We’re building a better decentralized world by bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency education to everyone.

Our Mission

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have been incredibly complex worlds from the very beginning. Ask anyone without significant programming or mathematics knowledge to make sense of the Bitcoin white paper, and they’re going to have a pretty hard time.

We want to change that. Through our innovative online guides and courses, we remove the high barrier to entry in the blockchain world. Bitcoin mining? Market caps? Regulations? Smart contracts? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. At Blockgeeks, you’ll find easy to understand breakdowns for every aspect of this revolutionary technology.

Ethan Widing

I wanted to transition into working with technology, from a non-technical background and the Blockgeeks provided me the path I needed to follow.

Austyn Wunsche

Blockgeeks courses gave me the confidence to participate in more Blockchain hackathons and expand my knowledge on Blockchain Solidity development. Well organized, interesting, and easy to follow along with, the Blockgeeks courses allow me to keep up to date on what’s going on in the Blockchain space! Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Our Students

We have thousands of students across many industries. Beginners, cryptocurrency investors, developers, technology entrepreneurs, regulators, and financial executives all trust Blockgeeks to keep them up to date on the rapid changes in blockchain.

Our students don’t just learn: we start them on their own journeys into the space. Whether that’s using our streamlined exchange to buy their first cryptocurrency, developers receiving job support, or earning specialized certificates of knowledge encoded on the blockchain.

Blockgeeks is a one stop shop for anyone looking to make sense of this technology, and interact with it.

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Our Story

Founded in 2017, Blockgeeks quickly became the premiere source for blockchain and cryptocurrency education. Whether it was our world-class course catalogue, our developer outreach, or our hackathon and lecture presence - Blockgeeks was everywhere.

And we’ve never stopped growing. Our course offerings continue to expand as blockchain technology does, we have industry experts that teach Master Programs, we reward our students with Bitcoin for learning, and we publish in-depth explorations of new projects, protocols, and coins.

Here’s to a decentralized future that’s accessible to all.

Who’s behind Blockgeeks?

  • Dmitry Buterin
  • Ameer Rosic
  • Vlad Martynov
  • Rajarshi Mitra
  • Dmitry Buterin
    Dmitry Buterin

    Founder of three multi-million dollar businesses, including the top-ranked membership management software company, Wild Apricot, which provides tools and guidance to over 16,000 non-profit organisations.

  • Ameer Rosic
    Ameer Rosic

    Ameer Rosic is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, investor and a Blockchain evangelist as the CEO of Blockgeeks Inc. Ameer is also a speaker and has spoken about blockchain at Mars and Western University, as well as a respected blogger in the blockchain field who has appeared as a speaker on sites like VentureBeat, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb and Engadget.

  • Vlad Martynov
    Vlad Martynov

    Vlad Martynov has twenty years of diverse experience in software and digital technology as a co-founder, angel investor and CEO of several highly successful startups, including the creator of the world’s first dual-screen smartphone YotaPhone. Martynov has also held senior positions at companies like Microsoft and SAP.

  • Rajarshi Mitra
    Rajarshi Mitra

    Rajarshi has been involved in the cryptospace for quite some time now. He has been writing our guides and helping our readers understand the mechanics behind the madness. He aims to be THE leading voice in cryptocurrency and believes that Blockgeeks gives him the ideal platform to do so. When he is not writing he is traveling or trekking the Himalayas.

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