Wallets for Zcash mining rewards?


Jaxx said to me, “Please redirect your mining rewards elsewhere as Jaxx is not designed for this capability and it may cause issues down the road.”

I was thinking of just ignoring their advice…

Anyone able to explain why I shouldn’t?

    Huh, very interesting. I can’t think of a reason…
    Update: This appears to be the issue…

    “Hi Patrick,

    If you click on the transaction history for one of the mining rewards, you’ll see that there’s several inputs and various outputs– your receiving address being just one of the outputs. As Jaxx is a lightweight wallet, these numerous micro-transactions could potentially cause issues for you and for us.

    Hope you can understand!


    Decentral Customer Success Team
    Supporting Jaxx, Rushwallet,com, Ethereumwallet.com, & Kryptokit”

    I still dont get it. Any blockchain transaction typically has multiple inpuits and outputs, so what?
    I did have a bunch of problems with Jaxx a month ago with ETH – when ETH was being spammed. They were calculating my balance incorrectly after rescanning the blockchain.
    So might be a problem with current implementation