How to Hire a Good Blockchain Developer (Ultimate Guide)

Passionate Global Blockchain Educator & Developer

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If you are an expert blockchain developer in the space we would love to chat with you. We are, a blockchain edu-tech startup based in Toronto, Canada. From our launch in Sep

If you are an expert blockchain developer in the space we would love to chat with you.

We are, a blockchain edu-tech startup based in Toronto, Canada. From our launch in Sep 2016, we have already scaled to over a million monthly visitors and have over 45,000 members daily. We are located in the heart of Toronto in a beautiful 6 thousand SQ foot headquarter and have one the best teams in the industry.

Blockgeeks brings affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.

Blockgeeks is more than just an edu-tech startup, we are a family a family that believes in a brighter future. A future where Blockchain technology helps the world.

We’re changing the way the world learns, and we want you to be a part of it.


Our mission at Blockgeeks is to teach over 10,000 developers a year in blockchain to accelerate the ecosystem.

Blockgeeks is looking for developers who are fluent in blockchain technology and ethereum to lead our team in developing online training, and at the same time work on amazing projects and startups as well as become a global figure in the blockchain ecosystem. You will be working alongside one of the best leaders and developers in the industry such as Ledger Labs and Blockgeekslab as we grow this startup together

We are recruiting the future face and leader of our online blockchain education platform that takes a blended approach which combines instructor-led training and e-learning to teach thousands of developers around the world and to become a global figure.


Blockgeeks proudly creates the Developers of tomorrow: the people who develop the technology that lifts
the human condition

Do you have what it takes to become a globally recognized and trusted educator in a collaborative, ultra fast-paced, egoless environment?

Are you able to learn quickly and absorb new information?

Are you able to act without being told what to do and bring new ideas to the team?


  • Understanding of ethereum and the inner workings of the EVM.
  • Experience with web3.js.
  • Understanding Cryptographic protocols (using GPG/PGP is a plus).
  • Understanding smart contracts and ERC20 Tokens.
  • Understanding Ethereum and/or bitcoin blockchain, and has experience with Solidity, Clojure, or Serpent.

Side Note:

If you are just getting into Blockchain Development and only know a fraction of this, we would still love to talk to you. There might be a role for you.

What’s in it for you?

  • Work on the industry leading blockchain projects
  • Be at the forefront of an exciting, fast-paced, and hyper-growth industry
    Forge new relationships and connections with global leaders in the blockchain industry.
  • You’ll learn more than you thought was possible; our team is obsessed with personal and professional growth.
  • Opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who started multiple seven figure businesses.
  • Freedom to plan, implement and lead the development of the technology platform
  • Competitive salary and potential for scaling your earnings


$60K – $200K
equity 0.5% – 5.0%

Does this sound like the perfect role for you?

Please send your resume to AND tell us how this role aligns with your experience and personal purpose in this world.

Ameer Rosic
#SerialEntrepreneur, Investor, #Digitalmarketing Adviser and Cofounder of @Blockgks a #blockchain innovation hub

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