DApps The Future Of Blockchain

DApps The Future Of Blockchain

Updated on: October 7th, 2021 2021-10-07 11:38:05
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DApps is defined as a decentralized application. It works on the blockchain or P2P network. Blockchains are a major force disrupting the digital world. Back in the day, did you ever imagine that the i

DApps is defined as a decentralized application. It works on the blockchain or P2P network. Blockchains are a major force disrupting the digital world. Back in the day, did you ever imagine that the internet would become an integral part of our life and work? No one has imagined the current technological changes during the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s. But, as technology began to engulf our lives, people started to accept the technological changes and adapt to it.

Likewise, many countries have widely started to integrate blockchain into several industries. If blockchains become widely used in all fields of work, then it naturally improves digital security as data stored on blockchains are immutable. They cannot be altered, modified or deleted.

Why DApps?

We know that DApps work on blockchain technology. Blockchain is essentially a network made of decentralized nodes that can be used to access a DApp service. DApps won’t work on centralized hosting servers like traditional applications. Thus, DApps are censorship-resistant and ensure privacy and security.

In centralized applications, people’s data can be tracked by the service providers. In centralized hosting servers, tracking of people’s data is easy because your personal information, including your name, phone number, email address, IP address and other metadata may be stored by the service. The data will be in plain text and won’t be encrypted. So it becomes easy for any party with the authorization or the technical know-how, such as the government or a skilled hacker, to get ahold of your information if they wanted to. It is impossible to neglect the privacy threats posed by centralized applications but they can be easily replaced with more secure DApps.

Usage of DApps


DApps were first launched in the field in 2017. Most people were unaware of DApps during that period. DApps were also in their infancy. People required a fair bit of technical knowledge just to use them.


Nowadays, the usage of DApps is getting more and more attention among the people. Over 1 million people have started using DApps since they gained popularity in 2020. However, there is still a lack of awareness about DApps.

Reasons behind a lull in usage of DApps:

  • People are unaware about privacy on the internet.
  • DApps require a fair bit of technical skills to use.
  • Not easily accessible by all users.

Future of DApps: Beldex

Beldex is developing user-friendly DApps. Here, the issues faced by the people are minimised since Beldex DApps are developed to maximize ease of use. The data is first encrypted and then passes through a channel formed by the nodes on the Beldex blockchain. In nodes, the data will be stored in encrypted form. So your data will always remain secure.

Accessing the Beldex Dapps is simple and easy. Users can download them just like any other app, create an account in a few simple steps, and start using it. There is no need to enter information like name, mobile number, or e-mail id. It is highly censorship-resistant and no one can obtain any information from the Beldex blockchain.

When you create an account, you are provided with a unique private key. You can restore your account only by using the private key. So, users should save their private key in a safe place. Writing it down on paper rather than saving a digital copy of it adds more security to your account. DApps support all features like normal centralized apps. DApps are regarded for the utility of their in-house tokens. But Beldex DApps are not only beneficial for crypto users, all people can find them beneficial.

Beldex is rectifying all kinds of issues faced by the people while using DApps that don’t encrypt data. Let us know what DApps are in development by Beldex.

Beldex private ecosystem DApps


BChat is a private chatting application used to chat with others. The account can be created with a few simple steps without entering your personal details. During the account creation, private key and public key will be generated. This public key is used to connect with other people while the private key is used for account restoration. The messages are end-to-end encrypted; other than sender and receiver, no one can see or alter users text because it is stored on immutable and decentralized Beldex blockchain nodes.


BelNet is a dVPN service used to mask your IP address and mask your location. Even a centralized VPN can do this but due to their centralized nature, they are susceptible to data leaks when compromised. Compromised VPNs bare your personal information for the world to see. You will lose your privacy. However, the BelNet service stores the information about source traffic in an encrypted form in decentralized servers. Thus, it is virtually impossible to hack into the network, while the network participants cannot view your IP. 

Beldex Browser:

It helps to get rid of ad-related problems on the internet. Whatever we browse on the internet gets tracked by the websites that we visit, and targeted ads will interrupt our browsing by popping up wherever we go. This is overcome by the Beldex Browser. The Beldex browser doesn’t track or save your browsing data. To secure your data, Beldex Browser helps you by blocking cookies, Javascript, and metadata.

Final Thoughts

With lots of advantages on Beldex DApps, the future will be more secure than the present. People can feel safe, secure, and always retain their privacy. The secure path is in front of you, make the best today to make your life better tomorrow.


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