Cost Benefit Analysis for Blockchain-based solution


Hi, I am conducting feasibility study for Government Open Data blockchain-based solution. So far I am assessing 3 options (traditional centralised solution, public blockchain-based solution, private/consortium blockchain-based solution). I need to perform cost benefit analysis for all of the options, however it seems little bit difficult to analyse costs and benefits of the blockchain-based solutions in comparison to traditional IT solutions/systems. Is it possible to find any guidelines, best practises or economical models for this kind of CBA?

    almost impossible. needs total rethinking. especially with DLT tech cost are usually distributed to third party who for economic logic want to profit from upholding the infrastructure.
    Thx for your answer. Just for clarification. By “almost impossible” did you mean, that it’s almost impossible to use DLT for open data solution or it is almost impossible to conduct CBA comparing 3 options mentioned in my post? What if tech cost will be borne by government cloud provider?
    Edited on July 21, 2017
    If we just focus the scope to the public blockchain solutions that are Proof of Work based, we can say that the cost of the network has an upper bound an that is the block reward, or average block reward per mining node (for instance the Bitcoin mining is pretty competitive, so in this example it can be regarded as an actual cost as well). The benefit can be nummerized as the Hasing power, which represents in a way how secure is the whole system.