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    Hi Ameer, thanks for starting this community.

    I ran one of the largest bitcoin mining companies from 2012-2014. Worked on developing our own custom ASIC hardware and deploying in datacentres across the northwestern USA.

    I am currently implementing my blockcahin knowledge in a few projects, including sustainable energy incentivisation, replacing the value of poaching in Africa, and authenticable recording of environmental circumstances upon the discharge of police firearms.

    What are you guys up to?

    Hello Ameer & fellow BlockGeek community members,

    I run a Bitcoin-based fund, Block Operator, that facilitates efforts to improve education systems. Focused primarily on public schools, but not limited to them, our team promotes access to technology, classroom essentials and modern learning materials. By utilizing services such as DonorsChoose.org & supporting grassroots efforts, Block Operator has played a part in upgrading over 200 classrooms across all fifty states in the US (as of Oct 7th, 2016) and have recently expanded our efforts to include Australian institutions. Our goal is to both reduce the stigma & skepticism surrounding Bitcoin (and related technologies) while making an impact that can be seen and felt by school administrators, teachers, students & parents. For a closer look at the kinds of projects that have been funded so far, you can check them out at DonorsChoose.org/BlockOperator or BlockOperator.com (under development at the moment, new front-end should be up in a week or so).

    Anyways, I look forward to seeing this community grow and hearing about what other BlockGeek members are up to. We’re always on the lookout for interesting opportunities, as well as partners & teams to collaborate with. Feel free to reach out anytime, @BlockOperator on Twitter, or email: @blockoperator.com">andrew@blockoperator.com

    Good luck to everyone involved in this field, and well wishes from the folks at Block Operator

    Привет. Я — самоучка с большим энтузиазмом. Из Казахстана.
    Интересно читать вопросы и мнения блокгикеров. Честь быть внутри сообщества прогрессивных людей, способных выходить за существующие рамки и толкающих человечество вперёд ❤️.

    Буду пытаться:
    ▪️ Глобально. Внести свой вклад в решения текущих проблем конфиденциальности, идентификации в умных контрактах и другое.
    ▪️ Внутри своей страны. Генерировать идеи по внедрению технологии блокчейн (или её лучших сторон) в традиционную модель государственного устройства. Здравый смысл подсказывает, что в странах бывшего СССР воспринимают всё новое достаточно негативно и создавать то, что будет децентрализовано (т.е. в обход государства) — проблематично и неправильно. Нужно найти такой подход, чтобы всем было хорошо.

    Всем удачи в освоении, улучшении и применении этих прекрасных технологий.
    Спасибо за создание полезного сообщества .

    Ну да, в совке все было централизовано (поэтому и была такая хреновая жизнь) – это привычно.
    Хотя например в Китае все тоже очень централизованно было долгое время – а сейчас там громадный интерес к биткойну и блокчейну
    i am portfolio entrepreneur and completely new to blockchain technology, but i think that there are at least 3 of my startups which could use blockchain technology to do contracting and paying. for me it is not easy to find the right service or platform to be integrated. Would love to have something like paypal. So, any help or overview would be fine!
    Hi Ameer and thanks for accepting me in… Actually, I am FinTech entrepreneur (more on payment platform) and passionate of it… More of a financial background with several ideas. I am here to understand what is blockchain, how it works so I can translate it in Subsaharan Africa and engage with regulators and more to push it forward. Also understanding it might help me develop a more robust platform or why not get partners through this community
    Hi guys! I am relatively new to blockchain technology. Currently I work as an IT consultant for Unigma.com a cloud management company which could use blockchain technology and I am eager to learn more. This is why I came here. Thank you for your support Ameer!
    Hello Blockgeekers,
    I am really excited to be here and looking forward to participating in discussions. I hope I can make some useful contribution amongst you smart lots.
    I am an entrepreneur, early stage startup adviser, blockchain consultant, IT consultant and aspiring blogger.
    My recent startup is BlockCerts which is about digitisation of certificates and a notary service. I have previously founded Neighbrz which is a hyperlocal social network and Findacareer which is a career guidance portal.
    Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or if you would like to grab a coffee together.
    Hello!! I have no knowledge of blockchain ,Could you advice where do i start from?
    I am very curious about learning things related to finance and entrepreneurship
    Thank You!
    Hi there FX Market Veteran in sales and technology. Over the last 10 years have worked in consultancy/advisory roles with various technology startups looking to access the Institutional and retail FX market. My skills lie in being able to see the wood not the trees and focusing businesses on their core reason for being. I have had both successes and failures but continue to enjoy learning from each and always excited to understand where technology can take us next.

    joining the site is to both further my knowledge in blockchain as it seems to have now hit the mainstream (yup banks are taking notice).. but I also have a startup I believe could use the technology to improve transparency and safety of client funds when trading.. so would like to be introduce to people that might be able to help me grow this idea.


    Thanks for starting this community for those who want to learn more about blockchain technology. I am a novice to this world – I work in public policy here in the United States. I hope to gain a greater knowledge on how the blockchain works as well as find mentors. I truly feel that this will play a prominent role in our future.

    Hey guys, I’m an early bitcoin adopter from Canada. Started mining my first bitcoin in 2011 when bitcoin was priced at $9


    I’ve been investing in and trading cryptocurrencies since 2013.

    I’m one of those people that believes bitcoin will be trading around $1500-$2000 in the next 1-2 years, and up to $10,000 per coin within 4-5 years.

    I’m Jay,a new fresher and non-tech person.
    But I love blockchain,Cryptocurrency and btc,ethereum…etc.I hope that I can make my startup business through this tech and knowledge in the right time.

    Digital anarchist by trade, enjoy solving challenging problems, and consider myself a self-proclaimed diehard Open Source evangelist by nature. I have over 15 years of professional experience in various facets of information technology with a particular interest in reverse engineering, exploitation and unconventional thinking

    The bitcoin community is full of intelligent, insightful, developers. Incumbent financial officers need not be afraid to integrate or even collaborate with existing blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Creating a “private blockchain” is an exercise in futility that provides few actionable benefits and does little to improve the industry, as a whole.

    “Blockchain buzz” is something every finance professional should be aware of by now. Whether you are interested in this emerging financial technology or not, it is coming and savvy managers ought to pay attention to what the blockchain can do for their bank.
    There are many services boasting hyperbolic claims of fast and straightforward commercial leverage of blockchain; but, most are chaotic and confusing. Within this industry, projects range from working applications to misunderstood concepts and even some that are total fiction. The matter is complex, there are no final answers, but let us assure you that the simplest approach, as in most cases, is best.

    Specifically, we strongly advise against wasting resources on in-house blockchain research or, even worse, creating a “private blockchain” of your own. There are much less expensive and more productive scenarios that may bring you new customers and reduce costs in a matter of weeks. You should consider reaching out to the open crypto community and joining an existing toolset. At least, you’ll learn a lot more much sooner for much less.

    Knowledger.consulting helps narrow your blockchain focus. Don’t get distracted — get answers from the pros.

    Hi Ameer and Blockgeekers

    I worked as a C developer for almost 15 years when I jumped to IT management. After 10 years I came back to technological “world”, and now I’m working in the IT innovation team in a reinsurance company.

    I found out Bitcoin, and all correlated subjects about 1 year ago, and I’ve been studying this ever since.

    Hello Blockgeeks!
    I run a blockchain development company out of Thailand and Singapore and we focus on placing fiat currencies on [ethereum] blockchain for remittance, online payments, fx trading and other financial activities.
    We want to apply blockchain technology to solve real problems of financial exclusion and cross-border payments.
    We are looking for likeminded people to work with and contribute to a common good.
    Ask me if you have any questions and it’s great to be here.
    Bonjour a tous , Je suis étudiant Africain en sécurité informatique et friand de dernières technologies. La blockchain est le futur , si bien évidemment elle est utilisé avec des normes éthiques. Ce blog est vraiment excellent , j’espère apprendre enormement !

    Merci a vous

    Hello BGs,
    I have read all your intros and it’s amazing how much knowhow and expertise and experience we have already in this community. I am Swiss based in Zurich and founded 3 years ago poshberry.com. Our current venture is to build the Blockchain Loyalty Wallet Ecosystem, a market of 88 trillion loyalty reward points worth more than $500b USD. We are in Seed round and accept still investments. Technology wise we are looking into Lykke.com. Any other suggestions are much appreciated.
    I am looking forward to interacting with and learning from you – I have a financial background as I spent 20 years with a Swiss financial company aka bank before I decided to become an enterpreneur.
    Have a great and inspiring day!
    Edited on December 14, 2016
    I’m in Krasnoyarsk (Russia) 15 years engaged in automation of retail trade and restaurant business: information systems, cash register equipment, bar coding equipment.
    I understand that the crypto-technology and technology blockchain soon greatly change our lives. Today it is a small business goes to work on-line check-out equipment, electronic document management and delivery with suppliers of electronic tax returns. Tomorrow there will be no tax inspections of any bank in the form to which we are accustomed. But this is only the beginning of the so-called blockchain-revolution, the revolution of crypto-technologies.
    I’m in Apache Junction, Arizona, America. Been writing articles for 40 years on economics. It appears the US is moving to cryptocurrencies for taxes and elimination of a huge debt. Like India and Venezuela.

    Cryptocurrencies & blockchains are remarkable. I’m in favor of decentralized currency.

    Edited on December 19, 2016
    Hi Ameer, I am from South Africa and very new to blockchain as it is only about 7 weeks ago that I got involved in mining bitcoins and found that mining bitcoins has to do with Blockchain. I want to understand how blockchain works and how it impacts upon the world of finance as we know it. I also want to know how I can get a foothold in the industry growing around this new technology. I am keen to learn and I am happy that you offer online training. I believe knowledge is power. Thank you very much for such a wonderful initiative and I am looking forward to interacting with fellow Blockgeeks.
    Hello all!

    I’m Matt part of the founding team, who have built a ledger based communication solution. We are still in beta, but are through our latest iteration, which means we have a production solution to sell to business users, and a freemium model for individuals. We are seeking early adopters and further funding to capture the opportunity in 2017. Get in touch if you are interested.


    Hi Everybody,
    Thanks Ameer for creating this community and providing very useful information about blockchain technology. I’ve recently come across several whitepapers / publications from ‘Big 4’ accounting firms on the topic of blockchain. Many business leaders believe that blockchain will be a significant disruptor to their operations, while many others have never heard of the technology. This spurred me to begin researching the topic, and based on my initial findings, I believe blockchain will revolutionize the way business is transacted and information is shared. This is a topic I will be following very closely.

    I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 10+ years of experience, currently working for a multi-billion dollar global retailer that anyone reading this is familiar with. I have a strong background in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting and regulations. I would be very interested in networking with others in this community to collaborate, share expertise and insights into the future of this technology.



    Edited on December 23, 2016
    As a futurist, it’s the revolutionary potential of blockchain that interests me primarily.

    I’m not a techie, but I am a power-user.

    As a ‘generalist’, my background includes a variety of somewhat disparate fields is in things like sales, property management, public office (as a ‘green’ politician), youth coaching, and now as an entrepreneur and mentor.

    My focus is on working with changemakers, enabling them to avoid unnecessary distraction/struggle, to live in a flow of success/well-being, and harness their full potential to make that contribution to the empowerment of humanity that they have come here to make.

    Let’s eliminate the drama, and accelerate humanity’s shift toward a more equitable/harmonious planet.


    Hi Everyone,

    I’m a Fintech recruiter who specializes in placing candidates at Fintech, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies globally.

    We have full time positions as well as contract roles for Blockchain developers. Feel free to check out our opportunities at http://www.fintechrecruiters.com

    I look forward to sharing ideas about the Blockchain space with fellow Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiasts.

    I’m a policy analyst for a regulatory agency – not a techie. I joined the site in order to “up” my knowledge of the blockchain and its potential. Since it is spreading to the finance and insurance industries and because I don’t believe that it is smart to regulate something you know nothing about I’m hoping to gain an understanding of the potentials and pitfalls of the blockchain.
    Hello Ameer & BlockGeek community members,
    I am Julien work for one of the largest stockmarkets group, that is of course interested in the blockchain technology. As we are working with other Stock Markets that have already adopted the technology (example: Luxemburg).
    I am however first and foremost interested in the blockchain application in other fields such as developments but also in fields such as Real Estate management.

    Glad to be part of the community and thanks to you Ameer!

    Hi everybody,
    I am Emmanuel, a french humanitarian professional (I currently live and work in Chad). I used to work, a few years ago, in a small webagency in Paris, and nurrish a long-lasting interest for ICT. Linux, open source movement and for a few month, Bitcoin, Ethereum and everything in relation with blockchains seems to me very promising technologies. I think that putting the ICT at the service of human developement will be one of the main (and largely unexplored) questions that we will face in the upcoming years.

    I hope this site and the community will help me better understand the technical backgrounds, the potentialities of the blockchain technologies, and stay informed of the opportunities that they open.


    Hi Blockgeek Community,

    I’m Marci and I’m a blockchain enthusiast, artist and former attorney who would like to see
    the smart contract grow to be a viable solution. I believe the smart contract is a real game changer in the way we’ll do business and perhaps socialize…yes right up there with FB. It will not be cool, it will be utility. Currently, I am learning everything I can about it so I’ve replaced law with code. With the smart contract I believe they’ll be one in the same. Looking forward to connecting and making a contribution to this vibrant community.


