Well I am planning to setup several farms in a somehow 360 days sun environment – only powered by photovoltaics plus storage to ensure constant energy provision. In using our newest technology we can assure currentfree transformation of energy into the batteries – with the effect of

    – up to 800% increase in harvesting
    – massive reduction in cost (LCoE) of the harvesting system.

    Obviously based on my calculations on #BTC the price should at least surf at the 1000 USD range or above.

    Partly refinancing “the thus setup parts of the cloud” will be by selling over-energy (not used by the farms) to the local energy markets.

    I only discovered block chain functionality recently as cryptocurrency was not on my radar. I am setting up a large consortium to re-invent “PRIMARY HEALTH CARE FOR THE MAJORITY” within the South African government’s National Health Insurance health plan (population 45 million). The operating model is being structured to be deployed to sub-Saharan Africa (healthcare population > 250 million). Block chain has an intuitive attraction for me as the core “summary transaction record” underpinning all interactions between provider structures and the patient. There is no “mining” activity involved – this is where my first mental block occurs – I suspect that the block chain community, by and large, strongly links block chain to some form of “currency” and “mining”. What I am striving to achieve is to ensure is that all healthcare interactions are accurately recorded, cannot be tampered with, and have the highest level of information security possible applied to them. My proposed architecture has a block chain core as the central “interaction summary” between the individual patient/clinician/institution core (a person centered block chain) accessed from a bio metric personal identification front end that points to IPFS as the actual repository of all a patients records. I want to expand this to include smart contract (etherium & eport??) to administer “contracts” such as special procedure prescription and authorization thru to repeat medication dispensing via e-prescriptions for chronic medication.