ArcBlock Announces New Features and Product Updates at Live Blockchain Event in Shanghai

ArcBlock Announces New Features and Product Updates at Live Blockchain Event in Shanghai

Updated on: January 13th, 2022 2022-01-13 11:44:38
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Today ArcBlock, a leading blockchain platform, and 3.0 ecosystem held its live Blockchain Odyssey event “BUIDL for the Future” in Shanghai, China.  ArcBlock’s team was joined by partners, investors, m

Today ArcBlock, a leading blockchain platform, and 3.0 ecosystem held its live Blockchain Odyssey event “BUIDL for the Future” in Shanghai, China.  ArcBlock’s team was joined by partners, investors, media and community supporters who represent a wide range of industries and leading companies such as Huatai Securities, Shanghai Automobile Industrial Corporation (SAIC), NIO, Lixiang Automobile, Morningside Capital, Draper Ventures and more. 

The Blockchain Odyssey Shanghai was designed to introduce attendees to the future of blockchain and decentralized applications.  Throughout the event, guests were presented with discussions and demonstrations of real companies who using ArcBlock’s blockchain platform to build and deliver real-world applications and services globally.  Some of the talks included:

  • BUILD For the Future by Robert Mao, Jean Chen & Shijun Wang, Intro to ArcBlock
  • Back to the Future by ArcBlock partners, Ecosystem Product Demos
    • Future De-Fi, Huatai Securities
    • Future Cars, ArcBlock
    • Future dApps, DappsRun
    • Future Games, Gravity Wave Interactive
    • Future Data, Ourea Community
    • Future Investment, ABT Consensus Community

Development Platform Updates

ArcBlock announced the release of several new platform and website updates to improve the user experience and the release of ArcBlock Blocklets. Combined with the Forge Framework, Blocklets give developers instant access to helpful modules, smart contracts, libraries, front-end views and more that can be used individually to start building a dApp or combined to build a complete dApp and can be launched by a simple command as demonstrated during CEO Robert Mao’s keynote speech.  Starting today, developers can also create and offer Blocklets to other developers and users creating new revenue streams and services for others in the ecosystem to use. 

Customer Success and Profiles

ArcBlock’s event also showcased new blockchain-ready solutions and development capabilities as demonstrated through event panels given by current customers in diverse industries such as gaming, data marketplace, government, automotive, finance, and app development. 

Gravity Waves Interactive

Gravity Waves Interactive is launching a sandbox game where their developers have integrated blockchain technologies into their gaming mechanics to offer their users new digital experiences including the ability to own any digital asset they create in the game including the ability to save, sell, trade or exchange those assets with any other user. 


DIDBANK is solving the challenge of data in the new sharing economy by creating a self-sovereign identity-based data marketplace that enables users to control, protect and sell their data when and where they want.  DIDBANK is leveraging ArcBlock platform capabilities including decentralized identity and the ABT Wallet to enable users to sell personal data for purposes such as advertising, research, financial uses and more.  A key part of their offering is their semantic network that utilizes Fast Pay payment between buyers and sellers making it simple and easy. 

Modern-Day Blockchain Playbook

Guests at the event received limited edition copies of ArcBlock’s Modern Blockchain Playbook.  The Blockchain Playbook was conceived as a way to share important learnings, best practices and core concepts for anyone interested in the blockchain industry directly from the ArcBlock team.  The book includes demonstrations and overviews of real-world application of blockchain by showing real-world use case examples, technical documentation and more. 

ArcBlock will be holding additional Blockchain Odyssey events throughout China and North America, as well as their first DevCon0 event in November.  Anyone interested in learning more about ArcBlock’s developer platform, Blocklets or the Blockchain Odyssey Shanghai event, simply visit for more information. 

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