Blockchain Send/Transfer Issues

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Blockchain Send/Transfer Issues

I am a customer for Blockchain where i normally purchase bitcoin and use it for transactions elsewhere. About 2 weeks ago i purchased some more amount of bitcoin again from Blockchain but when trying to Send/transfer it to my invetment account , I received a notification that ‘It will take up to 7 days for the transfer to complete which never happened before that way’. I sent email and other messages to Blockchain to clarify but no response, it has been over 7 days now and the transfer has never taken place. Please do you know how i go about this issues. am very desperate.


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Hi John, has been responsive usually with their support. Is your investment account also on And had you reached a certain limit to your account in case your account was not verified? And do you have the tx ID for the transfer you made? Maybe the fees was too low?

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