeks,

    I am G.Myilraj from Tamil Nadu, India. Started my blogging in 2013 on the niche “EARN MONEY ONLINE WITHOUT INVESTMENT”. Slowly am building my niche blog into authoritative blog.

    I have joined here to gain exposure of Crypto currency technology and want to learn new things and updates. Establish my relationship with new Gurus in this field so as I can brand my knowledge here.

    Myilraj G

    Hello Ameer and everyone else,

    My name is Kevin and I am familiar with blockchain but don’t have any knowledge of coding or the details on how to implement the technology.

    My main focus is the potential for its application in peer-to-peer transactions between producers and consumers of renewable energy.


    Hello everyone,

    My name is Donald. I am knowledgeable of markets and familiar with Blockchain and have been following it for a few years. I decided it was time to really look into it because I think it is only going to grow in importance. I do no know any of the coding details as well.

    I do find the possibility of it being used for peer to peer financial transactions interesting. I also think that financial institutions are ripe for disruption. my goal is to be knowledgeable and potentially invest in and use blockchain technology at some point.

    Hi! I am KK. An EE engineer by training, spent some years in R&D, IT/Tech, business management, grappled with effects of government regulation changes, consulted for SMB. Now I am mainly into IT/Tech consultancy, in particular for applications in the SMB space where I believe is made a lot more viable with cloud and mobile developments in recent years.

    Blockchain appears to be the next very big thing. And I hope to understand more from folks here in BlockGeeks.

    KK, Singapore

    Hi! I’m a complete novice when it comes to blockchain and completely curious about how it all works. I want to learn more about investing in cryptocurrency and also how it will impact the supply chain industry.
    Thanks for creating this community Ameer, and cheers to my friend Sol for directing me here (not sure if he is an active user or not).

    I’m active in investing and engineering in what you would call “old economy” businesses, as I acquire them from retiring owners. We seek to innovate on product and services by leveraging emerging social values and technologies. I’m very active in HVAC, Construction, Process engineering (synthetic diamonds, synthetic combustion fuels, carbon capture and upcycling), Custom Fabrication, Energy provision (advanced nuclear), EV transportation as examples.

    I am fascinated with both inward and outward exploration – meditation, reflection, reading, asking better questions, travel, hiking, and space travel speak to this.

    One of the most fascinating things is to seek thresholds or dilemmas to explore. One such dilemma for me is our need to be socially nourished, but how vulnerable our psychology is to manipulation and persuasion. I believe blockchain has a role to play in breaking this dilemma as we move forward in an ever advancing world. Problem is, I know nothing about it. So I am here seeking to understand.


    Hi everyone!

    First and foremost, thank you Ameer (and team) for creating this community. It is very informative and accessible for beginners.

    I am a lawyer from Belgium with an interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and all the possibilities it provides. Problem was, until a short while ago, I knew nothing about it.

    I am looking forward to learning more about this topic, possibly investing in this market and explore connections between this technology and my field of work.

    It looks like I will have a great time here on Blockgeeks!

    Greetings from Belgium!

    Hello, I’m cannabis entrepreneur in Northern California going through the permitting process for medical cannabis distribution. I don’t have a tech background but it’s obvious that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are possible solutions to the limitations this industry faces in terms of executing contracts. Thus far this industry has been a “cash only” business and I am very interested pushing for cashless transactions for security and transparency.

    Thanks for the resource
    Best regards from Humboldt County

    Hi people,
    I’m from Brazil.
    Great to joining the group. I’m a Business Process Consultant and very interest how to blockchain will change the business models. I’m a enthusiastic how implement blockchain and transform old business to a new digital operation.
    Seppo from Finland
    Retaired 1949 borned Troubadour.
    Computer Designing since 1978 (Motorola M6800 then)
    Technical Background in Computers, hardware/software.
    Sales Manager/Director in Xerox Office Automation Division 20 years.
    Xerox President’s Achievement Award Winner 1983 (first in Europe)
    “For Extraordinary contribution for Xerox Corporation”.