    I’m a partner in a firm that delivers CEO peer groups, coaching, and consulting to IT companies serving small and mid-sized business. We have 500 member companies worldwide, plus vendor members serving this space (www.htgpeergroups.com).

    I’m interested in use cases, products, and services to help our members and vendors learn about blockchain and bring solutions to their customers — also SMB companies. Looking forward to the opportunity to learn and share.

    Dear members of Blockgeeks,
    I’m glad to join in this community about blockchain technologies. I’m Salvatore from Italy and I studied management engineering. I had an experience such Junior Project Manager (agile scrum) at sturt up operating in digital health. I had a work experience abroad (casual researcher in Cranfield University) and I was a volunteer for Erasmus Student Network.
    I’m here cause I’m fond about blockchain and I’m sure I will appreciate so much blockgeeks.com.
    Dear members of Blockgeeks and believers in change potential for the good 🙂

    I studied economics and international trade, developing internet applications and services at the university (for big entities) from 1992 on. Somehow I grew into the energy sector. First step was to try to outfight big techies with a better heatpump technology (patented) that had an overall CCOP of 9,6 (or even higher) and would also run the cooling on the regular mid-European heating exchange infrastructure.

    So I came to believe that the biggest waste product of mankind is heat itself. Idea was to develop a technology that would retransform this otherwise wasted heat into electric energy – patented – but not on semiconductor basis. Next step: develop a kind of controller unit capable of transforming the otherwise negative effect of heat on Photovoltaic harvesting into positive correlated factor – patent pending –> hard fight as big industry heads who saw it live and in action claimed this unit (which they do not understand at all) to be a REVOLUTION. It is not! It is a simple unit of clever use of Quantum Electro Dynamics related to the likes of Einstein, Tesla, Bohr and Weisskopf.

    By use of this technology 1) Distributed Energy Production and 2) Distributed Energy Storage gets easily available for everybody. Virtually Island Operated Mode for every “household” is possible below grid parity – but it makes no sense as exchange of energy will be the next big thing.
    Blockchain to me is the absolute twin to my technology, concept and system – which is one of the reasons I am here.

    Getting torn into BlockChain technology I do believe to bring several assets into discussions – from economic-theoretical side as well business process, development visions and real products to support the ever-growing-energy-neccessities to keep systems running.

    Looking forward to fruitfull interactions with you all!

    Edited on January 17, 2017
    sorry – no link so far – we are very secretive as we had bad experience.
    and we are trying to secure funding as I am writing.
    I didn t see where I could upload a presentation or slides – or something comparable?
    I guess – you could try this link – e.g.:


    most importantly and not discussed in my comment on LI is the transfer of the energy into batteries that will cost as low as 80 USD per kwH installed (compared to TESLA 750 USD per kwH installed) – and batteries won’t need cooling nor heating –> no selfconsumption.

    Took us almost 10 years to perfect the system. Under pretty harsh conditions – but what do I tell fellow developper people who open new markets, new industries and try to disrupt all kinds of fields of human interaction.

    Edited on January 17, 2017
    Hi. I’m CEO of InTech (http://www.intech.lu/) : a consulting and software development company in Luxembourg. I’m also in charge of the blockchain working group of the french trusted third party federation (http://www.fntc.org). I’m participating in multiple blockchain based project, most of them using Ethereum. Among these projects : http://www.fundsdlt.net or http://www.itone.lu/actualites/xavier-bettel-announces-launch-infrachain
    I’m an entry level enthusiast, just starting to get tapped in to the relevant channels. I’m largely interested in the social side of blockchain, since I don’t have a heavy tech background aside from being your slightly more informed user.

    I love talking and brainstorming design when it comes to markets, products, and experiences.

    I’m a copywriter and marketing manager in the Berlin Startup Scene. I’ve had some success taking companies past the $1million annual revenue mark and in the past 6-8 months I have become more and more interested in Bitcoin and Blockhain technologies.

    I’ve recently started writing Bitcoin news articles for BTCManager:


    and am interested in connecting with other entrepreneurs that are looking to sharpen their marketing messages, or reach a larger audience with their Bitcoin stories.

    Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin:


    Hi Ameer,

    Good morning. I am vijay from india. Happy to know this forum and knowing you and co-founders of this blog/website. and the credit goes to william mouguar as he shared the link in twitter. I started reading blockchain a few week back and I understood it has great potential to change the world we live in and and i am very passionate about writing a code in ethereum now and looking for some good start in blockchain technology

    Thank you,
    Vijayakumar M

    I’m working on bringing the blockchain into food systems with the goal of planetary food sovereignty via http://eaterra.org/. Communities should have safe, sovereign, and social food sources and applications of the blockchain have great potential.

    I’d love to connect with potential technical co-founders or advisors, as well as copywriters interested in this space. We have a strong team of advisors in the Food and Agriculture space but we’re always happy to hear from anyone interested in contributing and growing our international reach.

    Hello BlockchainGeeks,

    My name is Markus (https://medium.com/@markusmaiwald) and I build the Internet of People.
    Bitcoin is not the only Cryptocurrency out there. Especially in Blockchain Technology there are already far more advanced cryptos out there. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is and for a longer time will be the only really relevant commodity out there.

    I am from the Fermat Projet and our goal is not more or less than changing the world. The first step was issuing the IoP Token, which is tradeable now; and the next is the blockchain enabled democracy, which is in already in alpha stage. We are still giving out mining licences for Investors and people that bring value to the project and / or build a community in their local area.

    If anybody of you is curious then feel free to contact me. Here are some Links to dive into this exciting and ambitious project:


    Honestly I’m new to block chain.I would love to share my amazing store I have to drug addicts and overcomers.I want my story to go all over the net peer to peer to give people a chance to choose there destiny in life.Honestly if any body has a testimony I have one of a lifetime I would love to reach out to everybody that needs help and let them know with God all things are possible.Im looking forward into studying block chain and countinue to move my story daily and reach out to the people in need.motivation is the key and with the help of block chains we can get my story moving
    Edited on January 21, 2017
    Hello all!

    I’m a Technical Product Owner and software developer. I’m interested in how blockchain can influence and impact public sector services. As a blockchain evangelist for a local government IT agency, I’d like to learn more on how to identify potential applications of blockchain (e-voting, property, licensing, IoT) and, in turn, encourage management to begin proof of concept application development and create both a short-term and long-term strategy of using blockchain.

    If there are others interested in public sector/government uses of blockchain, I’d like to know how you are implementing blockchain tech in your organizations.

    many of us are more interested in getting rid of the government itself than implementing BC for them 😉

    Well, I suppose the same thing can be said regarding banks and fintech. At least in the U.S., government is going to have to facilitate the bridge to blockchain when it comes to things like marriage licenses, birth and death certificates and beyond to get back to the ideals of “by the people and for the people”.

    Working in a commercial bank here in the Philippines, we are currently evaluating a proposal from a fintech using blockchain technology to handle B2B foreign remittances. The technology fascinates me and I want to increase my knowledge beyond what is available on you tube. New terms like Ethereum and ETH, crypto currency trading are slowly creeping into my consciousness and I particularly want to know the potential risks (coming from a Risk Management background) of these emerging technologies.
    Hello Ameer, I am happy to be part of this community. I am interested in blockchain for products and industry. I am new to it and I am trying to make my first steps. I would like to learn from scratch and I was thinking of composing a test smart contract for that. Any suggestion? I would like to start working in this arena by adding a long experience in sales & marketing. Anybody is needing any help? Marco
    Hello Ameer, I am happy to part of this interesting group. I am new wish to learn more about this industry and share ideas with all members in this community.
    Hi from Switzerland,
    I learn every day the blockchain technology, meet new people to share ideas and try to help others as I can to empower people instead of all others groups, companies, countries which want to impose their point of view to enslave the big majority of people…. I am active in some communities as @duniter
    I also invest in blockchain companies too.

    I am happy to be here

    Sorry for my bad english I am french speaker, bonjour à tous les francophones

    Edited on January 29, 2017
    Good Day,
    Am Munava, since 2003 i have worked as a
    programmer ,Developer, lead Developer
    In the years past below are the technologies and frameworks i have worked with :

    > spring framework
    > restFul services
    > linux
    > angularjs
    > nodejs
    > java/json
    > angular/json
    > karma/unit testing
    > version control (maven,git,ant)
    > servers (glasfish for J2ee, dployed)
    > swing
    >design partterns ( observer,…)

    These are a summary of the technologies i have used and worked with.

    I will like to learn how blockchain works and in turn know how i can implement it in real world. Im a developer and for sure block chain will increase my skills knowledge base.

    Keith Steeves
    I am a CFO of private upstream oil and gas company in Canada and also have responsibility for Information Technology. I have been driving change initiatives and using Technology to drive initiatives for 30 years in many industries. Block Technology I believe can transform the industry I work for and it will do this in the next 5-10 years. Oil and Gas is a higher user of technology but they are very slow adopters. I am interested in learning more about Block Technology and I also want to figure out how I can be an early adopter of this technology to deal with what I would consider systemic manual issues in our industry. I believe that this technology can transform what we do, how we do it and can add significant value. I also believe that this is an inflexion point in our industry as we are in a crisis as it relates to costs. This will drive us to be more innovative and to try these technologies.
    I know virtually nothing about Blockchain, but I guess that’s why I’m here. I currently work at the UN Refugee Agency, where I’m spearheading an R&D Lab to come up with products and services that include refugees and forcibly displaced people in the financial economy. I’m here to learn about what Blockchain can do, particularly for digital identity and financial transfers. Here to meet like minds or anyone else working in this space. Just some good old ideas would be great too 🙂
    Self Reliance – being able to produce some of the things I rely on the market and hence money to consume. More important being able to create a framework. Market as an arbitrator for all causes is a thing of the past. Technology to provide on ways and means to lead a meaningful life not entrepreneurship, not job market. To be able to change the basis of respect of individuals from share of wallet to values.
    We work with Fintech and Blockchain StartUps globally but based from London and Warsaw as a business. We help find Mentors related to Investment needs and we are starting to Headhunt Startups for our Clients 🙂 We also love helping our StartUps find DevOps and Blockchain developers and this drives us forward. Great to be here 🙂
    How would an idea person find a code guy to see where the rubber meets the road I wonder….
    I appreciate your introduction to the site/members and am truly appreciative of any response.
    Yup ! Super nice initiatives, thanks to Amir and all the crew ! Courses format are very well structured and simple to use. These kinds of training are obviously a good move and are responding to a market need. It’s a great thing you made this happened. Cheers.
    I forgot to present Myself ! I’am from Québec City, I was CEO of ifound.ca wich have nothing to do with blockchain tech but I sold my shares 2 years ago to Invest in several blockchain Strartsup since then. I did a MBA study named : « Les Cryptos-monnaies et la Technologie Blockchain : Recommandations stratégiques au Satoshi Counter » publish on 21th of July 2016. For the last year I build up a 21h course about the blockchain ecosystem. This course is in French and is given in Québec City at Cégep-de-St-Foy. I also do a bit of consulting for small business and individuals. Cheers
    Hi Ameer and the all the others,

    I am a former bitcoin miner and now only an observer. I recognize the blockchain as a very interesting innovation and want to see what develops from all of this new technology.

    Hello Blockgeeks,

    I am from Virginia USA and a Student at Full Sail University studying Mobile Development, and I study and complete courses online for more knowledge on the Blockchain Network at https://www.udemy.com & https://21.co/learn

    Topic of interest is startup for funding of Bitcoin Projects in which bung me to Blockgeeks…

    I am currently working on a Cryptocurrency Mobile Application, and it is in need for Funding for the Coding process to be completed by Zapporoo.com a Mobile App Development Company, and will be the one coding it as well. CosmoKrypto is a Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin Simple Faucet Mobile App, and yet it is digitally sleek and very sharp looking.

    If anyone may be interested in helping fund my Project or know of a startup for Bitcoin Please let me know. Cosmokrypto can be viewed here at Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cosmokrypto-the-digital-coin-dispenser-bitcoin-technology/x/16134529#/ the Campaign does not reflect the benefits of having Cosmokrypto funded for it will bring together Bitcoin plus Litecoin and Dogecoin the obvious two that were virtually left alone in the App Stores but are still known favorites to the Blockchain Community…

    Hi, I am Stephan, currently working on decentralized insurance at etherisc.com.

    I have been working on blockchain since 2 years, before etherisc I did crypto innovation at a major bank and a lot of blockchain consulting and education.

    Hi Ameer,

    I’m the Head of Biz Dev at Brave New Coin, the leading market data vendor for crypto currencies and blockchain assets (and whose co-founder and CEO, Fran Strajnar is well-known to the community).

    I’m interested in understanding the practical applications and growing use cases for blockchain solutions, and also participating in the blockchain standards conversation (ISO TC 307).

    I previously worked for some major global brands in the data and information industry (S&P, Thomson Reuters) and have a particular interest in market and reference data for these new digital asset classes.

    Hello All,

    I am new to the community and looking forward to discussions about the practical implementations of blockchain technology in the hospitality/gaming sector.

    I recently took a post on an innovation team for a large hotel/casino operator.


    Hey @ameerrosic,
    I’m a big fan!! Love your Youtube channel.

