not sure blockchain is all about the masses everytime, there are financial services that the masses will have no reason to access that can use blockchain ideas. Really depends what the business model is and why blockchain is going to improve or revolutionise that sector. Financial Services are a closed shop much of the time and unless you have the right people to break into it then it is difficult to access.. and people make the mistake of seeing crypto / bitcoin as blockchain.. they need clear separation.
    Not sure if there are problems. But maybe not enough people figuring out how to capitalized on blockchain tech. The “Google” “Amazon” of blockchain, etc.

    Blockchain still young; majority of people clueless to its existence.

    IBM and most of the big world banks will be adopting blockchain before ’20. So perhaps blockchain investors will get a clearer picture of its role.

    I have heard much talk about blockchain potential for voting processing (e.g. online). Creating a blockchain voting app startup could convince a Gov to support it. Blockchain will make it much easier for people vote, do at home, etc. 1/2 able Americans don’t vote (mostly because they find registration process to difficult). It would be relatively easy to establish your blockchain citizenship registration (e.g. USA, UK, India, etc).

    Perhaps the biggest problem is nobody is creating strict blockchain marketplaces. The only way crypto can flourish is the drastic increase in markets that accept the 1,000’s of crypto on the market.

    Intresting points. But I think if we have to rely on the government for blockchain to grow. We will be waiting here till the earth explodes
    Voting via the blockchain ( will make it easy for citizens to vote. Democratic Govs will be adopting the blockchain for its citizens to vote easily & online; its inevitable.
    I think though the large banks certainly in my sector, are adopting not to promote or provide the man in the street a more efficient banking process, but to revolutionising credit and settlement n the institutional sector. They certainly dont at this point see crypto currencies as something to be involved in. Public network blockchain and crypto are still seen as risky and open to exploits. Many are just jumping on the blockchain world incase it is something they miss and it shows their R&D is doing something, whether they understand it or not.