MyBit revolutionizes asset management by enabling the secure administration of ownership via a decentralized, golden source ledger. It effectively removes single point of failure risk, reliance on third-party escrow agents, and much of the friction in traditional systems. MyBit’s design is optimized to increase the accessibility of asset management and investment services by utilizing innovative technology to lower costs. Governed by a profit sharing smart contract, MyBit is the first DApp that truly bridges the gap between physical and digital realms while enabling investors to partake in revenue distributions.


Ian Worrall: Tokenizing AI, Smart Energy And Ownership


Ian Worrall: Tokenizing AI, Smart Energy And Ownership



Ian Worrall, Serial Entrepreneur and investor in the high-tech industry with a focus on the financial, Blockchain, decentralized application, and IoT sectors.

I have been mentioned on various media outlets including: Yahoo Finance, Silicon Angle, Bitcoin Magazine, IB times,, and most notable I was interviewed by CNBC during the largest IPO in history as Alibaba opened for trading.

Early investor in Triple Analytics, Remodeez, The DAO, AquaTree

Top 30 Under 30 – Charlotte, NC 2016



    Hello Ian , I am a blockchain enthusiast and still learning. I would like to know more about blockchain use case in both conventional and renewable energy space, as this is one of my interest