    My name is Jason. I’m CEO and cofounder of Sugoi, an event ticketing platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

    Website – http://www.hellosugoi.com
    Twitter – @hellosugoi

    I’m very excited by all the revolutionary solutions Blockchain technologies offer. My cofounder Angello and I facilitate a bi-weekly Ethereum Meetup in Los Angeles. We’re actively building a Blockchain community here in Southern California.

    If you’re in LA and would like to speak at our Meetup, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter.



    Edited on April 03, 2017
    Hello Ameer. Thank you for letting me join your blogging platform. You are doing a fantastic job by telling people this emerging technology and its capability.I really like the stuff here. I find it really interesting and looks like lot to learn.Though I am completely new to this concept of blockchain and its arena. But willing to explore.

    I am working as a R & D engineer in Dubai. I am also working on my start up which is based on space technology. I need funding/VCs for my start up. Currently I am looking for platforms for crowdfunding to get our prototype funded first before officially starting our work. Though it would be great to get VCs and angel investors who can find it interesting enough to fund. Right now we are at the analysis stage along with market research and cost analysis. I hope to get something here.

    Thank you.

    Hello, I am glad to be a part of this group. I started with Bitcoin in December 2016 and then purchased my first Ethereum coins in March. I am here to learn all that I can about cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

    Mike McGregor

    Hello, I have IT experience and I currently complet my islamic finance study,
    and I am looking for innovative fintech thesis . guess what I choose Cryptocurrency as my hardcore research study topic,
    I do not know but I like it ….
    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for having me
    Is anyone working on a renewable currency? My model is Once the unit is created and spent, the measure of units created must be recreated.
    But the revenue created stays in the system. This eliminates the need to split coins unit it no longer feasible.
    I’m bootstrapping EVO2GO as a CO-OP membership community. I’m using biometric ID to secure the entire systems that come into play. That said, I started designing a revenue share/payment system for electric vehicles in 3/2000 addressing new revenues for those that stood to loose the most $ due to ev sales.
    (Not knowing EV’s would make a comeback)
    And EVO2GROW has its roots set in the world of CANNABIS its has its unique way to brand all of the small local growers to give them brand recognition that will rival the big pharma trying to get into the market! The small growers that the could not brand themselves even with the deepest of pockets and VC funding. These are the folks that created this industry in spite of prohibition!
    Both systems operate the same worldwide. Using Blockchain the entire open source systems in a closed loop community. This is a great way for citizens to monitized energy for revenue,time,attendance,community share programs and so on.
    Now is the time to set the system into motion.
    I need miners, coders & everyone worldwide to do what many leaders have failed to do.
    We can raise the quality of life and standards of employment in a gig work economy. (Living more with less comes to mind)
    By lowering the cost of living and not working full time we are celebrating all people find their happy happy
    I need all existing nodes,chains,miners and creatives.
    There is room for everyone in my pool.
    If interested be patient. I’m hacked a million ways from Sunday.
    I’m still 100% self funded but this system is just the glue that binds renewable energies to power smart cities, transportation,sharing gig work economies free of judgments

    Sending Many Blessings,
    +1(360)574-9235 PST landline without voicemail
    EVO2GO & EVO2GrOw founder

    Hi Everyone – greetings from South Africa.
    I’m a Business Intelligence consultant working for http://www.pbtgroup.co.za/ and am going to be giving them a presentation next week to lure them into the crypto world. I’m by no means an expert or very knowledgeable so am currently scouting around for possible training in the event that our org decides to step into this realm. They service many clients both here locally and abroad, so even if they decide not to enter the development space I still think they should be able understand the potential and even promote some of the solutions busy entering the business realms.


    Thank you for accepting my request to join this group! I will be taking your courses to learn more about Blockchain.
    Hi Ameer and all !

    Thanks to let me be part of this interesting comunity.
    I’be been studying about disruptive technologies for about two years. I started with Drones, then 3D Printing and Scanning, and now Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. I’ve been so entusiastic on learning, that I wrote an article for an Accountant Association about 2017 trends on december 2016 and I’ll be speaker next week (april 25 and 26 2017) in a Mexican IT Trends Conference for Latin CIO’s.
    I’m starting to realize about Blockchain importance and how it will disrupte future worldwide operations.
    My goal is continue learning and participate in Interesting Workwide disruptive efforts.
    I know Latin American Market very well, but I’m interested in working in huge disruptive projects Worldwide.
    I can add my +20 year consulting experience on IT Business Development on Project management.
    So Ameer, and all, please feel free to involve me in all efforts you are working on to change the world !!

    Hi Everyone , greetings from Hong Kong!
    Thank you Ameer for initiating this platform! And thank you for accepting my request to join this virtual community. The topics you have curated are really fabulous. I think no book can capture the blockchain as long as it not a living book. Your website is such a living book! Well done!
    A few words about me: I’m a Digital Business Transformation Coach and Consultant and following the Blockchain development for two years now. As a former Software-Engineer and Mathematician specialised in Cryptography I have a huge longing for learning more in the area of Blockchain and DLT. My focus is to helping my clients learning about Blockchain and what it means for their business now and in the future.
    Let’s go and shape the future now 🙂
    Hello Blockgeekers,

    Glad to be able to join this community.

    I’m blockchain developer, working mostly with Ethereum/Solidity and using Web3 to interact with it.
    Working on several Ethereum projects and would like to connect with other developers to be able to collaborate on them. I’m also part of two investment projects which are in the process of preparing their ICO and they will require long term developers. I will be helping with assembling of tech team for this projects. If there are others here who are looking to get involved in such work I would like to hear from you.

    Hello Ameer,
    Great to joining the group. I’m an individual pension consultant and would like to explore and learn,
    what and how the blockchain technology platform can help in my business life.
    Greetings Ameer,

    Graduated with my Software Engineering degree from two well known Florida universities (BS & MS) and immediately dove into the DOD/FAA arena over my first decade and half out of college. I transitioned to software consulting and resurfaced in the financial world with initial immersion in the Bank Check Imaging market working for a well known systems house out of Atlanta. After creation of my first software company in March 2000 and then sale of same company at end of 2001, I engaged in the digital security vertical by immediately acquiring MCSE and CCSP certifications. I moved on into IT consulting for a local data hub/center for a fortune 500 interest and after 2007/8 acquired my VMware certification and then opened my own data center. I have since exited the data center business, bought out by a bigger fish. I am now basically a Digital technologist and entrepreneur and I am very motivated concerning potential growth of blockchain technology. In some places it is referred to as the Internet V2.0 and I am very excited about the ramifications this new technology brings. I am trying to learn all I can about the technology both from the bit level (software dev) as well as its business application in vertical markets such as financial, medical, insurance, etc. Thank you for providing a virtual space where folks like myself can research, understand, discuss/exchange ideas and then grow into this new technology. Warmest regards …

    Hi All,

    I am Matthijs from the Netherlands. Very new to the whole blockchain thing and I am hoping to get a kickstart in knowledgde from this site and you guys! As I feel this is going to be big in the future I would like to be an early adapter, as far as that is still possible.

    Best regards,

    Hi All,

    My name is Mazen from Seattle .
    I’m very interested in Blockchain and all its applications.
    I wish to gain more knowledge and be able to spread some around.
    This technology is here to stay and it is time to jump into the wagon and don’t look back.


    I have no interest to learn any thing while I’m young, I donot know how curiosity started in me to learn in this stage ange. I’m a graduate and I’m in online since 7 years, I have lot of curiosity to learn and know new things. Due my Basic knowledge in English I’m somewhat in back, I may not increase my stuff in English but learning black chain technology may benefit some how. I’m from Hyderabad of Andhrapradesh, India. I’m married having two grown and earning sons with their families.
    Hello and good evening, My Name is Gayala and I am interested in understand the functions and possibilities of blockchain. 5 weeks ago I was in munich to the Blockshow, the greatest european blockchain conference. I was so fascinated of all these interesting Informations that I decided to learn more about it. So, I will start to read every interesting information you will send my. I have no knowledge in writing programs.
    I am a beginner. And I hope to develop to an expert. Greetings Gayala
    My Name is James Gormley and I’m the Chief Science Officer of SCI. My interest is specifically in the decentralization of projects on a global scale. Because Ethereum is a Turing machine any and all languages have an equal opportunity to play a unique part. From AI machine control in the financial district, engineering, transportation, and energy sector. That’s just a few. I expect a lot from Daps and will also contribute. I was worked part time for J. Presper Eckert, the inventor of the UNIVAC.
    As technologists, we must press forward.

    J Gormley

    My name is Rajiv , im a director at a Diamond manufacturing company looking to understand how i can implement blockchain and cryptocurrency to market to this new “internet” i have some passing knowledge in coding and programming. i wish to learn programming, Dapp, to delve deeper into this new universe. i find it fascinating to be able to be truely democratic and decentralised i believe this is the future, a total free market and possibliy a free political system.
    Hello everyone.

    I am a definite newbie to the blockchain world. But I know it’s gonna change everything. I am looking to learn as much as I can about the potential and practical applications for this technology.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hi … My name’s Maggy and I am a just a ‘fetus’ when it comes to the world of Crypto-currency … a complete novice. But I was recently introduced by a geeky friend of mine, and I have a nano-understanding of the blockchain technology , investing in IT companies, mining etc … saying that though .. I have now started mining and now have a few contracts floating about out there … just majorly interested in gaining as much knowledge and intel on this fast upcoming phenomena …

    My name is Sierdjan from the Netherlands. I’m just spending 2 weeks trying to figure out what it’s all about. This makes me completely excited about the cryptocurrency. And also the fact that it is a good development for the world.

    Thank you Ameer for the amazing videos !!

    Hello everyone – I am new to the blockchain scene, but have been following it for years. I founded a company that is building a tube transportation system that is like Hyperloop on steroids. I have many ideas on how blockchain can be incorporated into the paradigm we are developing. Would value hearing from anyone in the Denver, CO area (or afar for that matter) on their experiences, challenges, and successes with blockchain. I am specifically interested in the Ethereum platform.

    – D Worthington

    I’m a follower of the Austrian school of economics. I took a course with Israel Kirtizner at New York University in the late 1960s. I also knew Murray Rothbard, and once asked Milton Friedman a question at a lecture he gave. My main interest, however, is in science and religion.
    My name is Peter. I am a social entrepreneur, from Britain, who moved to South Africa several years. I have gained 2 focuses in my time here: infrastructure systems and rural development. The main project right now is in control rooms/operating centres with a particular focus on emergency and disaster services.

    As everyone agrees, blockchain will be a huge part of public safety and security moving forward. I feel that this is especially the case in Africa where we have a significant set of issues that most 1st world products/enterprise architects do not consider.

    As well as being here to learn, I welcome the help and interest of anyone who likes what we’re doing and wants to help to make the country/continent a safer place.

    Hello Geeks,

    I am G.Myilraj from Tamil Nadu, India. Started my blogging in 2013 on the niche “EARN MONEY ONLINE WITHOUT INVESTMENT”. Slowly am building my niche blog into authoritative blog.

    I have joined here to gain exposure of Crypto currency technology and want to learn new things and updates. Establish my relationship with new Gurus in this field so as I can brand my knowledge here.

    Myilraj G

    Hello Ameer and everyone else,

    My name is Kevin and I am familiar with blockchain but don’t have any knowledge of coding or the details on how to implement the technology.

    My main focus is the potential for its application in peer-to-peer transactions between producers and consumers of renewable energy.


    Hello everyone,

    My name is Donald. I am knowledgeable of markets and familiar with Blockchain and have been following it for a few years. I decided it was time to really look into it because I think it is only going to grow in importance. I do no know any of the coding details as well.

    I do find the possibility of it being used for peer to peer financial transactions interesting. I also think that financial institutions are ripe for disruption. my goal is to be knowledgeable and potentially invest in and use blockchain technology at some point.

    Hi! I am KK. An EE engineer by training, spent some years in R&D, IT/Tech, business management, grappled with effects of government regulation changes, consulted for SMB. Now I am mainly into IT/Tech consultancy, in particular for applications in the SMB space where I believe is made a lot more viable with cloud and mobile developments in recent years.

    Blockchain appears to be the next very big thing. And I hope to understand more from folks here in BlockGeeks.

    KK, Singapore

    Hi! I’m a complete novice when it comes to blockchain and completely curious about how it all works. I want to learn more about investing in cryptocurrency and also how it will impact the supply chain industry.
    Hi, I’m a newbie, I’m about to free up a small amount of capital & would like to invest in Crypto. All advice says ‘do your own research’ on individual currencies so my question is…. what’s important to look for in doing this research?
    Any guidance much appreciated!
    Thanks for creating this community Ameer, and cheers to my friend Sol for directing me here (not sure if he is an active user or not).

    I’m active in investing and engineering in what you would call “old economy” businesses, as I acquire them from retiring owners. We seek to innovate on product and services by leveraging emerging social values and technologies. I’m very active in HVAC, Construction, Process engineering (synthetic diamonds, synthetic combustion fuels, carbon capture and upcycling), Custom Fabrication, Energy provision (advanced nuclear), EV transportation as examples.

    I am fascinated with both inward and outward exploration – meditation, reflection, reading, asking better questions, travel, hiking, and space travel speak to this.

