Threefold Lays The Foundation For A True Peer-to-peer Internet

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GHENT, BELGIUM – 08 MAY 2020 – In 2016, ThreeFold identified the need for a new, upgraded, and more-secure internet – a peer-to-peer internet that empowers equality (access), autonomy to its users, an

GHENT, BELGIUM – 08 MAY 2020 – In 2016, ThreeFold identified the need for a new, upgraded, and more-secure internet – a peer-to-peer internet that empowers equality (access), autonomy to its users, and sustainability. Today, independent ThreeFold Farmers have collectively built the largest distributed peer-to-peer grid of internet capacity in the world, live with more than 40,000,000 GB of capacity and 15,000 CPU cores, and stretching across more than 20 countries.


The technology for this new internet has been created by ThreeFold Tech, who works with its partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise to provide ThreeFold Farmers with high-quality hardware.

An Alliance to Build a True Peer-to-Peer Internet

ThreeFold comes alive with a collaborative ecosystem of partners and projects called the Conscious Internet Alliance, focused on creating a more human and planet centric world. Among them:


  • The Solidaridad Network, which aims to empower more fair and sustainable supply chains
  • 3Bot, your digital twin, a gateway to a peer-to-peer world
  • SEEDS, a regenerative financial system for a thriving global society
  • Take Action Global, creating opportunities for students to take action on social good causes
  • Artheon VR Museum, a free educational platform offering immersive cultural experiences
  • A peer-to-peer file manager, virtual browser, and more


Together, the alliance represents a group of projects that believe in the need for a new Internet that does good for the world. ThreeFold welcomes new partners who share the same belief and are ready to act.


The Token of the New Internet

The ThreeFold Grid is powered by the ThreeFold Token (TFT), which is now publicly available on the Stellar Network and will be listed on Liquid Exchange and BTC-Alpha Exchange towards the end of May. Proceeds from the token sale will be used to support projects focused on bringing experiences to the ThreeFold Grid, including some mentioned above.


The TFT is a decentralized digital currency that represents a unit of reservation of capacity (compute or storage) on the ThreeFold Grid, the largest peer-to-peer internet grid on earth.


It is a fully community-mined (farmed) token; there has never been an initial coin offering of any kind. TFTs are only created when physical hardware is connected to the ThreeFold Grid and can be exchanged for the utilization of grid capacity at any point. The token model incentivizes the further expansion of the ThreeFold Grid towards developing regions, especially Africa and South America. Additionally, part of the transaction goes to the Foundation to fund projects that are believed to bring a positive human or planet impact.


ThreeFold, along with its collective ecosystem of partners, believes that equality, autonomy, and sustainability are key pillars needed to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. Together, they aim to join forces to create and share better technological and non-technological solutions with the world.




ThreeFold is building a peer-to-peer internet that empowers equality, autonomy, and sustainability, and is supported by the ThreeFold Foundation. Its technology has been developed by ThreeFold Tech in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Kleos, and Flowgen as its technology partners. The team formed around co-founder and serial entrepreneur Kristof de Spiegeleer has over 15 years of experience in cloud computing and a number of exits. ThreeFold is a planet-first project, believing that building technology and doing good for the world can go hand in hand.


If you would like more information about the ThreeFold, please contact the team at

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