We’re building a better decentralized world by bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency education to everyone.

Our Mission

BlockGeeks was founded in 2016 by three entrepreneurs with a shared belief that blockchain technology would transform the world. Today, with 250,000 email subscribers and 200,000 daily website visitors, BlockGeeks is one of the largest blockchain education hubs on the internet.

Understanding blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance technology can be difficult and overwhelming if you have no technical background. But in order to participate in the emerging cryptoeconomy, you need to understand what you’re getting into. What are the risks, what are the rewards? How does blockchain work? Why does DeFi matter? What opportunities are there in crypto investing for the future?

BlockGeeks is here to give the experts in the field a platform to share their knowledge.

Ethan Widing

I wanted to transition into working with technology, from a non-technical background and the Blockgeeks provided me the path I needed to follow.

Austyn Wunsche

Blockgeeks courses gave me the confidence to participate in more Blockchain hackathons and expand my knowledge on Blockchain Solidity development. Well organized, interesting, and easy to follow along with, the Blockgeeks courses allow me to keep up to date on what’s going on in the Blockchain space! Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Our Students

We have thousands of students across many industries. Beginners, cryptocurrency investors, developers, technology entrepreneurs, regulators, and financial executives all trust Blockgeeks to keep them up to date on the rapid changes in blockchain.

Our students don’t just learn: they embark on their own journeys into the vastness of the crypto space.

Blockgeeks is a global hub for anyone looking to make sense of, interact with, or invest in blockchain technology. Our course offerings continue to expand as blockchain technology does. We have industry experts that teach Master Programs, we publish in-depth guides on new projects, protocols, and coins. And our premium course offerings provide students with access to some of the top minds in blockchain and crypto, to learn, ask questions, and network.

Here’s to a decentralized future that’s accessible to all.

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Dmitry Buterin

Founder of three multi-million dollars businesses, including the top-ranked membership management software company, Wild Apricot, which serves over 20,000 non-profit organisations. Co-founder of BlockGeeks.com, angel investor and mentor for blockchain startups.

Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, investor and co-founder of Blockgeeks. He is currently steward of Dollarcake, an on chain browser extension that helps creators monetize their social networks.

Vlad Martynov

Vlad is the CEO and Executive Chairman of Iceberg Sports Analytics, a Canadian sports analytics company, which utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning technologies. Vlad is a 20-year veteran of the international tech industry.

Our Team

  • Andrew Zapotochnyi
  • Matthew Baggetta
  • Mike Fisher
  • Saarah Rasheed
  • Andrew Zapotochnyi
    Andrew Zapotochnyi

    Chief Executive Officer, international blockchain entrepreneur with a ten-year career leading teams, launching new ventures, leading strategic development, and creating successful products.

  • Matthew Baggetta
    Matthew Baggetta

    Chief Content Officer, former PhD candidate and experienced B2B SaaS content marketing strategist and creator, leading content development, strategy and execution.

  • Mike Fisher
    Mike Fisher

    Chief Technology Officer, entrepreneur and DevOps engineer with ten years experience maintaining and developing full-stack operations for blockchain companies.

  • Saarah Rasheed
    Saarah Rasheed

    Head of Customer Support, quantitative investment analyst, and experienced blockchain engineer and professional.

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