    One of the most fascinating things is to seek thresholds or dilemmas to explore. One such dilemma for me is our need to be socially nourished, but how vulnerable our psychology is to manipulation and persuasion. I believe blockchain has a role to play in breaking this dilemma as we move forward in an ever advancing world. Problem is, I know nothing about it. So I am here seeking to understand.


    Hi everyone!

    First and foremost, thank you Ameer (and team) for creating this community. It is very informative and accessible for beginners.

    I am a lawyer from Belgium with an interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and all the possibilities it provides. Problem was, until a short while ago, I knew nothing about it.

    I am looking forward to learning more about this topic, possibly investing in this market and explore connections between this technology and my field of work.

    It looks like I will have a great time here on Blockgeeks!

    Greetings from Belgium!

    Hello, I’m cannabis entrepreneur in Northern California going through the permitting process for medical cannabis distribution. I don’t have a tech background but it’s obvious that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are possible solutions to the limitations this industry faces in terms of executing contracts. Thus far this industry has been a “cash only” business and I am very interested pushing for cashless transactions for security and transparency.

    Thanks for the resource
    Best regards from Humboldt County

    Hi people,
    I’m from Brazil.
    Great to joining the group. I’m a Business Process Consultant and very interest how to blockchain will change the business models. I’m a enthusiastic how implement blockchain and transform old business to a new digital operation.
    Seppo from Finland
    Retaired 1949 borned Troubadour.
    Computer Designing since 1978 (Motorola M6800 then)
    Technical Background in Computers, hardware/software.
    Sales Manager/Director in Xerox Office Automation Division 20 years.
    Xerox President’s Achievement Award Winner 1983 (first in Europe)
    “For Extraordinary contribution for Xerox Corporation”.

    Special Areas:
    Network Designin (I launched Xerox Office Automation Concept in Office Automation Exhibition Helsinki 1982; Star A3 Full Graphical WYSIWYG Display Workstation (WYSIWYG; What You See Is What You get), Internet network and the networked Laserprinters, Archives, the whole stuff.)
    DoD: Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support (CALS).
    Data Communication Specialist.
    Founder of DEAL COMP Oy 1993 where I was Technical Sales Director/Ruggedized Industrial Computer Designer (-40 degrees Celcius to + 85 degrees Celcius).
    The Restaurant Keeper/owner in Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol, Spain.
    The Lapinlahti municipality Technology Center Project Leader in my Own Company: Lapinlahti Technology Center Ltd (Me 51%/49% Lapinlahti Community) from the point zero, when one must first find the area, buy it and design the Center with architects and fill the Center with Companies.
    Troubadour “The Man and The Guitar”.
    Retired 2003 (didn’t want but my Doctor wrote me out: Work-o-Holic, don’t care his health or medicines; Diabetic, Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Flimmer in heart)
    Can’t stand retirement, started study Forex Trading in 2016 and now back in Network Designing -> running stress tests in my SRuNet (Master-Client) for the beginners-advanced traders “You pay commission only from the Profit”.
    I need my “BrainTeaser” or my head explodes on “Nothing Happens” retirement days.
    2 divorces…
    My Family this moment: Me and 2 Seal Point Siamese Cats.
    So peaceful, so quiet…

    I smell the future of the “not paper money”. The cryptomoney and The Ethereum business markets start now and I smell the right Place to get in here.

    Hi all/ Ameer,

    I’m a 26 year old financial research analyst looking at crypto-currencies properly for the first time. Mostly interested in the long-term potential and societal impacts of distributed ledgers than short-term trading ideas.


    Good morning all. I am an independent automation guy.. IIoT/IoT is a function of our future where user authentication and secure transaction(s) will be the norm.
    PLC’s and the like in 20 years will no longer be required and/or needed. I hope to be around when that happens:) distributed control and monitoring is what BlockChain brings to the table. MobiKEY from Route1 brings user authentication. then for once we can kiss the bad actors goodbye!!!!
    I am an application guy.
    Hi all, i’m a civic tech entrepreneur (with a recent exit to Granicus Inc.) and former government CIO, and am beginning to research use cases for blockchain/hyperledger for public sector. I’m inspired by the potential to streamline and improve myriad government services and workflows with blockchain, and will be looking to start or join a venture working in this realm. I’m appreciative of the contributions of this community to helping me climb my blockchain learning curve.
    Hey there, I was linked to this site by a friend. I look forward to the information that this blog holds and the potential for me to assist in some questions that may be asked throughout the community. I’m hoping maybe to see in the future a potential CryptoCurrency forum. People can create predictions, comment on coins, etc. Knowledge is power they say, I’m here for more knowledge and maybe spread a bit of my own in places I can!
    Hi Ameer and all the other members

    Brought a small holding in bitcoin and golem as a test and thought I better get a better picture and join a group, which I can learn, grow and become rich. As its all about the money at the end of the day.

    Not often I get invited to talk about my favourite subject – ME !!!!
    I have been dabling in Bitcoin for some years and am now interested in widening investments to other cryptocurrencies; looking at Litecoin and Ethereum at the moment. Any comments?

    I am retired with an interest in coding, currently doing a refresher course in HTML/CSS and Javascript.

    Greetings Robert! I’m also retirement age and these investments are looking like they’ll make retirement even more enjoyable!

    I first invested using the Kraken exchange because, while many exchanges host just about every coin on earth, Kraken seems very conservative in their choices and my assumption is they do the due diligence that I’m only just becoming a bit qualified to do…most of my “long hold” alt-coins are there and the rest is on Coinbase…

    Thanks for responding Bruce,
    I will have a look at Kracken. At this stage, I am looking for a wallet or exchange which deals with a number of cryptocurrencies. At the moment I have a Coinjar wallet which only deals with Bitcoin: particularly interested in the 2 Ethereums. As an Australian, I prefer an Australian based wallet/exchange but realise it’s a global economy. What country are you from?

    This is Edmund from Hong Kong and I am currently working as a full stack software engineer and have played around a bit with smart contracts on ethereum and hyperledger.

    I want to specialise in developing blockchain related application in the future.


    I am very interested in the potential applications for smart contracts, especially as they relate to privacy and providing access to developing countries and poor communities. It would be great if we could discuss from time to time.
    Greetings One and All!
    I’m a Geography Masters candidate at Portland State University looking to do my thesis on Disrupting The Geography of Money
    With Blockchain Technology and how blockchain tech. can help increase the inclusion of remote social groups.

    I’ve got the audio book of “Blockchain Revolution” on infinite repeat, and am also reading “The Ascent of Money” to further understand the concepts of “value” and fiat currencies, and how blockchain fits into (or repaints!) the picture…

    Edited on June 07, 2017
    I would be interested in following your progress as I am very excited about the potential for this technology to alter the course of development for the developing world and communities with limited access to traditional banking.
    Hi everybody,
    I am a physicist, but currently without a job. So, I try to relaunch my career in data science. In the news there are lots of discussions about bitcoin, so I decided to find out about it. It turned out be a fascinated technology, which I believe is a next big thing after internet. It inspired me to learn more about it.
    Hello Everyone,
    I am from Nigeria, a graduate of International relations, interested in investing and doing online business so as to be earning online. I am a member of Compumatrix that has its own cryptocurrency and involves in Bitshares trading.

    I’m glad to join this community and ready to learn as much as possible about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    Edited on June 10, 2017
    Hello All,
    I’m here to learn all I can about blockchain programming. I’m particularly interested in ways to develop and use decentralized apps in non-profit orgs. I’m equal parts entrepreneur and philanthropist.
    Hi there,
    I’m a full stack developer and expanding my skillset to blockchain and ethereum. I already built some DAPPS and here for some advance topics.
    Happy learning!
    Over twenty years of leadership experience in real-estate, non-profit, financial and IT sectors. Having a proven track record in developing and executing marketing, sales, and client support programs.
    Areas of impact include: Strategic Planning and Leadership, Brand-Building, Marketing & Business Development, Project Management, Product Development, Real Estate and Charitable Programs
    I’m a retired/recovering lawyer living in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Present aspiration: self directed course of study in Statistical Learning w/ a concentration in applied Probability Theory; Objective: to become an XXX rated thoroughbred handicapper on the international circuit.
    I am a financial services industry technology professional with 17+ years of experience living in the US. I am very impressed with blockchain technology and would like to learn more and understand the business usage of the technology.
    I am a financial services industry technology professional with 17+ years of experience living in Cary NC US. I am very impressed with blockchain technology and would like to learn more and understand the business usage of the technology.
    I am 63 years old….male….I have concluded it is time for me to embrace technology…I hope to learn about blockchain, crypto currencies & computer technology…
    For quite some time, I was of the opinion that bitcoin and blockchain technology was something that I would never be a part of. I felt that it was not a store of value similar to precious metals which had substance. I have finally come to realize that I was wrong, and that cryptocurrencies are a complement to the precious metals, and may in fact offer value as a currency as well as other benefits. I find however that for a newbie, it is difficult to initially acquire coins, and there is a pretty sharp learning curve to operate a wallet, and maneuver around between the exchanges to get what you want. For example, I was interested in Dash coins, but found that I needed to purchase bitcoin first, and then transfer them over to Dash coins.
    I’m Adewale, a mechanical engineer with a great passion for cryptocurrency. I engage myself daily in engineering practices as my job demands. I hope learn more about blockchain and related stuffs. Just want to ask how can I open an ethereum mobile wallet and also buy ethereum from trusted hands. Thank
    Being a developer I want to learn new emerging technologies and enhance my skill sets. Block chain has caught my interest and hence want to learn it.
    Edited on June 16, 2017
    Out and out sales and scales professional..! Experienced setting up global sales and operations. Believes and identifies Blockchain as a disruptor..!! In search of a ‘Blockchain Geek’ and a Co-Founder.
    pro day-trader (15 years experience)
    senior partner at M2 Trading Group
    regional director (France) for tradingview.com
    trading educator
    writer here:
    and here:
    living in Spain and Canada (mostly)
    fluent in English and French and I have a working knowledge of Spanish, Catalan, Italian.
    when not working about 6 days a week for the last 10 years, because I am passionate about all I do, I love to travel and do multi-hull sailing.

    immensely interested in blockchain, as I believe it will alter the way we do things, in countless domains and industries.

    simply related to finance and the global economy, bitcoin, all alt currencies and blockchain are very hot topics of discussion and yet, most people know very little about it.

    I wrote an article for The Market Mogul, related to blockchain and alt currencies,
    which, in 3 days, pushed me at top spot 48 out of over 1100 writers for the Market Mogul.
    now that have asked me for about 4 articles each month.

    I’m happy to be here and learn more.


    Edited on June 22, 2017
    Hello All,

    So I am a total Noob to Cryptocurrency, Earlier this month , Dash was giving $20 of of Dash to anyone downloading the Jaxx Wallet, and that is where this journey began.

    Being a middle classed South African doesnt allow for much exposure to such things, but since this countries financial status and future is so bleak, its time to start investing and supporting a concept that is more transparent and in many ways more ‘fair’.

    so I am here to learn, figuring out would work for me as a 20 something that needs to start sowing seeds for the future.

    Hi all, I’m Matthew. I am very new to this entire paradigm. I am looking to make some investments and diversify into alt coins. I am particularly looking for some simple jargon-free instructions on how to use https://moneroaddress.org The advice I’ve been given so far is too complicated for my untrained brain to comprehend. So if anyone here would be kind enough to take me though it in baby steps I would be super grateful! 🙂
    Edited on June 23, 2017
    Hello! I am Vice President at a national insurance brokerage firm and interested in smart contracts with respect to Property & Casualty insurance. With disintermediation and the erosion of the middle man (i.e. insurance broker), I am looking to forge relationships to become more involved with the disruption of the insurance industry and minimize inefficient “touches” for more seamless /cost –effective solutions. I have been in the insurance industry for 25+ years, beginning my career at the world’s largest brokerage firm (at the time Alexander & Alexander – now AON) and currently at a top employee-owned national agency. My background is in commercial insurance (education, healthcare, public entity, nonprofit and technology sectors) and am a board member of Upstate Venture Association of NY and longtime sponsor & insurance contributor to the Business Incubator Association of NYS. My BS and MS degrees are in Education & Instructional Technology and have pursued PhD (coursework completed). Thank you for having this forum- I am very excited about cryptocurrency and blockchain!
    We have a very similar background. I have been in education and instructional design for the last 15 years. I am very interested in the potential of smart contracts and blockchain data solutions. If you would like to compare notes and help point each other towards good training material let me know.
    Hello Blockgeeks,

    I discovered cryptocurrency just a few months ago. Once I “saw the light,” I was excited about the possibilities that it offered, and wanted to learn everything I could about it. Not that I’m into tech, programming, coding, or anything like that. I want to learn what an “ordinary investor” needs to know to function in the world of cryptocurrency. What are the legitimate investment opportunities in this space? What kinds of programs are scams? I am sharing what I find out under the nickname of Cryptogran.

    I first discovered Ameer on You Tube, where I appreciated his great explanations.

    I look forward to learning from you guys. As my own knowledge base grows, I hope to be able to give back and provide useful information myself.

    Judy Roberts


    Stumbled on Blockgeeks by accident and loved the relatively easy to understand Guides. Cryptocurrency is the future and those that understand it have the potential to leverage any opportunities that it provides. I am not an IT guy, however I recognise the power that technology has to change the world. We are living in amazing times.

