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Blockgeeks L+Earn Program

When you learn with Blockgeeks, you earn with Blockgeeks


Complete courses, read guides and ask questions


As you reach your learning goals, you'll collect Blocks along the way


Trade in the Blocks you’ve earned for cryptocurrency, special discounts, and other member perks

At Blockgeeks we believe in community-powered learning

Studies show that sharing and discussing lessons with other people can be hugely beneficial to internalizing new information. We wanted to give our students an extra push so that the more you put into your learning, the more you’ll get out.

How do you earn blocks?

Here’s a few examples, but there’s more to discover!

  • Fill out your Profile
  • Complete a Lesson
  • Complete a Course
  • L+earn activity
  • Read a Guide
  • Share a Guide

What can I redeem my blocks for?

Blocks are redeemable for many things, including cryptocurrency, special Blockgeeks discounts, and other membership bonuses that will be made available to our users

So trade in your blocks for Bitcoin, save money on your next subscription, or wait for an exclusive offer! The choice is yours

A Groundbreaking Learning Experience


Unlimited Course Access

Choose what you’d like to learn from our extensive subscription library - over 30+ Courses and Workshops and 500 lessons to choose from! We have something for everyone.

Expert Teachers

Learn from industry experts who are passionate about teaching.

Interactive Community

The world’s brightest Blockchain advocates come here to discuss & share trends and opportunities in the world of Blockchain.

Learn Anywhere

Switch between your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Become a community leader!

Join our community to unlock over 50 lessons, guides, and workshops!

Hungry for knowledge?
New guides and courses each week
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Market data, analysis, and reports
Just curious?
A community of blockchain experts to help

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