What does Warren Buffett think about Bitcoin?


The public views of Warren Buffet seem to be very varied. Back in 2014 he was quoted as saying bitcoin was a mirage and to stay clear of it. Other quotes seem to have him recognizing that the cost effectiveness of bitcoin for international transactions. I think as the underlying blockchain gains increased traction we will see him become more vocal.

    Apt!! It would strike me as atypical for any party (whoever…??) who is so heavily invested in a “system” (the international currency as managed by the IMF’s SDR mechanism which basically holds the purse strings of EVERY sovereign nation – my view) to express even the mildest degree of support for any other “system” that totally negates the core objectives of its system – namely subterfuge and secrecy around true money supply, wealth and the manipulation of markets (and nations) to suit its end game objective. In short – Bitcoin is transparent, at least in as far as what lead to a “as-is” status. Who in the international community REALLY wants that transparency? If h the “party” does “chime in” I would put good odds on a comment to mislead & confuse? Dunno, maybe just my oblique view of the world?