    I am a businessman and am looking for opportunities where I can add value, I have a wide knowledge of various business models, sometimes tech guys are not experienced business people and although they work in an incredible arena ripe for making successful businesses, they sometimes lack the knowledge as to how they can do so. I am a creative thinker and my experience allows me to add value in leveraging the power of an opportunity.

    Here to learn and network.

    Hey, guys.

    I’m currently a financial analyst at Canadian Tire Financial Services in Oakville, Canada, but will be leaving my job soon to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.

    Single-use plastic waste reduction is my passion, so I’ll be learning blockchain development to help implement a closed-loop system for the 5 main single-use plastic contributors: bags, bottles, cups, straws, and utensils. If you are interested in this topic as well, please message me.

    I earned my CFA designation in August 2016 and have a bachelor of international business from Carleton University. I’m planning on learning Blockchain development through Blockgeeks, Udemy, and Safari Books. If anyone has a better suggestion, or can point me towards a path to success, I’d be very grateful.

    Thanks, guys. Let’s change the world one idea at a time!

    I am interested in learning about smart contracts, and I would like to share notes and references if you are planning to study the same.
    I am a financial regulator and I can see that blockchain will soon be the payment system used by the finanaical industry. I am here to learn as much as I can so that my institutions can discuss their payment system with me intelligently and know that I understand what they are doing. Looking forward to gathering as much information as possible.
    Kia ora I’m a community worker in Mangere NZ looking at alternative local economy utilizing all forms of capital [finance, social, human and natural] – time banks, local money, skill banks etc – so that families can both take back empowering themselves and find ways of building legacy and interdependence. Potentially bitcoin is another form of currency that can be used locally and internationally
    I am excited about how this technology can be used to empower and help people that have been denied access by established systems. I would be interested in hearing about how you plan on using blockchain in these developing communities and where you see the most value.
    Hello Blockgeeks,

    I’m Chriscinthia, author and beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. I know absolutely nothing about blockchain technology, but it is my hope to learn. I am currently subscribed to Ameer Rosic’s YouTube channel because he is an inspiration and an excellent teacher. I learn from his videos whether the subject is health, motivation, marketing, mindset mastery, or he is dropping one of his “truth bombs”.

    I am Koko, 17 year veteran on control systems engineer. I love finance and honestly want to learn and get everything on this future way of transaction.
    More so as a controls system engineer, data management is a big part of my work, I see the blockchain as way to the future.
    It’s like I am way behind but working with geeks out here will get me right back into the future.
    Hi, I’m the COO of a new startup firm in the Agricultural Extension and Forestry Conservation sector and we are looking into how we could run the firm using smart contracts and raise its financing on a blockchain platform through ICOs etc.

    My first impressions of Blockgeeks: Highly informative and a great community. Keep growing !

    I am retired.. originally from Newfoundland, now living in Osoyoos, BC. I was introduced to the world of cryptocurrency about three years ago after returning from Central America where my husband and I taught literacy among a Mayan people group for a few years. We have become avid promoters of blockchain technology and the Bitcoin r-evolution and recently went back to Guatemala to teach the basics to a small group of Mayan young people. So I am here, Ameer, because I want to follow the experts, but especially those, like yourself who are gifted in the area of teaching in a way that is understandable to anyone. I have really enjoyed your teaching videos! I am also looking for ways to capitalize on this incredible technology trend. I believe there’s a huge need to bring cryptocurrency from the virtual world into local communities worldwide, so am involved with Nexxus Partners in promoting their Nexxus Rewards shopper loyalty rewards program which is designed to do that. I am here to learn all I can…
    I am excited about the potentials as well. I have been involved in education and training my entire professional career, and I spent nearly a decade working in Southeast Asia. I am interested in how you are spreading the word and what applications you see for developing countries.
    Hello Blockgeeks Community,

    I am here to learn as much as I can about the blockchain and it’s uses. I had been trying to comprehend the blockchain since bitcoin was under $1. Once I understood what the blockchain is and how it works I can’t stop thinking about the applications and benefits of this amazing technology.



    I am here to learn about bitcoin & blokchain.
    I would like to explore this opportunity, knowledge and expand my network as well. I hope one day i will be quite success in this area. such an amazing community! Cheers, Jerry

    Hello Blockchain/Blockgeekers
    Umennolim Obinna by name, study computer Engr., from Nigeria. Am here to learn more about Blockchair technology and Bitcoin.
    I will love to explore this opportunity, knowledge and spread out my network abilities as well. I am assured that one day I will be making a head way in this area of technology. I also want a wallet account.
    Hey geeks..

    I just wanted to see the answers to the question posted here: https://blockgeeks.com/questions/what-is-blockchain-in-one-sentence and it was a disaster going trough the registration process of the site to finally be able to see there is no answer below that question. I already hate this platform, i hope somehow it’s changing while i am here.

    Here is one of my introduction already done on #steemit:

    *meta* [t](es)ting

    I was searching for other ways like bitcoin as an alternative payments for my possible future customers in a new business. I came across this in my search so I wanted to know more.
    I am here to hopefully meet new people with whom I can share thoughts and have thoughtful discussions. I am primarily interested in economics and philosophy, and I am extremely hopeful and excited about the promise of blockchain technology.

    I do have investments in cryptocurrencies, but my motivation is more to feel a part of the change than to speculate and make money. I would be quite happy if my investments were never worth more than the money I invested as long as I contribute one more vote towards freedom from establishments and institutions for all. I hope to one day never have a dollar in my name.

    Please feel free to contact me, and I look forward to participating in the discussion.

    By way of introduction, I run a think tank where we develop intellectual property or acquire it and then form teams around it to turn it into companies. I am also a patent agent.

    With respect to what I hope to “get” from the group, I hope to “give” first and then maybe at some point down the line “receive”. “Getting” is not my first priority.


    For nearly 20 years, I was a sr. instructor at an immersion training center and helped the average person make friends with the http://www.1.0. Now http://www.2.0 is here…. and it’s decentralized and crypto.. Privacy is back again! ( Thankfully ) Sites like Steemit.com now offer to pay me for the time I spend contributing instead of steal my ip ( intellectual property) and use it as they wish. I love it! It’s great that early adopters like us can use the web to come together and support one another at pivotal times like this. I also see the effort to spread the word. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Blockchain technology is changing industries most people thought immune to disruption. They react with slanderous stories and outright lies. It means the average person has to have enough background information to make an educated guess about if what is being said rings true or not. I believe this technology can improve the lives of people all over the world. This is directly related to the rate at which we can provide easy to understand explanations and guided education to increase the adoption cycle. However, it is a steep learning curve. I am a woman! ( shock i know.. not many of us in this space or at meetups here in silicon valley!.. ) I am a mom ( teaching my son what to study/know so he can actually thrive in a future that seems to be getting worse and worse for the mainstreamer who can’t see past this iteration of reality) .. I am using two of my websites as ‘guinea pigs’ to test out : incorporating on the blockchain/ advertising blockchain / smart contracts .. all of it.. I want to build a layman’s guide that is easy to understand. I want to lift myself , and my son’s lives up using this technology and help others do the same! I see the potential and it brings back utopian fantasies where everyone has a fair shot at a good life. I want to be a part of giving that to the world!
    I am a Crypto Currency freak,and would like to learn and gain as much knowledge about crypto currencies as possible to be ready for the coming revolution in digital currencies.
    Hello All,

    I recently became fascinated with blockchain technology and cryptoeconomics. I’ve joined Blockgeeks to learn as much as possible about this space and to connect with other like-minded individuals.

    Please feel free to reach out!

    Greetings Ameer and everyone else.
    Firstly let me compliment you all on what a great website and community you have developed.
    I have joined to learn and hopefully not to be totally left behind in this brave new world that is being created.
    I am old enough to remember a time before television let alone computers or the internet.So here we are now with another world changing technology,exciting times indeed.
    Whats next and where to now.?
    Cheers for now.
    Hi everyone, I’m here because I want to learn more about solidity. Thank you for providing this wonderful space
    Hi, I am an IT Engineer since 1996 and been involved in all forms of IT at different levels. I am now a L3 Cloud Engineer and also look after data centers.
    With an investment in crypto coins and mining equipment, I am now looking at developing and launching sever coins/services on the blockchain.
    Since the last programming language I used was Turbo Pascal way back (aside from html), I am new to Solidity, so am finding this and the whole industry fascinating.
    Edited on July 22, 2017
    Hi Blockgeeks,
    I’m not technical, even opposite, I’m the one who hires geeks. Currently, I’m running wedding (www.7.agency) and travel (www.7.holiday) business, also some offline things, and started to dig in into crypto world
    I believe in these technologies and open to new business opportunities. Feel free to contact me if you need someone with a business background.
    Edited on July 24, 2017
    I have been in the IT Consulting/Staffing business since 1995, and I started Seasoned Talent 11 years ago. We are rapidly shifting into a Blockchain Consulting and Software Development, and are currently spearheading the development of two new cryptocurrencies. I am always looking to connect with Blockchain developers, and people who are active in the space. My LinkedIn profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/sloandaniel.
    Hi, Blockgeek
    I am a professional photographer, with interest in the future of monetary systems, I think is fascinating and greatly appreciate brilliant minds. The info you have provided is great for any beginner like me to have a good understanding of the bitcoin revolution and others. Thank you all the best⭐️ Ciao. Ps. Looking forward to more reading n updates.
    Hey Guys,
    Ameer thank you for adding me to Blockgeeks community. My name is Igor, Director Business Development at Omnisynapse http://omnisynapse.ca/. We deliver blockchain solutions that cover a wide spectrum of business.

    We participated in Cryptographic Fund project that connects traders on Bittrex, Kraken, BTC-E and other marketplaces with investors. Also, we are currently developing a platform that links crypto-currency traders and helps them to reduce risks using RAMM (Risk Assessment Management Module) in their intraday trading process.

    We know how to implement Smart contracts, ICO and many other things.
    If you have some questions please feel free. My email is igor@omnisynapseca

    Hi Blockgeeks. It’s great to join a community of geeks. I started programming on punch cards….but I have more questions than answers! I now own a small tourism business and am interested in the new commerce–particularly where it can improve social equity and assist small business. I am keen to know whether there is an application that could benefit sustainable tourism in regional communities.

    Thanks! (Dr) Christine Booth

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Saheed, I want to learn more and expand my knowledge about blockchain technology. I have zero knowledge about programming language I hope to learn more on this platform.
    I have also been a fan of Ammer Rossic on his youtube channel before now, they are educative and informative.
    Ameer thank you for the Blockgeeks platform.
    Hello, my name is Matt and I am a Java Developer at a small IT firm in Kansas. My background is mostly in computer programming, but I fancy myself an entrepreneur, a pretty good cook, an online marketer, investor, and an author. I’m hoping to learn as much about blockchains, crypto-currencies, and mining, as possible so I can create an income from it.
    Hello Ameer and members of Blockgeeks community. My name is Nathan. Currently, I work in finance and operations for a media company. My background is mostly in finance analytics, operations and business intelligence consulting. I am very interested in crypto-currencies. I am still in the early stages of learning and understanding about crypto, bitcoin, etc and want to keep increasing my knowledge as much as possible!
    My name is Benjamin. You can find and connect with me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/benjaminbroenen

    I just read the Blockgeeks “What is Ethereum?” article and got immediate value from reading. I signed up purely because of the way that Blockgeeks simplifies and demystifies cryptocurrencies.

    Also, I’m the kind of guy that likes to learn more (to earn more) the more I invest into anything I’m interested in. Cryptos definitely have my attention (and a good portion of my portfolio).

    Let’s ring in The Great Wealth Transfer with a hearty hooray!

    Edited on July 27, 2017
    Greetings Blockgeeks – I am an IT Fintech / SAP Finance Manager practicing out of the east coast USA. I specialize in planning and coordinating the development, testing, and changes that organizations require to become highly competitive. Blockchain is the road in front of organizations that require a competitive advantage.
    I recruit for a distributed computing, blockchain technology startup (HQ -Silicone Valley, Offices in USA and China), who creates market-driven Ethereum, Hyperledger and Cryptography solutions. Our client attracts revolutionary thinkers looking to partner on new types of technology and applications. Qualified candidates will be invited to join a world-class team of engineers and elite business professionals making a difference! Here is a list of my blockchain open jobs:


    Edited on July 28, 2017
    I am the Founder & CEO of GLX.com. We are building the world’s only Capital Market Directory and Social Finance Network. The Blockchain is a very exciting innovation and we are finding new ways, almost weekly, to incorporate it into our business model. I am happy to see a place where a community of like minded people can share their experience. Thanks Blockgeeks for bringing this together.
    My name is Rodrigo, I am in Santiago, Chile. I’m a young Multi-instrument Musician, Yogui and Tai Chi/Qi Gong, Ayurveda and TCM(Traditional Chinese medicine) Student and therapist. In the last months I’ve been learning intensively about Blockchain and cryptocurrency and translating to Spanish some Ameer’s videos and Blockchain projects to share here in Chile. Now I’m learning programming for future Blockchain development. I’m very excited to learn more and help to spread this knowledge to Spanish speaking Countries. Thanks Ameer and everyone who helped to make blockgeeks. Shanti Shanti Shanti.
    Good day everyone! My name is Nathan Flanagan. I am an entrepreneur, currently owning and operating a real estate team out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. I know very little about block-chain yet am fascinated with the technology and the opportunities surrounding the space. I am yearning to learn more about it and build meaningful relationships with people who are in the space! Always looking for opportunities! I can be reached at Nathan.f.tordjman@gmailcom
    I’m a purchasing/supply chain consultant and educator. I’m hearing a lot about how blockchain will automate contract negotiations and also reduce the need for face to face meetings during the process of finding and qualifying suppliers. Two big themes: Automating negotiations and proving trustworthiness with suppliers and customers being 8-12 hours around the world. I’ve barely touched the surface in terms of understanding and remain skeptical,(but open minded) for now. Website:globalsupplytraining.com
    As a “newbie” I want to learn about Blockchain and Etherum. I am an author of fiction and an investor. I hope to obtain a better understanding of the potential of Blockchain. I believe I will obtain that here. Thanks for the opportunity.
    I am a technology explorer and enthusiast . I recently hit upon BlockChain and am amazed with the possibilities with it. Trying to understand the technology and have started doing some research. Will be very happy to learn and contribute post my learning 🙂

    My ask is to understand the execution methods for BlockChain application areas.

