as an example, there are initiatives of registering university degrees and different educational certificates on the top of the blockchain: creating solutions where Blockchain becomes something like a hacking-resistance, certified, oublic Diploma store.
    Blockchain is the most honest technology of all times. One that ethereum enabled smart contracts can help set a deadline for checking of copies and announcing the results and publishing them in a matter of minutes.
    Secondly, if all the marks are on blockchain then they would never ever be deleted from the system. That means name of the person on the marksheet, his date of birth and his unique identity including his educational inclination would be stored as a data bank.
    Futuristically, Ethereum conditional smart contracts can help teachers conclude their sessions on time and make sure that the courses are completed in accordance to the set schedules. Simply speaking they work on the ‘if-then-else’ programmes, thereby may remenurate or promote teachers who finish their courses in sync with the schedule.
    Suppose, if your child’s time to leave for the school and come back is registered on blockchain, which is connected to the parents’ accounts as well. You will always have proof of his attendance at school and the durations he spent in the school building. You might feel safer as a parent.
    Blockchains can immensely work in the field of fee-collection processes and for school related accounting, particularly for big set ups or schools with many branches all around the world.
    Blockchain is also known as the digital ledger technology and was initially designed for the fin-tech industry. It still serves best over there.
    A public blockchain can become the immutable record for all education, skill achievement and work experience. K12, Universities, and skills agencies (vocational tech, military, etc) can all have appropriate smart contracts that connect to the public blockchain and build a permanent education/skills record.
    @atawde – yes, love this.
    Education is monopolized by central planners with agendas. Decentralizing “knowledge sharing frameworks” ( I like this term better than schools ) allows for the creation of a new type of educational platform. A platform that can create new type of degrees and certifications. How? as you note, connecting SME’s within the framework and attaching syllabus and tracks within a profitable business model. Think BYOT – Bring your own teacher to the degree.
    I like this idea a lot, and the image in my mind is Coursea/Udmy on blockchian. My exp is that I took a online course but didn’t download all the materials after the course concluded, with the expectation that it will be there when I needed, then found out that when I needed the material the course provider removed the materials for one reason or another. If it is on the blockchain students won’t have this issue
    I am working on a project where trainers will be get paid for creating the content and learners for learning. Today, students need lot of motivation to learn new things and many drop out in between. We need to understand why one will learn if he is not using that in his life for living his earning. A blockchain elearning project will solve such things and students can get earning from day 1.

    Love this idea- incentivizing learning, make it into a game of sorts, or even have core competencies connect directly to employers which need those skills within a given job. It would work as a way to authenticate specific skills, what level a person is within a skillset and also be a database where credentials are kept. Interesting ideas….
    – Brendan