Blockchain wallets

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Blockchain wallets

Sorry I’m a complete noob with all of this, but I’m curious if there’s a way to transfer BTC back to the BTC trading wallet instead of having it in just a regular BTC wallet. I know how to transfer from trading wallet to regular but not the other way around. I copied and pasted what I thought was the trading wallet address and it turned out to be wrong and I lost £20. If anyone could help that would be amazing! Thanks 😊


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You want to transfer from regular to trading wallet? Go to your trading site and go to deposit option, from there you will find the options available, choose deposit via bitcoin and then you’ll be provided with a wallet address and a QR code. Using your regular wallet app, you can either scan the QR code to avoid any typos or just copy paste the wallet address to your regular app. Set the amount and fees and you are good to go!

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