    Hi All,
    We are a team of developers where we are developing platform similar to localbitcoins.com using block chain technology and API’s,looking for some marketing guys who can quickly help us in bringing buyers and sellers onto our platform who want to trade bitcoins

    I am also looking for investors who want to develop some interesting platforms using blockchain technologies.
    I see a lot of interactions on block geeks which sounds interesting to me.

    Hello Pradeep, I would appreciate if you would kindly email me more details. I am based in USA and have been planning to have something similar to localbitcoins which individuals can trade all crypto currency. hopefully we can work out some details and move forward. I am also interested in developing interesting platforms for blockchain. Thanking you and looking forward to your news. Regards/Bond
    Hello Geeks!

    I’m fairly new to blockchain technology and got into it by advising blockchain security startup Rivetz who is planning an ICO starting Aug 10th.

    Hi there,

    I build tools at MetaCert to help protect Token launches and ICOs from phishing and other cyber attacks inside Slack. Founder & CEO, MetaCert. I’m one of the seven original founders of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative and one of the two people who co-instigated the creation of the W3C Standard for URL Classification. In the wider context of my experience in messaging – I was part of the team that launched AIM in 1997.

    Here to learn. Introduced to Ethereum by a miner and can’t wait to see where this goes. The smart contract concept and possible use cases intrigue me for both current and future development.
    Here to learn as well. I was chatting with a friend about blockchain and she related an inspiring story of disenfranchised women in developing countries being able to work and protect their earnings from the depredations of abusive relatives thanks to blockchain. I was also curious to know if there are reputable entities that issue letters of credit using blockchain currencies?
    Hi Ameer,
    I’m leaning more and more about smart contracts and the ability to create a decentralized business on the blockchain. I am seeing many linkages and value alignment between the projects on Etherium, like district0x and Aragon, that may be usefully adapted to democratic governance of co-operative platform enterprises. I am looking to explore this further and will use your resources here (thanks) to better understand what is evolving and if there are opportunities for the oldest decentralized businesses (co-ops) and the newest on the blockchain to benefit from respective perspectives.

    That said, there will be an event we are holding on September 9 that may be of interest to your community, called Disrupting the Disrupters: Sustainable Business Models for the Platform Economy. http://platformcoop.ca/

    Thank you,

    Edited on August 07, 2017
    Hi everyone,
    hi Ameer,
    I`m here to learn and to contribute in return.

    The krypto currency idea and coding in general be my next 5 – 10 years!

    Goal: To have fun!

    Dream: An annual 100k+ passive income business model with smart contracts within the next 5 years.

    Edited on August 10, 2017
    I am a digital executive with deep online experience. I am the quintessential early adopter and am seeking an opportunity to apply my skills and new found knowledge and passion for everything blockchain & crypto!
    Hi Geeks! Hi Ameer!
    I am a Financial Services and Pension System ERP consultant. My background is primarily Finance and Enterprise Ops, but I am diving deeper into Computer Science through multiple online education platforms. I’m utterly fascinated by blockchain technology, cryptos, and smart contracts. These are game changers and I want to be in the know for the future. I would love to start contributing to open source projects soon and eventually shifting careers into blockchain tech. The future is looking bright!

    Edited on August 11, 2017
    Howdy Blockgeeks,

    I have been an environmental activist since 1978, and political trouble maker since the stolen election of 2000 ~

    Digital marketing is my passion and sedge-way for my interest into the blockchain technology stack as a means to effect change.

    The obscene consolidation of wealth and power for the few at the expense of the many must end. Bitcoin, Uber, and Air BnB have proven that technological decentralization away from corrupt centralized control systems will bring about the positive change the world has needed for the past 40 years!

    As my Lakota Brothers and Sisters would shout before battle ~ Hoka Hey! (Let’s Roll)

    Hi Ameer and fellow Blockgeeks,

    I did a small amount of bitcoin mining back in 2011, but ended up changing jobs and did not keep up with the new technologies. The recent increase in bitcoin value drew me back, and I was getting my feet wet with trading when half of my modest portfolio was caught up in the BTC-E bust. So, I am interested in learning about and trying out other trading platforms, exploring new currencies, and diversifying what I have left. I think blockchain technology is definitely the future! My day job for the last 23 years has been linux and unix system administration, and while I’m not the world’s most prolific developer, I would like to find a way to start contributing to a project.

    Edited on August 11, 2017
    I’m the CEO of a Cybernetic Urban Mobility solutions corporation based on proprietary algorithms and geometry.
    You ask the following:
    “We would also like to know what you hope to get from participating on the site.”
    First I was hoping YOU as consultants could tell ME what is it that I can get by joining or “participating” in your group.
    One of the main concern for me is understanding how do you “digitalize” assets, capital, gold, products, services, etc. How and who does it? How you assign “bits or blocks”?
    In other worlds hath exactly is it that you do, cos reading your site it has a lot of texts, but nothing clear or specific.
    Facebook: “bhromo2pi”
    Thank you
    Hi, everybody!
    I’m the software engineer and founder of #openZen.co 🙂

    We are developing an alternative to a web browser. It is a desktop application and a decentralized\distributed network as well. Each user’s computer is a node in this network. Node is a separated and partially autonomous server where the data is stored and then it can be distributed to other similar nodes. Thus, there are no servers in our network that could be attacked or cracked. Every user is a mini server. We consider distributed technologies to be the technologies of the future.

    How does it look for the average users? For them it is a social network like Facebook, search engine like Google, encyclopedia like Wikipedia and other different services. All in one like swiss army knife. Below I will give you the links where it is possible to find more information on the project and the screenshots to better understand the mechanism.

    Again, we are not making a web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or other. The principle of work of our application is completely different. There is a lot of interaction in it including the market, joint creation of knowledge and dispute resolution by the participants of the system.

    We actively use the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in our project. It is the connecting link of all social communications within the application. For example, users receive cryptocurrencies for their socially useful activity, for the creation of new information and updating the outdated one.

    Hi Blockgeeks!

    I have a long history in software/games development, either directly developing myself, managing teams or running development/publishing companies. Psygnomi (psygnomi.com) specialises in VR/AR/MR, whilst also delivering games and apps for more tradional formats.

    Over the last 10 years or so, I’ve also dabbled with writing trading bots for Forex, betting bots for Betfair exchange and so on. More recently I’ve been keeping an eye on blockchain.

    It struck me recently that in an environment where computational cost has an actual financial cost, having a team of experienced coders who grew up squeezing every last ounce of performance out of ZX81s, Spectrums and so on might be a great advantage when starting a blockchain development business! So I’m just laying the foundations for the business – Ethnomi (ethnomi.io) – initially setting it up as a straightforward work-for-hire business, with a view to grow our own IP; whether that be a service, product or toolset.

    So I’m here to learn more about blockchain and its many forms, development languages and tools available, as well as business and investment opportunities for the team 🙂

    I am a Networking Professional. I have been reading up on Block chain technology and I would like to learn more. I have been going through the guides and trying to understand the technology. I am fascinated by it and how it works.
    Hi community!

    I am Martin from Vienna, nice to meet you 🙂

    I have a long history in product marketing, online communities and TV platforms. I ran my own online community and two unsuccessful start-ups 😉 At the moment I am building my own Chabot and playing around with Alexa skills development.

    It took me long to really understand the actual revolution brought by blockchain technology and the means for our future, but I’ve been reading on the topic, a lot. Now I am finally here to learn more about the progress in this field and all the use cases of this technology.

    Looking forward to learn a lot with you.



    I have been doing SW development for over 30 years and started a company way back in the early 2000’s. I am looking forward to becoming very knowledgable with blockchain technology and emerging standards. I am particularly interested in smart contracts and my dream would be to own my company or part of one. I know that with a family it is a tad order but as they say “… all the things worth doing are usually hard !!!”.

    Thank you for putting this wealth of information and would love to assist in some coding as part of thanking you as well as getting some hands on experience. Any takers?

    Hi, My name is Johannes Strydom, I’m 61 years young and a forever optimist.
    I’m also a Solutions Architect and are always on the lookout for the next thing I can focus on. Heard about cryptocurrency and became interested to learn more about it. Trying to understand the concepts and ultimately I would like to get into cryptocurrency trade.
    Hi Community

    After reading all the introductions here I believe I am in the right place to learn. I am new to cryptocurrency and hope to learn and share what I already know. I work with a small IT company to provide network solutions and IT security solutions. We can say cybersecurity is my first love however seems like cryptocurrency is catching on fast.

    Happy to be here.

    Hi Ameer (and fellow Blockgeeks)-
    I am here to learn more about Blockchain and its uses within various market sectors! I’m a maritime professional, passionate about utilising technology and work for a SME tech company specialising in the development of digital RegTech solutions serving the wider maritime sector in the enhancement of safety, security, compliance, and efficiency & productivity.
    Looking forward to learning a lot more about BC..




    I am a web developer, who is a believer and an investor of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

    I believe that in near future decentralization apps will take stronger positions and is what the world is moving to. I believe that these technology have tremendous potentials to revolutionize the industry, and we should continuously focus and invest in these.

    Not focusing just for the investment aspect, but thinking about how the world should move forward, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is necessary to truly protect personal data, and is the key to the AI movement and new ways of communicating with machines and humans GLOBALLY without boundaries between countries.

    I am hoping to learn, contribute and be part of Blockgeeks to advocate my believes. Thank you!

    Hey guys,

    I’m an energy & industrials consultant learning about and investing in cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology in my free time. I’m fascinated by the potential of blockchain and am here to educate myself as I increase my involvement in the space.

    Appreciate everything you’re doing here and I hope I can be a beneficial part of the community!

    On the free trial after reaching your team’s knowledge-base, which I found during surfing Ripple Gateways, and red your article about blockchain technology and the future of the profession of lawyers.

    Thanks for making this information available publicly.

    I’m a web developer, As of now I ‘m beginner of decentralised application like cryptocurrencies blockchains. So I wanna know about this technologies so I joined here.. Please guide me
    Hi ,
    I’m a web developer, As of now I ‘m beginner of decentralised application like cryptocurrencies blockchains. So I wanna know about this technologies so I joined here.. Please guide me
    Hi All!
    I am a bank accountant and think blockchain is going to greatly affect the business. So, I am trying to learn as much as possible about the technology. So far, i have read several articles and watched a few TED talks on the subject. Currently, I am reading Blockchain for Dummies. I anyone has any other Blockchain educational ideas, I would love to hear them.


    Hi Everyone

    I am technology enthusiast with over 18+ years of experience helping organizations delivering enterprise solutions based on Java,JEE, Service oriented Architecture. I am a keen learner and looking to dive and gain from Blockchain technologies. I am currently getting my hand dirty on HyperLedger Fabric.

    Good to be part of this group.


    Hello All,

    I am an operations, project, and program leader in the e-commerce and interactive digital imagery space. I am just getting oriented to the vast potential that blockchain technology has to enable useful and mutually beneficial solutions in a number of fields.

    My primary focus at this time vis a vis blockchain is understanding how it might be used to solve some nagging limitations of e-commerce currently baked into the web.

    I look forward to drinking from the firehose of knowledge!

    Cheers, Tim

    Hello all! After a long career as a fashion photographer, and seeing the changes digital technology has wrought there, I’ve become fascinated by technological trends…and it’s not news to you all that blockchain is one of those major trends. Right now, I’m a complete n00b, with the intent of learning as much as possible so that I can ride the trend!
    Hi all. I’ve been involved in technology based companies for 30 years and am addicted to the emerging technologies. I see the foundations of the financial industry changing and want to be part of the process.
    Hello Everyone,
    I came across Blockchain technology while researching about the core technologies that are going to transform our lives alongwith quantum computing, 5G connectivity, and AI. I believe Blockchain technology will grow beyond cryptocurrencies and will enable us to do secured transactions. I would be interested in further exploring this amazing technology.
    Edited on September 04, 2017
    Hi everyone,
    I am a former bitcoin miner and Software Engineer by profession. I am working on blockchain code using Go and learning how it can help solve some of the problems in many different areas of interest.
    Hello All,

    Thanks to Ameer for letting me join the blogging platform.
    I’m at the beginning stage to the concept of digital currency and completely new to this concept of blockchain. But I’m liking the stuff here.I’m looking forward to learn the concept and be part of the discussions about the practical implementations of blockchain technology in various IT sectors .


