How Bitvo is becoming Canada’s Premier Cryptocurrency Exchange

Updated on: January 13th, 2022 2022-01-13 11:44:52
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Bitvo is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that has solved all of the pain points surrounding buying, selling, trading and spending Cryptocurrency. This article will explore the ways in which Bitvo i

Bitvo is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that has solved all of the pain points surrounding buying, selling, trading and spending Cryptocurrency. This article will explore the ways in which Bitvo is different from other exchanges, designed with user experience and safety in mind.

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly emerging sector with an absolutely unforgiving steep learning curve. Bitvo is an exchange that provides cryptocurrency buying, selling and trading opportunities for people of all experience levels to safely utilize. The interface and design of the exchange is very well organized and customer service is available 24/7, though, unlike other exchanges, there are no delays or unforeseen circumstances that may prompt a user to seek support.

Safety and Security

Before taking a look at the features and functions of an exchange, the first critical question a potential user must ask themselves is: Is this safe, secure, and legal? Canada continues to be in the spotlight due to recent events surrounding cryptocurrency exchange malpractice, and so Canadians are more than ever critical about where they choose to conduct their business. Bitvo is owned and operated by banking and security experts, leveraging their industry knowledge and experience to make sure everything is up to date and up to the highest standards. Superior customer support with 24/7 email, chat, and phone services along with a proprietary cold storage solutions for user funds mean clients can sleep well at night, and are welcome to call should any questions or issues arise.

An Exclusive Strategic Alliance with a Schedule I Canadian Bank

Bitvo has established a strategic banking partnership with a regulated Canadian financial institution. A very impressive feat with tremendous positive implications. Users can rest assured knowing that their fiat funds are located securely in Canada and subject to Canadian Banking Regulations. Bitvo operates on a full reserve basis, which means all customers are trading from pre-funded accounts. Client funds are segregated and legally distinct from Bitvo’s business and operating accounts. The cryptocurrencies available and traded on Bitvo themselves are screened for association with bad actors and illicit activity through an independent, third-party service. To explore even more about security practices at Bitvo, go to

Getting Registered & Started with Crypto in 24 Hours or less

Bitvo has a very quick and simple sign up process, followed by a wide variety of funding options available to users. These funding options are quick, easy, and always free. Registered users are able to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, XRP, Dash, and Ethereum Classic. Withdraw options are available that meet users’ needs and timing. Bitvo stands behind the “Bitvo Same Day Guarantee” which completely removes the friction Canadian cryptocurrency exchange users typically face, granting users instant account registration (get trading right away), same day processing of deposit  and withdrawal transactions (often within the hour) and live customer support by phone, email or online chat. The inexperienced cryptocurrency users of today may take the duration of these processes for granted, as typically other exchanges can take weeks or months to on-board users, with little to no communication or support along the way.

Spending your Crypto in the Real World with Bitv

With industry-leading security and user experience, Bitvo created the Bitvo Cash Card to take cryptocurrency adoption to the next frontier for Canadians. Cryptocurrency is struggling to decouple from being a static asset/store of value, with the Bitvo Cash Card, users can spend their cryptocurrency anywhere Visa is accepted. Funds in users’ Bitvo Accounts can be made available on the Bitvo Cash Card, allowing rapid real world spending. Users can use the Bitvo Cash Card to make purchases or withdraw cash at any of the 2 million ATM’s available across 200 countries where Visa or Plus is accepted. To learn more please visit

Blockchain Education & Better Trading Decisions for Crypto Traders

Bitvo is helping to educate the public about cryptocurrencies and fill in the gaps for first time users and traders of crypto. Users of Bitvo can log into their accounts and check out: for some easy to follow analysis on crypto assets. Offered by no other cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitvo’s Technical Analysis Score and Technical Analysis Indicators provide unique insights to assist in making buy and sell decisions. Those new to cryptocurrency trading may enjoy the simplicity of the Technical Analysis Score, which provides easy to digest overall scores ranging from Excellent to Poor, while more experienced traders are provided with a full range of Technical Analysis Indicators that can be applied to all cryptocurrencies offered on the Bitvo platform.

Everyone is encouraged to visit to browse educational material on Bitvo’s Education centre — no account or sign up is required! This platform offers educational articles, with helpful information for newcomers and veterans in the space, loaded with tips, weekly trading updates to keep you in tune with significant news and market trend changes. Subscribe to Bitvo’s newsletter to receive it in your inbox.

The Team Behind Bitvo

Analyzing the members of Bitvo at, there are decades of experience in Business, Banking, Accounting, Security, Law, and development at play. The team is very well connected and, again, unlike other exchanges, they are actually there for you to see, contact, and reference. By gauging the operation from launch and how the team has executed thus far, it leaves an inspiring confidence for what’s to come.

Ready for Institutional and Large Volume Trading

High volume traders and businesses that trade crypto are able to call into the Bitvo Trading Desk and execute live trades over the phone. By leveraging the experience and knowledge of the Bitvo Team, clients are guaranteed to receive the best possible rates to ensure repeat business.

Liquidity and Volume

Bitvo was launched with traditional banking and investment practices in mind. Large volume buyers expect fast execution on orders, and most Canadian exchanges do not have the luxury of speed. Bitvo is partnered with three global exchanges to provide ongoing liquidity and fast order execution. The Bitvo trading team can easily handle over the counter orders ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000+ CAD.

The Future of Bitvo

The drums of regulation beat louder as laws and systems are being put in place for all cryptocurrency services around the world. Canada is no exception, and luckily a leader in this regard. After all is said and done, many cryptocurrency exchanges and services around today will not exist in the near future due to their lack of cooperation with laws. Bitvo is working alongside regulators, complying every step of the way to ensure that the exchange operates with no pauses or delays. From inception, Bitvo has listed crypto assets that it does not consider to be securities, avoiding any friction for customers and themselves with regulators. Further, Bitvo aims to continue excelling in being the best cryptocurrency exchange for Canadians everyday.

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