How to AMA

An Intro to AMAs

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything,”  term used to describe interviewing people.

All AMA’s are done by Text base replies. Very similar to Reddit.

Guests will receive questions before the live AMA and during the AMA.

The guest can choose to answers which questions he/she wants to.

Here, you’ll find a number of AMA’s we had

Sunny Ray
Richard Olsen
Leanne kemp

How AMA Work’s


Guest picks a date and time to hold the AMA

Guest will then get a link to share/promote with his/her audience.

20 min before the AMA the guest will jump on Skype with Ameer to sign in and double check Technicalities

The guest will then proceed to the AMA to being answering questions

Once the AMA is done the guest will jump back on Skype to close off with Ameer