Freelance translation for crypto

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Freelance translation for crypto

I am inquiring if anyone could point me to any websites that pay for translation jobs with crypto? I already have a translation background and education, but I am trying to learn some programming with Blockgeeks and Codeacademy to have a more diversified and marketable skill set to be able to reach a broader audience.


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You’d have to search for it, but I have seen certain crypto news sites that translate content from other website into their native languages (mostly Japenese or Chinese). If you have that sort of background you could try that. On the other hand if you get a good grasp over technical content, you can assist educational websites or resources section of it (that exists for most exchanges and blockchain projects) with structuring course content to optimize audience retention or help new projects with breaking down their vision/purpose into educational content for potential audience to learn about them.

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