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Become a Blockchain Pro In Under 4 Weeks.
For Non-Developers.

Join our Blockchain for Business Accelerated Program Specifically made for Non-Developers and Non-Technical people and Help Bring Change to the World.


Are you getting information overload and feeling overwhelmed? Or worse yet, you want to learn but just have no time to sort through all the noise online?


Well you’ve come to the right spot. Our Accelerated Program will take your basic programmer knowledge and turn you into a blockchain developer, which will help you land your dream job or better yet, give you the tools to create something great.

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  • In-depth project, protocol, personal and research for crypto professionals
  • Weekly Crypto Market Analysis and Insights
  • Crypto assets, organizations, and people.
  • Member-only community forum
  • Unlimited course access, On-demand, expert-led video courses
  • New weekly webinars and access to Crypto workshops