    Special Areas:
    Network Designin (I launched Xerox Office Automation Concept in Office Automation Exhibition Helsinki 1982; Star A3 Full Graphical WYSIWYG Display Workstation (WYSIWYG; What You See Is What You get), Internet network and the networked Laserprinters, Archives, the whole stuff.)
    DoD: Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support (CALS).
    Data Communication Specialist.
    Founder of DEAL COMP Oy 1993 where I was Technical Sales Director/Ruggedized Industrial Computer Designer (-40 degrees Celcius to + 85 degrees Celcius).
    The Restaurant Keeper/owner in Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol, Spain.
    The Lapinlahti municipality Technology Center Project Leader in my Own Company: Lapinlahti Technology Center Ltd (Me 51%/49% Lapinlahti Community) from the point zero, when one must first find the area, buy it and design the Center with architects and fill the Center with Companies.
    Troubadour “The Man and The Guitar”.
    Retired 2003 (didn’t want but my Doctor wrote me out: Work-o-Holic, don’t care his health or medicines; Diabetic, Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Flimmer in heart)
    Can’t stand retirement, started study Forex Trading in 2016 and now back in Network Designing -> running stress tests in my SRuNet (Master-Client) for the beginners-advanced traders “You pay commission only from the Profit”.
    I need my “BrainTeaser” or my head explodes on “Nothing Happens” retirement days.
    2 divorces…
    My Family this moment: Me and 2 Seal Point Siamese Cats.
    So peaceful, so quiet…

    I smell the future of the “not paper money”. The cryptomoney and The Ethereum business markets start now and I smell the right Place to get in here.

    Hi all/ Ameer,

    I’m a 26 year old financial research analyst looking at crypto-currencies properly for the first time. Mostly interested in the long-term potential and societal impacts of distributed ledgers than short-term trading ideas.


    Good morning all. I am an independent automation guy.. IIoT/IoT is a function of our future where user authentication and secure transaction(s) will be the norm.
    PLC’s and the like in 20 years will no longer be required and/or needed. I hope to be around when that happens:) distributed control and monitoring is what BlockChain brings to the table. MobiKEY from Route1 brings user authentication. then for once we can kiss the bad actors goodbye!!!!
    I am an application guy.
    Hi all, i’m a civic tech entrepreneur (with a recent exit to Granicus Inc.) and former government CIO, and am beginning to research use cases for blockchain/hyperledger for public sector. I’m inspired by the potential to streamline and improve myriad government services and workflows with blockchain, and will be looking to start or join a venture working in this realm. I’m appreciative of the contributions of this community to helping me climb my blockchain learning curve.
    Hey there, I was linked to this site by a friend. I look forward to the information that this blog holds and the potential for me to assist in some questions that may be asked throughout the community. I’m hoping maybe to see in the future a potential CryptoCurrency forum. People can create predictions, comment on coins, etc. Knowledge is power they say, I’m here for more knowledge and maybe spread a bit of my own in places I can!
    Hi Ameer and all the other members

    Brought a small holding in bitcoin and golem as a test and thought I better get a better picture and join a group, which I can learn, grow and become rich. As its all about the money at the end of the day.

    Not often I get invited to talk about my favourite subject – ME !!!!
    I have been dabling in Bitcoin for some years and am now interested in widening investments to other cryptocurrencies; looking at Litecoin and Ethereum at the moment. Any comments?

    I am retired with an interest in coding, currently doing a refresher course in HTML/CSS and Javascript.

    Greetings Robert! I’m also retirement age and these investments are looking like they’ll make retirement even more enjoyable!

    I first invested using the Kraken exchange because, while many exchanges host just about every coin on earth, Kraken seems very conservative in their choices and my assumption is they do the due diligence that I’m only just becoming a bit qualified to do…most of my “long hold” alt-coins are there and the rest is on Coinbase…

    Thanks for responding Bruce,
    I will have a look at Kracken. At this stage, I am looking for a wallet or exchange which deals with a number of cryptocurrencies. At the moment I have a Coinjar wallet which only deals with Bitcoin: particularly interested in the 2 Ethereums. As an Australian, I prefer an Australian based wallet/exchange but realise it’s a global economy. What country are you from?

    This is Edmund from Hong Kong and I am currently working as a full stack software engineer and have played around a bit with smart contracts on ethereum and hyperledger.

    I want to specialise in developing blockchain related application in the future.


    Greetings One and All!
    I’m a Geography Masters candidate at Portland State University looking to do my thesis on Disrupting The Geography of Money
    With Blockchain Technology and how blockchain tech. can help increase the inclusion of remote social groups.

