Parity’s Substrate-Focused Online Event Sub0 Kicks Off

Updated on: October 15th, 2020 2020-10-15 10:29:57
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Parity Technologies, the company that helped create Ethereum and Polkadot, is conducting a free online event devoted to its Substrate software development framework today. Called sub0, the conference

Parity Technologies, the company that helped create Ethereum and Polkadot, is conducting a free online event devoted to its Substrate software development framework today. Called sub0, the conference will feature key representatives from Parity and the projects building on top of Substrate.


A Conference to Popularize the Substrate Framework


Written in the highly reliable and scalable modern programming language Rust, Substrate provides developers with an easy-to-use tool kit to build blockchain and web3 applications and infrastructure. In addition to the primary Rust-based implementation, Substrate also offers one written in Javascript for developability and a WASM Web-Assembly interpreter. Substrate is particularly useful for creating parachains (an analogue of shards) on Polkadot, as well as other Polkadot-compatible chains. If the sub0 event’s lineup is any indication, the framework appears to be a hit with the Polkadot space, and Parity seems to intend to popularize it even further with sub0.


Among the speakers at the virtual meetup are Ethereum and Polkadot co-founder Gavin Wood, the key personnel from Parity, and a host of leaders of projects building of Substrate. The latter include Chronicled, Commonwealth Labs, and Purestake. The program is divided into four consecutive sections: an introductory section, Ecosystem and Partners, Ecosystem Partners and Tooling Projects, and Parallel Workshops Tracks.


The introductory section will, among other things, introduce the audience to Substrate, the functioning of nodes built on it, the creation of parachains on testnet and the smart contracts written in Rust. It will fittingly start with a keynote address by Wood. The first ecosystem part will feature most of the aforementioned projects building on Substrate. The second one will notably feature Snowfork’s project to achieve interoperability between Polkadot and Ethereum. Finally, the workshop session will offer attendees the choice among four practical exercises for all levels of blockchain mastery, including novices.


The sub0 virtual event will be held on the Crowdcast platform on October 15 between 12 and 7 pm CEST. Registration for the event is free of charge.


Parity Continuing to Build Web 3.0


Launched in 2015 by Gavin Wood, Parity remains one of the leading blockchain companies in the space. Its mission is to “build the infrastructure for the decentralized web.” It created and still maintains the second most popular Ethereum client, as well as an alternative client for Zcash called Zebra. Together with Web3 Foundation, it has recently released the Polkadot multi-chain network on mainnet.


Born out of differences in vision with the Ethereum leadership, Polkadot is a multi-chain platform consisting of a relay chain and parachains. The relay chain secures the parachains that can also exchange messages among themselves. Instead of smart contracts, Polkadot focuses primarily on having each parachain devoted to a particular decentralized application. Instead of an Ethereum-style virtual machine, it relies on the more modern WASM environment that runs inside a web browser for distributed computation. In another contrast to the second largest blockchain, Polkadot is based squarely on on-chain governance.

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