    Hi Ameer! First-of-all thank you very much for this invite.

    I am new to blockchain technology and currently I work for airline industry.

    I am seeking for opportunities to use blockchain technology in airline Industry (or another one, why not?). I am looking forward to learn more about.

    So, this is a main reason why I came here. I am fascinated about all the future possibilities blockchain could offers.

    I hope I can give more than recieve.

    My name is Oleksiy. I’m an IT consultant from UK (Scotland).
    Having many years of working in software development for various industries and clients, it’s been only recent time I decided to learn about this new revolutionary technology from both theory and practical application perspectives.
    So hope membership in this amazing forward thinking community will help to understand blockchain far and wide.
    Kind Regards.
    Hello everyone,

    This area is outside my field. I have 0 knowledge about blockchain but I find it so fascinating and want to learn everything about it that I possibly can. I have a long road ahead of me, but I’ve never been more excited about a technology and can’t wait to get started. Really looking forward to learning from this community and hope I can contribute in the future when I know what I’m talking about!

    I am Karen, the head of marketing of Binary.com. Fully licensed and regulated, Binary.com has been providing financial trading to a worldwide audience of over 1 Million clients from 130+ countries since 2000.

    We provide a unique trading service that makes trading on Forex and other markets simpler and more exciting. Fund your account with as little as $5 and start trading with as little as $1. Our unique “fixed returns” service means you know exactly how much you stand to win or lose before you commit to a trade.

    I am Karen, the head of marketing of Binary.com. It’s fully licensed and regulated and has been providing financial trading to a worldwide audience of over 1 Million clients from 130+ countries since 2000.

    We hope to learn more about cryptocurrencies as we are moving towards this path and off course as we are also creating educational materials for our audience, we hope it can be useful to others too if we share ideas and opinions.

    Hi Blockgeekers,

    I am a finance lawyer. Currently I am just eager to learn more about blockchain and want to expand my knowledge for professional reasons. I am also interested in investing and career opportunities.

    I look forward to interacting with many of you!

    Ravindran, VP Client Solutions- Xavient
    20+ years in Technology Consulting and Delivery leadership; had opportunities to partner with illustrious leaders from Ford, Edison, Visa, Walgreens, 3M, eBay, Dish and California and Montana state governments and,the World Bank to name a few.
    Actively participate in industry forums, made significant contributions and shared my works in premier platforms worldwide.
    Active Member of The Open Group and CoT
    Hi Ameer,

    I’m CEO of a pharmacy benefit consulting firm in L.A.. We have a new start-up that is active in blockchain development in the pharma space. I’m looking to network with developers and like-minded blockgeeks. We are also looking for a CTO or Chief Scientist who understands Ethereum. Cheers!

    Hi Ameer and all participants of this Forum,
    I working as Senior Credit Analyst in the big bank in Germany and very interesting in blockchain Technology why I think it has a big potential in many industries incl. Banking industry. I looking for the opportunities to create own Business (STart up) in this direction. Regards.
    I look Forward to interacting with many of you.
    Hi all,
    I’m not technically minded but I recognise and understand the value of blockchain. What I want to do is understand how to apply it to a conventional contract chain (quote-order-invoice-payment) which can be used by businesses seamlessly from their own sites.
    I lead the community of practice on socio-economic data in the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture http://bigdata.cgiar.org/communities-of-practice/socioeconomicdata/ . We are looking at ways to harness the capabilities of Big Data to enhance the impact of agricultural research and development to benefit the poor in low and middle income countries.

    We think that blockchain technology offers scope to be that disruptive technology that makes food system value chains transparent and lowers transaction costs. In order for it to work for the poor, it has to be really low cost and rapidly replicable as a global public good, hence the need for open source solutions.

    Interested? contact me through the website.

    Best, Gideon

    Hi blockgeekers,
    I’m film director and producer from Lithuania. I’m looking for ideas and possibilities of blockchain usage as a tool for financing, development, promotion, and distribution of innovative projects related to motion pictures.
    My self Yogendra Rajput from India, I have more than 16 years of proven track record which includes an enriched experience of working with senior executives and management to solve complex business issues from strategy through to execution. Decades of project management, governance, security design, implementation, cyber security operations, people management, vendor management and enterprise architecture experience to achieve measurable and tangible results through technological transformation and digital innovation in Financial, FMCG, IT, Telecom and Oil & Gas sector. Looking forward to learn and contribute in Blockchain Technology.
    Edited on September 12, 2017
    Hello Everyone,

    I am Jens a tech-loving stock trader currently working as a Recruiter, building an internal Delivery Team in Berlin. As I am always try to be up to speed in respect to the world markets, Cryptos and Blockchain is a topic no to despair. Therefore I am more than happy to join Blockgeeks to firstly learn all about the technology itself and ways for future investment.

    Many years experience working in information technology and operations management, now working with content creation, social media curation, and digital marketing .Interests include hiking, rare book collecting, music, and philosophy.
    Interested in learning about and investing in Blockchain and Digital Currency.
    I work in technology support with the School of Information at San Jose State University. Our program has a grant to examine how blockchain technologies can be used by libraries and systems of libraries. I am designing a website/blog to facilitate the discussion, and this made me curious to learn more about Blockchain.
    I am a technologist, entrepreneur of a startup. I am interested in bleeding edge technologies and business applications of them. I am an advocate of open source and willing to contribute.
    Hi Ameer and all
    Im so excited to join a forum of people who are all busy paving the way to a more transparent and trustworthy tomorrow.
    I have an idea to implement blockchain I am currently in early stages, I will definitely turn to this forum to find co founders and partners at a date in the near future.

    Thanks to Ameer
    and all the great contibutors

    Hello All,

    I`m a Senior Solution Architect from São Paulo, Brazil

    I have been working from many years on support and design of HPC and Cloud infrastructure and now I am interested in learning about Blockchain and all related subjects

    I hope I have found a good place here to start



    I just got your message.
    I have developed php, mysql, javascript, html5, css, etc since 2004.
    Since 2014, I have specialized in blockchain such as cryptocurrency exchange, smart contract with solidity, etc.
    I am going to exert my skill in this field.
    Are you stateside? If so, where? I am avid traveler, with idea for app, not just any app. Just flew from DISRUPT SF (San Francisco) to Ft. Lauderdale for a break and am now in New York for a week long work week and to attend a speaking engagement with the CEO of Y Combinator. Putting in the work.

    Firstly thanks to Ameer for setting this community up. After years of consulting, I completed my PhD recently. That transformed me into a lifelong learner as well as the senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK).

    Cloud as an equalizer can enable all of us to reach our ultimate destination. I trust BLOCKCHAIN has the potential to bring back the true humanistic values as a driver for human interactions. It can also enhance the life of everyone of us (i.e. 7+ billion people) with our day to day transactions.

    So I look forward to learn and contribute here. I am sure all of us will make the world as the best planet to live in the galaxy…


    Hi all,

    I am an absolute newby in this matter. I have no experience or any knowledge in regards to the blockchain technology and BTC, but I am very interested and eager to learn more. I found the articles on this website very intersting and easy to read and understand and therefore I signed up with you guys. I hope to learn quickly and gain a lot of knowledge.

    Thank you!

    Linux geek. Start up not-so-specialist. Amateur tabla and guitar player. Have the capability to make people tell, stop that noise! Proud brother of a kid who absolutely loves me and acts as if world is sinking when I’m not around her!

    Not a comparer… Why should I compare if thy neighbor’s son/daughter scores more than you/your sibling… who gives a damn? Knowledge is important! Lover of flora and fauna and Mother Nature. An agnostic person. Ardent fan of Football, watches cricket seldom. Believer of Linux and open source who proposes that open source can change the world, not Microsoft technologies! Sufferer of atrocities of windows OS! Failed twice to build start ups. Failures should be celebrated in India like in Silicon Valley! Would inspire anybody free of cost!

    Would spend hours in reading biographies, novels, start up articles, technical articles etc. Loves to rip apart gadgets and explore them.

    Side dish: When I look at thousands of stars in a clear night, I wonder that how many eyes are staring us from there. I always feel that our technology is like a baby when compared to the vastness of universe ( Multiverse theory would make our technology look like miniature things )

    Yes!!! We should celebrate our so-called “failures” because they are not really and truly failures. Just one step closer to the “success” we seek. But what is “success” anyway?

    I enjoy reading as yourself Ajay. Currently have a startup that is going in five directions at once but with a clear vision. Wish you were stateside. Would love to work with someone who is passionate like you. Have an idea to bring sexy to tech-y, minus the harassment lawsuits that tech CEOs find themselves in lately. Sad. Besides we need more women in technology anyway….

    To be honest, your name sounds little weird for a guy who isn’t at stateside. What does your company do? How do you plan to empower women in technology?
    I live in the states (USA) so I don’t understand your initial comment. I’m artist and a thinker so my company involves whatever i think of. I’ve created paintings and other works of art, written screenplays for film and t.v. (one of which is in the process of being sold to Amazon Studios) but my first priority is building an app that helps people communicate about sex (and I need someone w/ technical capabilities to do so; the reason I’m here). It’s my aim to encourage women in S.T.E.M by making it cool, fun, sexy and appealing to the younger generations. I’ve written a screenplay about two young women who are obsessed with sex and tech. Ideally I would love for my CTO to be female to further that vision. I think the number is around 10% of new computer science majors are women. I’ve spoken to CEOs and tech geniuses in SF who think women don’t have the capacity to work in tech. I know this to be untrue because I was inspired to write my screenplay, Giga Girls ©, by a woman whom i watched take apart an ipad, fix it and reassemble. When we think of and see women in tech, we normally don’t think ofa sexy woman. She’s probably wearing jeans, t-shirt, sneakers with little to no makeup. But, if we were to take a cue from pop culture and have women who are fashionable, made up and attractive, it would most likely get the attention of younger women and engage them within the field of tech. More young women know who Kylie Jenner is than the CEO of IBM (who is a woman). So, weird? I’m not sure I would use that word but I guess it means I’m different and that I stand out so, half of my marketing job is done. Thanks Ajay for replying
    Edited on September 26, 2017
    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Akshat and I am pursuing a masters degree in Information Management at Syracuse University with concentration in Data Science and Data Analysis. Lately, I have taken an interest in Blockchain which has motivated me to take a class in same subject matter with Prof. Lee McKnight and Richie Etwaru (Check them out on LinkedIn – they are well known in the field). What made me to take interest in Blockchain is the concept of smart contracts and how they can be leveraged to rule out third party enforcers to make peer to peer transactions at a business level a reality; imagine ordering a cab without having to go through Uber!!.

    I hope to learn more about Blockchain and its applications by being an active member of this community.


    hi everybody,
    my name is mike real estate and tech investor.

    We founded our company with the objective of coming up with the best solution for the consumer to vendor market. After 2 years of hard work, including a lot of trial and error, we came up with our product and it is truly the best fit for the market.

    Our solution is mutually beneficial for both the consumers and the vendors, and our process automatically creates a “competitive urgency” amongst the vendors, resulting in them offering their most competitive quotes to the consumers.

    After proving our concept on the beta level, we are now looking to incorporate our platform in the Blockchain system to make the bidding process transparent and tractable and launch on a much higher scale and broader market.

    we are located in Los Angeles principally but we have also office in NY.If somebody knows what Block chain /ICO’s means and want to jump in .
    let me know


    Hey all!

    I’m here because I’m thinking of a career change from marketing manager to engineer. I’ve been teaching myself code and some of the concepts over the past 6 months and am looking for one thing to focus on. Blockchain may be it but right now I’m more curious than anything else and am spending a lot of time learning what it is and how it can help people.

    If anyone has any good resources to point me towards to learn about all of this I’d appreciate it. I have a few I’m reading now on top of a book on ethereum I ordered from Amazon.

    Hi everyone, (thanks Ameer for the referral).

    I started a company called Sex Inc.™ and I do everything from writing screenplays (have two up for sale with Amazon Studios) to focusing on building an app for a very specific idea. Sex!!! This is where I need assistance. If anyone is interested in an equity stake for building and being apart of laying the groundwork for future technological success, feel free to email me, King @sexincorporated2017@gmailcom

    Thanks for listening…I mean reading 😀 <3

    Hi everyoine,

    I´m a student, a father, investor and entrepenuer. I´m here to get to know more about tech and want to learn in the way. I´ve been studying web design and I´m interested on coding. Don´t know much about it, but I´m willing to learn and learn from other.

    Thanks 🙂

    Hello Everyone, I am Hemang, a technology researched and contributor. Being a tech freak, I would love to share my views on trending techs and interesting concepts. While I work as a marketer for Cygnet Infotech, a global tech company, I ensure to get some time out to pursue what I like, i.e. to talk technology
    I would like to know more about block chain Technology since im working In IT and Data Science fields.

    from what I hear, Block chain will be the digital transaction bases in the future and I will be glad to contribute to this important science .

    Hi everyone,

    I am working as a software engineer in Ottawa, Canada. Moreover, I am also a part-time researcher. Currently, I am working on the applicability of blockchain technology in the field of the autonomous vehicle. I am pretty new in this field and still learning. I want to share my knowledge in this field with other group members and want to participate in group discussions to learn more.

