What value does Blockchain add to invoice discounting software


We are building a invoice discounting software, I’d like to know how blockchain can add value, on behalf of the banker.
So basically the seller uploads the invoice and ships the goods, the buyer confirms receipt. The bank pays the seller immediately and later gets the money from the buyer with interest. The bank has pre approved the credit limit

One of the other banks named Yes bank has implemented the same solution using blockchain. Please find details in the article


    We have done some studies into blockchain logistics payments and settlements. This is indeed a huge business and applications case for the blockchain. The bad news to banks, is that they are (for the most part) not needed. Here is why
    1. Funds for the goods are secured in the smart contract (I’ll address source of the funds later) and SC works as an escrow.
    2. Shipment is equipped with IOT GPS enabled devices allowing real-time tracking of the shipment.
    3. at the point of embarkation or dis-embarkation trusted 3rd party freight fwd/ shipping co. (Oracle) verifies the quality and q-ty of goods to the SC.
    4. Once goods hit the port of destination and cleared by another Oracle (depends on SC terms) payment is released by SC.
    Ofc it’s very simple process description.
    Now, the best part is that source of funds can be not only received from the bank who charges hefty fees, but crowdfunded! The not the best of all of the above, is that no shipper or importer won’t deal with cryptocurrencies as method of payment, and banks are antiquated to provide their APIs to the SC to draw funds from. Not mentioning huge security implication. That’s what we work on CryptoCash model (fiat on blockchain) to allow this business to exist.