    I’ve got the audio book of “Blockchain Revolution” on infinite repeat, and am also reading “The Ascent of Money” to further understand the concepts of “value” and fiat currencies, and how blockchain fits into (or repaints!) the picture…

    Edited on June 07, 2017
    Hi everybody,
    I am a physicist, but currently without a job. So, I try to relaunch my career in data science. In the news there are lots of discussions about bitcoin, so I decided to find out about it. It turned out be a fascinated technology, which I believe is a next big thing after internet. It inspired me to learn more about it.
    Hello Everyone,
    I am from Nigeria, a graduate of International relations, interested in investing and doing online business so as to be earning online. I am a member of Compumatrix that has its own cryptocurrency and involves in Bitshares trading.

    I’m glad to join this community and ready to learn as much as possible about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    Edited on June 10, 2017
    Hello All,
    I’m here to learn all I can about blockchain programming. I’m particularly interested in ways to develop and use decentralized apps in non-profit orgs. I’m equal parts entrepreneur and philanthropist.
    Hi there,
    I’m a full stack developer and expanding my skillset to blockchain and ethereum. I already built some DAPPS and here for some advance topics.
    Happy learning!
    Over twenty years of leadership experience in real-estate, non-profit, financial and IT sectors. Having a proven track record in developing and executing marketing, sales, and client support programs.
    Areas of impact include: Strategic Planning and Leadership, Brand-Building, Marketing & Business Development, Project Management, Product Development, Real Estate and Charitable Programs
    I’m a retired/recovering lawyer living in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Present aspiration: self directed course of study in Statistical Learning w/ a concentration in applied Probability Theory; Objective: to become an XXX rated thoroughbred handicapper on the international circuit.
    I am a financial services industry technology professional with 17+ years of experience living in the US. I am very impressed with blockchain technology and would like to learn more and understand the business usage of the technology.
    I am a financial services industry technology professional with 17+ years of experience living in Cary NC US. I am very impressed with blockchain technology and would like to learn more and understand the business usage of the technology.
    I am 63 years old….male….I have concluded it is time for me to embrace technology…I hope to learn about blockchain, crypto currencies & computer technology…
    For quite some time, I was of the opinion that bitcoin and blockchain technology was something that I would never be a part of. I felt that it was not a store of value similar to precious metals which had substance. I have finally come to realize that I was wrong, and that cryptocurrencies are a complement to the precious metals, and may in fact offer value as a currency as well as other benefits. I find however that for a newbie, it is difficult to initially acquire coins, and there is a pretty sharp learning curve to operate a wallet, and maneuver around between the exchanges to get what you want. For example, I was interested in Dash coins, but found that I needed to purchase bitcoin first, and then transfer them over to Dash coins.
    I’m Adewale, a mechanical engineer with a great passion for cryptocurrency. I engage myself daily in engineering practices as my job demands. I hope learn more about blockchain and related stuffs. Just want to ask how can I open an ethereum mobile wallet and also buy ethereum from trusted hands. Thank
    Being a developer I want to learn new emerging technologies and enhance my skill sets. Block chain has caught my interest and hence want to learn it.
    Edited on June 16, 2017
    Out and out sales and scales professional..! Experienced setting up global sales and operations. Believes and identifies Blockchain as a disruptor..!! In search of a ‘Blockchain Geek’ and a Co-Founder.
    pro day-trader (15 years experience)
    senior partner at M2 Trading Group
    regional director (France) for
    trading educator
    writer here:
    and here:
    living in Spain and Canada (mostly)
    fluent in English and French and I have a working knowledge of Spanish, Catalan, Italian.
    when not working about 6 days a week for the last 10 years, because I am passionate about all I do, I love to travel and do multi-hull sailing.

    immensely interested in blockchain, as I believe it will alter the way we do things, in countless domains and industries.

    simply related to finance and the global economy, bitcoin, all alt currencies and blockchain are very hot topics of discussion and yet, most people know very little about it.

    I wrote an article for The Market Mogul, related to blockchain and alt currencies,
    which, in 3 days, pushed me at top spot 48 out of over 1100 writers for the Market Mogul.
    now that have asked me for about 4 articles each month.

    I’m happy to be here and learn more.


    Edited on June 22, 2017
    Hello All,

    So I am a total Noob to Cryptocurrency, Earlier this month , Dash was giving $20 of of Dash to anyone downloading the Jaxx Wallet, and that is where this journey began.

    Being a middle classed South African doesnt allow for much exposure to such things, but since this countries financial status and future is so bleak, its time to start investing and supporting a concept that is more transparent and in many ways more ‘fair’.

    so I am here to learn, figuring out would work for me as a 20 something that needs to start sowing seeds for the future.