    Wonderful, i have been refereed to by my friend, she said it’s an informative blog and you get to know the latest development happening in financial technology, I am a Geo-informatic professional looking forward to block chain Technology adventure and Trading & Investing In Cryptocurrency with understanding.
    Hello everyone. I run a start-up and we develop blockchain applications to solve real-world problems. We are currently working on 4 use cases across Fintech, Government, Education and HR and would be launching our first product ScreenOut, a blockchain enabled employee background verification system in October.

    I look forward to interacting with other blockchain geeks, learn and contribute any way I can. Also looking for collaborations and meeting with companies/Individuals who want to do projects on Blockchain.

    Complete Newbie to Blockchain/Smart Contracts/CryptoCurrency
    Bought two Ether for $13 a piece when I heard two guys in Brooklyn were sharing electricity using blockchain/ether based transactions. The 2 I own are now worth $600 … woohoooo!
    Curious about doing something with my Ether … wanting to create a smart contract that can be used between two or more of many players in typical Residential Construction events (homeowners, contractors, employees, service providers, suppliers, product manufacturers, labors, etc.) and use my Ether to test the practical application of a contract that would allow two of these parties to exchange value within a smart contract.
    Otherwise, I have developed and co-own a quickly growing and successful Web/Mobile SaaS Platform that contractors use around the USA to run their businesses successfully.
    Hi, I’m Rodolfo Pozo from Peru (South America). I help Micro & Small businesses through financial & strategy advisory. In my country 95% aprox. of all the businesses are micro & small businesses, most of them are not legally constituted, their access to credit is very poor and if they finally get the credit, the interest rates are extremely high, nobody really knows their needs because there is not a smart channel to connect with them (also the use to tech is very low, most of them don’t use smart phones and don’t have access to the internet).
    Since more than 3 years I’ve been looking to help massively not only my country but also many other countries with the same problems and 2 weeks ago I decided to go deep into blockchain because I strongly believe it could give me the tools to help better, faster and smarter. If you feel like you can help me, please reach me out at any hour of the day I will be more than happy to hear about you! And if you need some financial advice for your biz I’m here to help.
    Hi I am Tej currently from the UK looking into working with blockchain and hopefully developing something awesome.

    So much potential out there for blockchains as we have already seen and want to be involved in the evolution.

    Look forward to using the site even more. Great info

    Hi Ameer
    Excellent site by the way. On the topic of why I find this forum of interest…
    I am now semi-retired with a wide breath of knowledge in both the Resource Exploration and IT spaces, following successful careers as a geologist then as an IT Enterprise Architect for a Gov’t. Recent activities include developing an advanced analytic solution to evaluate global mining assets and their holding companies. I have become by default a seasoned mining analyst with in depth knowledge to the business of mining finance. I have identified a strong pipeline of unrealized mineral project opportunities following many years of research and experience. I find full retirement is a bit boring so continue to work on things that interest me.
    My observation, along with many others, is that current process of raising high risk funding through traditional means to support the discovery and development of new mines (a none renewable resource) is broken. Several reasons for this 1) The mining promotion business itself has and continues to have many unscrupulous participants 2) The regulators in turn have set things up so that a very small portion of funding raised actually goes to the drill bit – with the lions share going to the exchanges, legals, accountants, promoters and a bevy of other leeches 3) At the end of the day many of the geotechnical guys that actually do identify & discovery new successful properties end up being robbed by the financial middlemen. How many financial people can one geologist support? Oddly enough, I see the same parallel with good developers in the IT space, many of which end up being merely techno-whores for the financial bastards. The question then becomes “Where does this leave the investor interested in resource development?” which is why many investors have left the building in terms of resource exploration – there is a direct co-relation to drilling and success – no drilling no success.
    The Blockchain concept of raising funding for successful, sustainable mineral exploration activities is intriguing. I have the capacity to identify and create upper quintile mineral property vehicles leading to new discoveries with a good understanding of what it will take both technically and financially to successfully achieve the next development phase leading to a producing mine.
    I represent a network of good geos and developers who I am encouraging to get ICO savvy. We are willing to learn by doing but it does appear to have many pitfalls. What is missing is good guidance on putting together a series of ICO’s that indeed generate value to the participating technicals (both geo’s and dev’s) and even more importantly the investors – success will breed success. I am selectively open to positive conversations on this front.
    Hi All,
    I am Shahnawaz, newbie to blockchain world. Recently joined a startup developing financial solution using blockchain technology. Hope this platform will prove helpful for learning the underlying intricacies.

    Thanks Ameer for enabling this to all.

    I am 55, of Swiss natioality, and working as a consultant in the field of risk analysis for technical systems and the environment. Risks related to climate change (CC), CC adaptation and vulnerability / resilience are other active topics.
    I came accross blockchain 6 months ago. I am totally fascinated by the endless possibilities of this technology including its social and economic impacts and I am eagerly learning about in in good books and articels. On Blockgeeks there seem to be a lot of good articles related to blockchain – that’s why I got here. I am in general interested in new technologies, e.g AI.
    Hope to get in contact with many people in this community!
    Hi Ameer
    Christine Willis from New Zealand. I am not tech savvy and have only just discovered bitcoin and blockchain technology/smart contract protocols two months ago. You have a great community of financially literate and well informed internet developers. I somehow feel I haven’t got the smarts. I represent the baby boom generation who are woefully behind like me. But cryptocurrencies and its technologies gives me hope that the world will be a much better place, than the one I’m currently living in. It is exciting to see people being empowered to take back control of their money. It is exciting to see banks getting stomped on. It is exciting to see that blockchain can create decentralisation, deregulation and disruption. A wonderful legacy. I hope this is enough to allow me to stay as part of your community.
    Hi, friends,
    I am an entrepreneur and attorney from Nigeria but very new to bitcoins, crypto currencies and blockchain technology.
    My google search led me to this address.
    I hope to learn from all of you, hopefully
    I’m Rose, a complete newbie to blockchain, but my interest was piqued by several of my carnivore friends who are deeply involved. With the recent spate of articles on meat and blockchain, haha, I decided it was time for me to investigate, and most likely invest.
    Hello Ameer, EveryOne,

    I’m a visionary, philosopher, entrepreneur with few start-ups and many first moves into emergent tech markets.

    From lats 20+ yrs R&D, based and expanding Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach, I conceived an original value theory and framework. Now, I have learned that implemented over the Blockchain, these will enable -A New Way To Co-Realize Everyone’s Unique Value, as it as never been possible before.

    Looking forward to finding partners here with whom to bring the great benefit of this possibility to the world!

    Please let me know if interested to explore possibilities?

    Hello, I am an entrepreneur, born in Russia, living in the UK. My goal is to build a portfolio of passive income streams. I run a number of websites, am a natural health practitioner and an educator (I run my own online natural health courses).

    I am interested in learning about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, since I see a great potential in it in terms of investment. I hope I am in the right place for it – I am still to find out what a ‘Blockchain’ means… 🙂

    I am looking forward to getting to know more about this very new opportunity for me and making new connections.

    Hello, all about JC Awe, Bitcoin and Blockchain evangelist
    Ever since attending Scaling Bitcoin Hong Kong in 2015 had met founders of BTC China and founders of The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. JC Awe had firmly advocated on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies are the future of the decentralized internet. JC Awe had come with 18 years of IT management & operations implementation in the investment banking and financial sector. JC Awe had also worked with VISA Inc, Swiss Re, PCCW-HKT & Credit Agricole CIB station at the Hong Kong branch.


    Currently doing Blockchain solutions for Supply Chain Management using Smart-contracts, and distributed ledgers to provide a collaborative trust in trade. #TTDocks

    JC Awe

    Edited on October 10, 2017
    Hi from Lisbon!
    Hi(Ni Hao) Ameer, other BG founders and everyone,

    I am Ivy Wangting Chen, a Chinese who is doing a master in Business in Lisbon.

    I am totally new here; literally had no knowledge about Blockchain before I had read it on wikipedia and had googled “Blockchain”…..which led me here!

    I read others’ introduction above.
    Wow! I am one of the small group without any IT related background(but I have some IT friends; Does it count? haha ).

    so I am here to know more, to learn, as I believe this can make(is making) a difference in the future.

    谢谢! Thanks!

    I´m obsessed with collaborative platforms which returns Justice and Freedom to society. I´m also a Promoter of Blockchain Tech and the Integration of Trust. People First!
    Me and my partners are starting to develop a buy&sale platform for Latin America to give the chance to the real people to get into space easily, to send and receive remittances through our mobile App without any fee if they use our Sfera Coin. We need help and advisory to achieve our goals. Can we get some of this in this community? Thanx for any help!
    I’m a long-time programmer in a number of fields, most recently in ed-tech. I briefly looked into bitcoin mining 4 years ago, bummed now that I didn’t stick with it. So now I’m planning to get serious about learning this tech and doing something interesting… no idea yet what that will be.
    Hello everyone, I’m a French guy working in the wine industry for quite a long time. Since I’ve started in that industry I’ve been always a sale guy working on the foreign market. Today I’m an Entrepreneur, acting on the European markets, Emirates and US.
    Since few month I’ve started looking more closely to the Blockchain, and I’m now at a point where I’ve identified few ideas/projects that I’d like to look more closely and see if any of those can become a true project. Looking first of all after extending my network, and for advisory, knowledge, expertise, contacts, a lot of things that will help developing this project.
    Hi Ameer,
    I’m Alex involved in Hyper Fast Big Data and Intellectual Capital.
    Blockchain/Cryptocurrency (and digital BP’s) generate a lot archive data. Distributed archives must be securely accessed for verification and hacker proof.
    I’m active with IC management too.
    We are providers of knowledge and coaching to MNC, Finance, Governments and the startup economy. We help building the future economic development, measuring prosperity and revenue streams. IC management helps driving disruptive innovation. Making intellectual capital explicit…as a balance sheet value.
    Once IC is documented, audited and approved, IC assets can be used as financing collateral. We are present after 30 years in all major markets and world leaders too.
    We help to drive disruptive innovation, predict future revenues and reduce risks in the knowledge driven economy.
    Edited on October 12, 2017

    This is Ravi working for DXC Technology and into service delivery operations for Farmers insurance. Totally, 10 years of experience into IT sector.

    I was in to development of applications using Microsoft .Net technologies.

    Just heard BlockChain and wanted to involve more as its transparent and innovative.

    Hi Ameer, thanks for allowing me in.
    Am a programmer for last 12 years and want to learn about blockchain/bitcoin/ethereum and related technologies.
    Digest as much and quick as I can and do some proto. Hoping to be able to work on it in future.
    I’m a programming mathematician with experience in operations research. I’ve written a wide range of mathematical applications, but leave the interface stuff to the artists. Orbital mechanics, nuclear weapons effects, mapping, big data. Most of my career seems to revolve around learning some complex math/system, then translating it to users.

    I am working with a VC who is interested in getting a couple of blockchain-enabled projects going, not really the Bitcoin/Ether type projects, but would need the blockchain security.

    Hi everyone, I have been following Bitcoin and blockchain for the last 2 years because a friend of mine is an early adopter. I am not a coder; but I DO understand technology – I worked with engineers to beta test web based applications back in the late 90’s. I have extensive startup experience and in the last 10 years, I was in healthcare administration. I am excited to join the group … 🙂
    Hello Ameer,
    Thanks you for starting this community, I am software developer in a networking firm and eagerness to know everything about block chain has brought me here. I look forward interact with the every growing community here and learn more about blockchain
    I am a freelancer in the fields of management, Information Technology, theatre, and many more. I have had several guidebooks on managerial subjects for various professional courses in India published through M/s Varsha Publications, Pune, India. I have also written over 40 drama scripts and 300+ songs for various schools in India.

    I am keenly interested in new technologies, especially those that can enable people to legally avoid governmental control.

    Hi Ameer,

    Thanks for welcoming me. I am fairly new at BlockChain and Crypto’s and would like to learn a bit more about them. I am a software developer myself, specializing in developing rotational molding software.
    I might in future be interested in creating a coin for funding some of my projects, including my social Hands-Up, NPO project.

    Kind Regards,

    Hello Ameer,

    The blockchain technology is very interesting concept that I would like to explore using it in our business domain…Lots to learn. Looking forward to some great information from the fellow blockgeeks.


    I am an Investor, Entrepreneur and Life & Business Coach looking for understanding and developing business models around Blockchain technology to solve world’s challenges and create wealth for one and all.

    I develop end-to-end BPO type of solution for specific end-users needs based on my outsourcing expertise.
    Next evolution is for me to be able to implement smart contracts using blockchain technology.
    I am in a search process to understand the way to make it happen.
    Regards, PJ.

    I’m the founder and CEO of Wide Awake Media Ltd (Ireland)- you can see me quoted in well over 100 articles web wide on one of WAM’s businesses- Awake Dating- the dating site for those with a ‘socially inconvenient awareness’. Any many of our 17000+ members are crypto enthusiasts.

    Our company is booming with huge press and TV based on our business soon to be aired, and we are poised to bring the ‘awake/conspiracy/truther’ market quality media content (through the first ‘awake’ 24hr streamed commercial channel) and social sites of free speech and change.

    We’re launching our own equity coin/user token offering- with unique features and a humanist ethos- hence our IT and Systems Manager said ‘Hey Jarrod, you should get on this’ So here I am. Happy to meet people riding ‘the first crypto wave’ and those with insights, advice or comments.

    Live long and prosper et al.