1.)Since the DAO hack – are the Ether tokens that were stolen ($50M) worthless?considering an investment in Ether (via Coinbase).2.)Is it safe to assume that the value of Ether tokens will grow as more and more apps are developed on the Ethereum platform? (currently at $383.51)a.)Also, what drives the overall value of Ether tokens?


Like many others, I’m new to this, but love the concepts.

    1. The resolution of the whole DAO hack was a hard-fork in the Ethereum Blockchain
    resulted in refunding most of the money invested and resulting two have forking the
    Blockchain to Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.
    The hack was a result of a bug in the DAO smart contract code, so DAO tokens are worthless but Ether is not.

    3. The value of the tokens are based on the business model that they represent,
    like prediction market for Augur or Gnosis and on a lot of short term and long term speculation.
    Like short term speculation can be simply trading on changing rate, long term might be trust in the business model and developer team.