I think for now, as long as FIAT is dominant currency. Cryptos name will stay to differentiate the two.

    But you are right, in the future, it will be just called currency 🙂

    My understanding of the terminology:

    1. Government understands its fiat money in the stock market as the underlying asset.

    Fiat money – this money signs, the face value of which is established and guaranteed by the government, regardless of the value of the material from which money is made.

    2. Government understands any currency as the fiat (decree) the money of another Government.
    Government understands any currency in the stock market as a derivative of his own money (money signs).

    3. Crypto or crypto-technology – is the raw material for the production of money.
    There have been and there is money (money signs) of gold, silver, copper, paper.
    Already we have the money, digital, and now there will be money from the crypto material.

    Not every paper – a money sign. Not every crypto-materials – is money sign.

    Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum) – it’s not money signs. Cryptocurrency – a product made of raw crypto and is listed on the market, acting as a currency. According to the Government, you can enable or disable cryptocurrency in its jurisdiction.

    Crypto currency is computer output that has been created by and lives in full crypto / encrypted environment. In that sense the US Government might envisage to issue crypto dollars too. Instead of printing them or putting them as more zero’s to a bank account, they could trigger a new blockchain and acknowledge that the computer output there equals real USD and can be converted to real USD. I understand that there is already preliminary research for this.

    It would prevent counterfeit and if the anonymity and energy issues are solved, the idea is ready to fly.

    Contrary to the Bitcoin, the Crypto Dollars would be real dollars, backed up by a real economy and a guarantee of performance by a real government.

    There is a difference between sending an encrypted message (the human creates the message and than transmits it encrypted) and end-to-end encrypted.

    My two cents and always ready to discuss.